Numerical Value : 20 Letter : D Kaph

Again we see the queen of heaven with her fair hair and golden crown. Now, however, her crown has five points. These symbolise the creative number of the Logos. Under her crown she wears a hat which, like the magician's hat, is really the sign used to denote infinity. This shows again that the power of the beautiful woman is infinite, that it is sustained by infinity. The right side of her hat is richly lined with golden laurel leaves as a sign of victory. The brim of the hat has a red border on the lower right extending all the way along on top. On the inner left side the border is green.

The yellow of the crown and of the inner side of the hat show that she manifests herself through her intelligence, through her reason. Her forearms are also yellow, therefore she acts with wisdom and not without goodwill and understanding. Her goodwill is shown by the green of the wide upper part of her sleeves and of the cuffs. She wears an azure dress with a red belt gathering it in and over it a full red cloak. The azure dress is the symbol of pure faith and trust in God. But faith and emotions are watched over and governed by the spirit. The full red cloak hanging loosely and open from the woman's shoulders symbolises the ever ready and alert spirit enveloping her whole being so that no one may see and perhaps unnecessarily exploit her gentle and loving inner nature.

Beside her is a mighty lion with huge paws. His mouth is wide open, because the woman's gentle hands open his jaws and hold them apart. The lion has strong teeth, but he cannot bite the woman's hands because she holds his mouth open with insuperable strength. She does not even have to exert herself. She has such great strength that she controls the mighty lion easily and without effort.

What is the power that is so much greater than the strength of the mightiest of beasts ?

This power, the strongest in the world, is the all-over-whelming, all-conquering power of love.

The man who, to become superior like the sphinx, has struggled with his destiny at the tenth level of consciousness of the wheel of fortune has learned a great deal in this conflict -even things which were not really directly related to his destiny. Yet without these experiences he would never have been able to come to terms with his fate. He had to learn to be totally objective towards his fellow-men, to think and feel objectively, otherwise he would have been unable to solve his daily problems, even those of everyday life. But how could he suddenly have adopted an objective point of view? Only one method, but a very effective one, could lead him to this. He had to learn to imagine himself in the place of his opponent, thereby adopting and accepting the standpoint of the other person. Suddenly the whole matter appeared to him in an entirely different light. As a result he was no longer upset or worried about it. He considered the whole problem calmly and objectively and soon found the answer.

At first, this method of putting oneself in the other person's place was governed by reason. If anything happened to upset him, he consciously took a deep breath and thought something like this: 'Just keep calm, don't get excited! Let me try to put myself in the place of the person whose point of view I cannot at the moment accept, then we shall see where the truth lies, which of us is right.' And then, in his imagination, he really, quite consciously, 'changed places'. And behold, the objectivity was there at once, he could see the matter and reason it out from an objective viewpoint and settle the whole affair to everyone's satisfaction. Then, as time went by, he needed this rational approach less and less. He no longer had to take a deep breath to calm his frayed and fretting, ever-excitable nerves. Now they very quickly acquired the calm ordered by his reason. And when again a situation arose where he had to put himself in the other person's place, his method won him immediate success. He did not first have to calm himself and then become objective; he could remain composed from the start and there and then quietly take control of the situation. As a consequence of this, everyone around him admired him for his imperturbable composure and began to emulate it. People again came to seek his advice in all kinds of matters. But he has already learned to keep silent at the level of the 'Hermit'. Therefore he no longer reveals his high inner truths to immature men. He is also careful not to 'cast his pearls before swine', as it says in the Bible, but radier, in the words of the Apostle Paul, he has learned 'to speak with tongues'. He no longer wishes that people understand him, rather, he begins to understand them. He tries to speak with the tongues of others. And suddenly he notices that people begin to interest him, the way they live, how they shape their destiny. Interest in something, however, leads to affection for it. Yet this has not come about by an act of will. It has happened of its own accord, he has to admit that love is independent of our will-Either we love or we do not love. It does not depend on us. One day, whether he wanted to or not, he came to love his fellow-men. At first he had done so out of an inner urge and acted ' as if' out of love. Gradually, however, as his understanding for people grew, he could stop behaving 'as if' he acted out of love; instead, the love and the interest were really there. The strange thing is that he now recognises himself in each person, even in the most primitive man at die lowest level. He is now fully aware that he, too, was once just as primitive and low. In the struggles of others he has perceived his own initial conflicts and has been overcome by sympathy and understanding for his fellow-men. Through other people he has also gained in self-knowledge. Each person is like himself, each one is his own reflected image, often even his caricature, yet still essentially himself. Love is the inner urge for oneness and he begins to love men, animals, plants, the whole universe. He feels one with all living things. This love has nothing to do with the low level of love, sexuality. It exists only in the heart and has its source in spiritual oneness. This love is the greatest power in the world. Love is life, love is being. And eternal being is god.

Anyone who bears true love in his heart does not need to wear a constant smile on his face. Love is not sentimentality, nor a matter of 'feeling good'. Love never needs demonstration. Those of us who possess it will prove it by deeds, but we shall never want to prove it. Love must simply be there as the inner motive for our actions. The sun does not have to will the radiation of light and warmth; it simply radiates light and warmth. Thus the person who has reached the eleventh level of consciousness radiates love and warmth through which he conquers all living creatures, the whole world. Yes, even the king of animals, the mighty lion! We all know this lion from our dreams. As in dreams, the lion depicted here symbolises the great powers of the body and the two great instincts manifesting themselves through the body.

While the lion in this picture is already dominated, he is not yet fully vanquished. The beautiful woman still has to hold him, she must not let go. But the lion is already governed by the very strongest manifestation and power of the spirit, he is governed by love.

Tarot card 11 carries the total of the digits of the number ii, thus the number 2, and the o symbolising boundless space, thus the number 20, and the letter kaph. Until now we had only one-figure numbers. After the first ten we have double figures which are added together according to the cabbalistic method in order to obtain the sum of the digits. In the case of the number n it is 2, which can never occur in a unit. Like the number 2, the number 20 is also a duplication because the o does not count in cabbalistic reduction. And so kaph is also a double letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

The picture power illustrates two factors: the conqueror and the conquered. The conqueror is the beautiful woman, symbol of the greatest power, love. Her conquest is the lion, symbol of the two great instincts of the body and of its resistance against the spirit. We can also call these factors power and vitality. Both are equally important, but the power of the spirit, love, must govern the vitality of the body.

The letter kaph corresponds to the name Chabir (the mighty one) and designates the 'first heaven' and the first cause, which sets in motion all that can be moved. The hieroglyphic meaning of the letter kaph is the human hand as the concept of the firm grasp. Hence all ideas of power correspond to this letter.

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