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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

The Language of the Tarot Images in Pattern and Sequence

Ornamental Iron Design Software

It is a mistake to consider one generation right and another wrong. Each formulates their own needs and expression of life qualitites, and these will be reflected in the Tarot. With changes in the mode of consciousness over a five hundred year period we should expect to find changes and modifications of interpretation. The great strength of the Tarot is its organic vitality, its ability to adapt to the needs of those who go to it. We should, in general terms, seek for expansion of meanings for each card, rather than limitations.

The Universe The Keys The Eighth

This is a very powerful Path, one on which it is not possible for a sensitive person to meditate without profound effects on the psyche. The card may come to be appreciated as a statement of methodology, whereby the willpower controls the vital life energy. The Book of Tokens suggests that the secret of this methodology lies in number, although as used in that text the word means the germ of separation into what can be counted as divided from the One Number veileth the power of the Elohim, for Number is that thick darkness whereof it is written, 'And Moses drew near unto the thick darkness Where God was ' and again, 'Tetragrammaton said that he would dwell in the thick darkness.' And, it continues Of that darkness the Serpent is a sign, the Great Serpent, the royal snake of Egypt. This is the Serpent of temptation, Yet from it cometh redemption. For the Serpent is the first appearance of the Anointed One. 193

Scrying And Astral Projection

You who seek the High Priestess have found her. I have been known by many names Diana, Hecate, Cybele, Artemis. I am the Uniting Intelligence joining That which is Above, to That which is Below. I am the essence of Glory. I am the consummation of the Truth of individual spiritual events. I regulate the flow of life energy, from its One Pure Source to the lower realms of Creation. I


Skrying, meaning the projection of oneself into an inner vision, is actually very simple. It involves nothing more than sitting quietly in front of a Tarot card (or other stimulus), closing one's eyes and stepping into that card in imagination. The essential principle is that we create day dreams, allowing our minds to flow within the given structure of a Tarot card. Soon most students discover that what they experience could not possibly be of their own making. At very least, most are astonished by the vitality and spontaneity of the images which the Tarot cards evoke.

The Golden Dawn

London today is a sprawling and sophisticated metropolis, a center for international trade and communications. Even the traditional reserve of the English themselves does not serve to mask the vitality and rapidity of life there. London of the 1890's was more tranquil and picturesque. One imagines streets lined with trees and quaint shops, horse drawn carriages moving leisurely across cobblestoned streets carrying ladies in long gowns and gentlemen in top hats. The tranquil quality of some of London's streets however, was in sharp contrast to the squalor of the same city's slums, or to the factory areas of the emerging industrial nation ruled by Queen Victoria. This was a time and place of great polarities.

Reversed Cards

The Sun's energy is just what you would imagine - expansive and enlightening. An upright Sun shows the energy of vitality is openly available. You feel confident and successful. Now is your chance to shine. A reversed Sun shows this same energy is present, but at a lower level. The vitality is reduced or limited in some way. You may feel lowered pep or enthusiasm. You may have a desire for greatness that is frustrated. You want success, but something is holding you back.

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