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"SANDMAN" and UGH COST OF LIVING" (Saturn) of Tarot decks, Death is the most compelling after all, forms one of the two great mysteries: ome from and where do we go? Children ask ere do babies come from?" and "What happens when we die?" Here, the card is still striking, but the figure of Death has become appealing, almost familiar.

Death, the character-Dream's older sister-has deeply touched many Vertigo readers. Vlost Tarot versions, like most depictions in myth, show Death as my iterious and terrifying. This Death, however, suggests intimacy and playfulness. She is self-assured as well as pretty, a kind of dream date for young men. She is everybody's friend while giving up none of her power.

The medieval image of Death showed a skeleton in a hooded robe, using a scythe to harvest body parts sticking out of the ground: hands, feet, heads. The heads wore crowns, since the image taught a democratic lesson. Kings d rib cage showr

Contrary to predict an old way agre e the same as peasants. Here the only bones are the on the left, but the lesson remains the same, for Death in Vertigo treats all of her "clients" with the same gentle concern.

[iollywood movies, Death in the Tarot does not actually /one dying. Rather, it shows the end, or death, of some f life which has grown meaningless. The card indicates change, which may feel like dying to the person invo ved. In the card, Death hoick a blue rose, alive with uty. Her famous ankh rests half buried on her body. A{i Egyptian icon, the ankh symbolizes eternal life.

Divinatory meanings-Release from old patterns. The end of something that has become burdensome or meaningless.

Reversed-Holding onto something even when you know it's finished. Fear of change.

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