Numerical Value : 200 Letter : T Resh

In this picture we see an angel in heaven blowing a trumpet. Like the queen of heaven he wears a red and blue dress with yellow edging. He wears a red cap which shows his high spirituality. He has two large wings which enable him to fly through boundless space. He radiates twelve long red and yellow rays to the earth. The number 12 again alludes to the twelvefold division of heaven by the twelve signs of the zodiac. The angel blows a large golden trumpet to show that the time has come when the 'old mortal person' will become the 'new immortal man'. He blows the trumpet to waken the man in the grave to resurrection. This resurrection of the transformed, immortal human being is also indicated by the small red banner hanging from the angel's trumpet. A golden cross in the middle of the flag refers to the transformation of matter - of the material body of the resurrected man. Every metal has been turned to gold in the furnace. As we already know, this furnace is man himself and his spiritual progress effects not merely a symbolical but an actual transformation of his body. Man has risen like Christ from the grave.

On the earth below is the grave where the 'old person' lay and from where the 'new man' now rises. The grave is open. The 'new man1 is represented in the picture as a grownup 'child'. This shows that like the child he carries sex within himself in a dormant state, yet does not identify with it in his consciousness. Christ says to us: 'Except ye . . . become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.' These words may be interpreted in several important ways, one of which is that, like children, we should be in a pre-sexual state if we wish to attain the divine state of consciousness and inner peace. We should not be sexless and abnormal, just as the child is not abnormal, but perfecdy healthy and normal, even though it does not actively manifest sexuality. We can use these powers for ourselves and should not expend them for the purpose of endowing a new living creature widi life.*

In the picture we therefore see a healthy but childlike man, who, at the moment of rising from the grave-furnace as a newborn and resurrected person, stands there disconcerted and shaken. He is quite simply here and now. He experiences total presence of the spirit.

To his right and left two figures stand admiring him. A naked man and a naked woman. They symbolise the two sexes. The lower part of their bodies with the sexual organs has been buried in the ground. This means that they still expend their sexual urge as prisoners of the earth. Both are normal, healthy people, and yet they are not happy, otherwise they would not watch the man rising out of the grave with such admiration. They know only too well the problems and suffering caused by sex life, how men are enslaved by it and forfeit their freedom, and that sexual pleasure is short-lived. When the glands grow tired what remains of the erotic magic? - Only enslavement, only lost freedom. These captive people look at the new, resurrected, childlike man with admiration and longing. They are already 'seekers' yearning for redemption and they envy and admire the man who has found and experienced it. Both of them have their hands folded in prayer showing their reverence and admiration for this divine act, for this transformed

* cf. E. Haich, Sexual Energy and Yoga (Allen & Unwin, 1972).

man, re-born and resurrected in the spirit and in the body, who lives in a perpetual, undisturbed state of happiness. They already know the uncertain and inconstant quality of the happiness afforded by sexuality. And our spirit, which is eternal, longs for eternal, everlasting joys and happiness\

At this level of consciousness we have the strange experience which every human being must go through at the moment of death. Those who have already been 'on the other side5 but were resuscitated, report that they experienced the 'Last Judgement'. The moment the spirit - the ego - 'shuffles off this mortal coil', the many impressions accumulated in the unconscious in the course of a long or short life are released, and suddenly, simultaneously, penetrate the consciousness. We see our whole life telescoped before us, just as a piece of music is present in its entirety on a gramophone record. Yet both the record and life can only be experienced in time. In the same way as the gramophone needle passes over the surface of the record from start to finish, so we have had to pass through our life in time from beginning to end. In death, however, we experience a state in which our life is no longer perceived in time and space, but beyond time and space, and in which experiences and impressions simultaneously penetrate our consciousness. The 'resurrected man' experiences this condition while still in the physical life, in the physical state. He must settle accounts with his life like the man who has just died, as if he were to experience the whole thing once more, not in time but all at once. Just as we can survey a landscape from above, in its entirety, without having to wander through it all on foot! In this state we see everything at once in exactly the way it has happened to us. In so doing it is no lojiger possible, as it was in real life, to see a thing through rose-coloured spectacles, to disguise it or invent excuses for oneself or others. No! We must let everything pass before our mind's eye exactly as it has happened, and experience it anew without embellishment, disguise or masking. We must look the facts in the eye whether we like them or not, we must re-witness and re-

