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Numerical Value : 80 Letter: D Pe

Again we see the queen of heaven, but now without any attributes : no crown on her head, no wings on her shoulders, no golden chain at her neck, no sceptre in her hand, no clothes on her body and no shoes on her lovely feet. Her hair falls loosely in natural curls which cover her shoulders and back. She is as naked as the day she was born.

She is in a fair meadow amidst a beautiful landscape. She kneels on her left knee, her right foot before her on the grass.

She has the same two urns which she held for the transformation of energies in her role as personified balance. Then she had poured the waters of life from one urn into the other. Now she pours the positive energy, symbolised by water, from the golden urn in her right hand into a river. From the silver urn in her left hand, she pours the negative energy first onto firm ground - onto the earth - to soften it up, from where it too flows into the river which carries it to all living creatures that they may drink of it. This water is the water of universal love, the water of life.

To her right we again see the flower which has appeared in these pictures; first in that of the magician, where it wras still a closed bud, then with the queen of heaven, where it was half-

open, and finally in die picture of 'Balance', where it waited for the water of life in order to open fully. Now it has opened and is in full bloom. It reveals its innermost being, all its treasures, it hides nothing. A blue butterfly perches in die cup of the flower and drinks its nectar. In the sky which forms the background we see eight stars of various sizes. The smallest blue star is above the woman's head. Four medium-sized yellow stars form a square. Two larger blue stars are placed opposite each other. All these stars have eight sharp points. The eighth star, however, actually incorporates two eight-pointed stars. The larger star on top is yellow, the smaller one behind it is green.

If we have attentively followed the explanations of the cards, we will have guessed that this beautiful naked woman symbolises the soul of man. After the terrible collapse of his personality he has discarded the last superficial disguises and masks. Nothing has remained of him except what he is in absolute reality, he himself. Naked, completely unveiled, just as God has created his soul, a living spirit in his true higher Self. He no longer possesses anything, for what he possesses as an earthly human being does not belong to him, he merely uses it. Even if he does not yet possess the two currents of life he can control and direct them. He pours the positive and the negative currents from the golden and silver urns into the great river of life, from which all men may then drink. He does not need to retain any for himself; no longer does he pour the two currents from one urn into the other for himself, as on tarot card 14 in his role as ' Balance', rather, he passes on to his fellow-men all the treasures and the truth about the waters of life which he has found in the course of his long journey along the path, so that with the help of these secrets they may progress more swiftly. Where it is necessary he gives positive-masculine energies; he encourages the faint-hearted and helps them to make headway in the struggle of life and to soldier on to victory. Where it is necessary he gives negative-feminine energies: he gives tenderness and comfort, under standing and love. His urns are inexhaustible. The more courage and power, the more understanding and love he gives, the more powerfully and abundantly these pour from the source of his 'urns' - from his heart.

The flower of his soul, his consciousness, has opened. He has made everything conscious within himself, he has nothing left in his unconscious, that is to say, he no longer has an unconscious. He has acquired self-knowledge and he manifests all the treasures which God has given him and which he has found himself. The higher beings of creation descend from the higher worlds and settle in his open soul, just as the butterflies flutter all the way down from the sky to the open flower and drink nectar from its cup. The butterfly therefore denotes a close inner link with the higher worlds. Just as the angels of God descended to Jacob at the well in the desert, so man when he has reached this high state communicates in his innermost Self with the beings of the higher worlds, with the spirits of God. Though he be ever so alone among ordinary men and feel like Jacob in the desert, he is neverdieless like Jacob at the fountain of the life-source. He drinks from it and never feels alone, god is always with him.

At this level of consciousness man has no odier thought, no other desire than to participate in the great work, in the redemption of the world. For him this is no sacrifice, no denial, for it gives him great pleasure to see that even those who were previously groping their way in the darkness are following him and making progress. It gives him pleasure and satisfaction to learn that his followers already recognise what is essential in life and do not subordinate it to the inessential. It pleases him to see that people follow his guidance and, free of anxiety, with deep faith, merge into the great whole like tiny molecules, become children of God and thus, as Christ said, the salt of the earth.

A human being at the level symbolised by tarot card 17 is like a shining star in the dark sky. Just as the planets shine in the night because they reflect the light of the sun, so man passes on the light he receives from God. He radiates love and light to all who come into contact with him and he shines like a star with his wisdom and deep faith in God. In the picture we see four yellow stars in the shape of a square. The square invariably symbolises matter. Man therefore radiates his wisdom into the world of matter. He teaches his fellow-men about the profound mysteries of Creation and of human nature. He explains rationally the laws of life and destiny; he wants to speak to men through the intellect.

Above the woman's head we see a small blue star. It shows her personal light, her devout faith. She can never have low, common thoughts nor concern herself with common or obscene things. Her person has been purified, it radiates purity. The two larger stars just above the small blue one symbolise by their beautiful colour the higher mental powers, which represent purity and devotion to God. The much larger double star consists of a yellow and a green star. The yellow star is larger than the green one behind it. This star symbolises the higher Self, man's spirit which manifests itself through wisdom and high intelligence as well as through devotion to God. The spirit shines like a bright star through his person, through his soul, and spreads light around him wherever he may be. Just as the Star of Bethlehem showed die three Magi the way to the birthplace of the Redeemer, so man shines and radiates at this level and shows each living creature the way to redemption.

Tarot card 17 carries the numerical value 80 which is composed of the sum of the digits of the number 17 and the o, symbol of boundless space. It carries the letter pe.

The number 17 is divisible only by the number 1 and by itself. It is therefore a prime number, invariably denoting isolation. It is a reference to the fact that at this level man isolates himself increasingly from the world. Objective, spiritual, he is open to everyone; he freely reveals his perceptions. But he maintains silence about his personal affairs; he does not even find these of interest to himself, far less wanting to burden other people with them. The numerical value 80 shows that he is already connected to the 'infinite', the horizontal eight, and is linked with die o - 80 is divisible by 8 numbers - and that he has an inner relationship with a great many people. Thus he is isolated only in the person - like the number 17 -yet he has an inner, spiritual relationship to human beings, numerical value 80. The mouths of the two urns placed together result in the symbol of infinity, the horizontal 8, thus 00. This we have already seen on the magician's head on tarot card 1 and on the head of 'Love' on tarot card 11, and on tarot card 8 as the two scales.

In hieroglyphics the letter pe means 'language'. It is therefore the continuation of the letter beth on tarot card 2, which in hieroglyphics means the 'mouth'. Then the high priestess still had her mouth closed; she did not want to divulge the secrets of the other world and she kept silence. Now, on this card, language flows through the human mouth; the ' language' is that of the creative energies from the mouths of the two urns and it is handed on in this way. In this instance ' language' means the spreading of the cabbalistic 'fluid', of knowledge.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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