Elisabeth Haich

Translated by D.Q. Stephenson

First published in Great Britain by George Allen & Unwin 1975 First published by Unwin Paperbacks 1985

This book is copyright under the Berne Convention. No reproduction without permission. All rights reserved.

UN IVIN® PAPERBACKS 40 Museum Street, London WCiA \LU, UK

Unwin Paperbacks Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 4TE, UK

George Allen & Unwin Australia Pty Ltd, 8 Napier Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia

This translation © George Allen & Unwin Ltd 1975, 1985 German edition Tarot originally published by J. Fink Verlag, Stuttgart, 1969

ISBN o 04 133016 I

Set in i2pt Fournier and printed in Great Britain by Hazell Watson and Viney Ltd Member of the BPCC" Aylesbury, Bucks

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