experience all our deeds stripped bare, exactly as they were. We must also acknowledge what led us to these actions. We will be confronted with all the motives for our words and deeds, and, as it says in the Bible, the sheep will be separated from the goats, the sheep placed on the right and the goats on the left. We must judge everything that we have thought, said and done, and suffer the judgement to be enacted on ourselves. We are not judged by a god outside us, but it is we ourselves who speak our own verdict. But the person at this level is relieved at having paid off his debts to all men. The effort to make progress has not been in vain. It has been worth his pains for all accounts are settled. The levels of consciousness of the previous cards have already shown him what attitude he must adopt towards himself and odier people, whom, as Christ taught, he should regard and love as ' himself', if he does not wish to cause a new karma to arise. He has already crossed the great direshold and no guardian could restrain him from it. Now he only casts a last look at his life and, free, without debt, he raises himself above everything, raises himself above the earth with all its joys and sorrows. Even if he cannot yet shed his mortal body, he already sees everything from above, as if hovering above this world, just as the angel hovers over his head, above the world. He sees clearly why he is in this world, what God still wishes of him, and does everything that he himself considers proper, in order one day to bring this life to a creditable conclusion. He no longer needs to hear from the inner voice what he still has to do in life, because he himself has become this inner voice! He no longer has any conscience, he can no longer have any pangs of conscience, because he has become his own conscience!

At the level of tarot card 13, man was destroyed as a person and awoke in die spirit. He realised that his ego is not a material, isolated being, but that with the word T he designates the spirit above his person. As a result of this awakening, he had to come to grips with many things, in particular with sexuality. This he did at the level of tarot card 15. He had to learn to convert sexual energy into creative power. Then he learned to control and to pass on his creative powers. He had to learn how to radiate love to all living creatures, just as the sun radiates light and warmth to every living creature. In addition, these new powers changed and transformed his body; he was re-born in the body too, and now, at the present level, he experiences perfect resurrection.

Thus man has freed himself from his grave, from the misconception that he must live imprisoned in the mortal body, and he has experienced resurrection while still in this earthly life. It is true that his body still dwells in the world of matter, but his consciousness stands above it; he is no longer a physical being, he no longer has a personal'I' - an apparent ego - rather, he has become one with the spirit of the universe, with the absolute higher self of the universe, which has released him from this misconception. He has experienced the ' mystical marriage', the 'unio mystica\ his consciousness has become one and identical with the divine, with the true self.

He also sees everything from the 'other', from the 'reverse' side, he looks back from there, because he has already crossed the threshold. He feels that his feet have been hitherto chained to the ground and that for a long time he was unable to free himself. Now the fetters are loosed and cast off. For even if they existed only in his imagination, that is the very reason why they were a reality for him. Now nothing restrains him any longer. He can spread his wings - which had always been there but could not be used because he was not aware of them - and fly into spaceless freedom, into timeless eternity.

Tarot card 20 carries the numerical value 200 which consists of the number 20 and the o, symbol of boundless space. It carries the letter resh.

At this level man is aware that he has found the two worlds which he had sought already at the second level but had been unable to attain. He feels at home in both worlds, in both of them he experiences his own world. He sees that there is no such thing as 'the world beyond' versus 'this world'.

Both form a unity, for this world has no existence without the next world. This world is sometimes a very imperfect manifestation of the next world. Man's Self has always been in the world beyond and always remains there whether it is embodied or not. Without die spirit there is no life in matter. Now he understands everything that die high priestess kept from him by not raising the curtain before the shrine. There is no plurality, there is only one single, sacred unity: god.

Thus man achieved the development so wonderfully described by Gustav Meyrink in his work, Das grĂ¼ne Gesicht: 'Like Janus he was able to look into the other world and at the same time into this, our world, and clearly distinguish their respective constituent objects:

he was here and yonder a living man'

In hieroglyphics the letter resh means the human head and according to applied symbolism it means the ' return' to the divine world, just as on this card, at this level, man has risen again in the divine world, has therefore returned there.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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