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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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TEMPERANCE-DELIRIUM, from "SANDMAN" Delirium is another of Morpheus's siblings. However, where Dream, Destiny, and Death all stand outside their actions (that is, Death does not die, Destiny does not cause anything to happen) Delirium acts on herself, becoming more wild and frenzied than anyone she might affect. Delirium as Temperance once again subverts the traditional Tarot symbolism and assumptions. And not just because Delirium is so intemperate. Temperance in the Tarot is a figure of great power, who remains always in command of himself. Delirium's power derives from her willingness to become a victim of her own archetypal gifts. She imagines herself as weak. Paradoxically, that very fantasy gives her strength. She floods the world around with her with deep emotion, swinging from intense joy to tears. In her "weakness" she allows herself to ignore all the restraints most of us think of as normal. Coming after Death, and as the culmination of the second group of seven, Temperance carries the message of liberation. Here, we see her almost completely bound. One provocative breast shows. We see her eyes and mouth, but they appear out of place. To be delirious is to feel like your body has come apart and will fly off in all directions.

Dream's family, the Endless, may remind us of the archangels from Jewish and Christian mythology. One of those archangels, Michael, appears on the traditional card of Temperance. Here, huge wings rise up from Delirium's body. They look fiery, suitable to her wild nature. And yet, they hardly seem to belong to her. In fact, they are an illusion created by the presence trf a large oval mirror, or looking-glass, standing behind her.

The usual Tarot Temperance pours water calmly from one cup to another (temperance originally meant to mix water with wine, and thus to prevent drunkenness). Delirium tosses liquid gold from one gleaming cup to the other. In contrast to the medieval virtue of temperance, which preached moderation in all things, Delirium's power lies in excess at all times.

Moderation All Things

Divinatory meanings-Traditional temperance: calmness, self-k possession. Containment

Reversed-Delirium. Excess. Losing all awareness of self through extreme action or emotion.

Delirium The SandmanLuciferian Tarot


LUCIFER, ¡From "SANDMAN" (no astrological attribution) People who know the traditional Tarot Devil will recognize the horned face, and even the chains in this picture. The beach chair, however might strike them a> odd. The image comes from The Sandman. In one of the stories, Lucifer, the lord of hell, decides to get revenge on Morpheus for an old slight. In ¡most comics, this might launch a massive battle. Here, however,

Lucifer has though he itself has and for

In come to understand that hell is above all slavery. And even limself rules over hordes of demons and sufferers, the position mslaved him as much as anyone else. And so, he simply leaves, lis last official act he sends the keys to hell to Morpheus (in many Tjirot decks the Hierophant holds the keys to the kingdom of heaven), putting the Dream Lord in charge of the underworld. At the end of the story, Lucifer is last seen sitting on the beach in Australia, enjoving the sunset. And so we see in this card a beach chair, and alongside it, discarded chains.

istead of slavery, Lucifer here means liberation. This follows the ancient radical doctrine of Gnosticism, which saw the physical universe as an oppressive illusion, and Lucifer, the angel who rebelled against God, as the hero attempting to restore imprisoned souls through knowledge. The Greek word "gnosis" means "knowledge." The name Lucifer means "Lightbringer." The Devil initiates the last group of seven cards. Though he usually symbolizes oppression, we also can think of him as signifying hidden desires, fears, and other darknesses within ourselves. If we wish to go to the deepest levels of the Tarot and our own lives, we must face these things and bring them to the light Neither the Hierophant nor the Devil has any astrological attribution. We can understand both more deeply if we ponder what connection this implies between them.

Divinatory meanings-Struggles with oppression. Illusions. Dark feelings or desires, especially sexual.

Reversed-Liberation. Bringing things to light.


Kabbalah Lightning Bolt Tarot

THE TOWER--THE TOWER OF BABEL, from "DOOM PATROL" (Mars) The darkest card in the Tarot, the Tower usually symbolizes some painful or frightening experience that ultimately liberates us from a repressive situation. Though this sounds reassuring, the experience itself can be very harsh. "The Teiresias Wars" in Doom Patrol tells the story of the first inhabitants of the world, the Teiresiae, magical beings who constantly changed, merging in and out of their environment and each other. But then a renegade Teiresias created something new-a fixed, that is, rigid, language, based on a strict grammar, and a place for everything. He and his followers began to separate the world into categories: Male and female. Human and nature. Good and evil. Life and death. To boost their power, they created the Tower of Babel, a psychic machine designed to eliminate change forever. Joining together for one last time, the Teiresiae summoned a great lightning bolt to destroy the Tower. In the process, most of the Teiresiae blew apart as well. Our world today is a compromise between the two extremes of total liberation and total slavery'.

The Tarot begins with the Fool, a character who rejects all restriction. But when he enters the world of the numbered cards, he encounters seemingly fixed categories-male and female, light and dark. To bring himself back to his true freedom may require that lightning bolt of inspiration, that flash of "gnosis" we found implied in the previoiis card.

Many versions of the card show a man and woman falling from the Tower. Here we see the High Priestess's shopping bag on the right, and an open book on the left. This is the same book we saw with the Magician. Pure inspiration, the Tower overthrows all doctrines and traditions.

Divinatory meanings-Painful or destructive experience, sometimes even violence. The ultimate result is liberation.

Reversed-The experience is not as extreme, but also not as liberating.

Divinatory meanings-Painful or destructive experience, sometimes even violence. The ultimate result is liberation.

Reversed-The experience is not as extreme, but also not as liberating.

Vertigo Tarot

STAR (Venus) The Star begins a sequence of four cards unattached to any particular Vertigo character or storyline. The Devil took us into darkness, and the Tower ripped away all our attachments, including language. Now we move through the deeper archetypal levels in the Star and the Moon. We might think of John Constantine having all the layers of cynicism and despair blown out of him, until, in| the Sun, he becomes reborn as an innocent child. Coming after the cleansing lightning of the Tower, the Star usually calm after the storm. The standard image shows a naked woman pose of openness and peace as she pours out water from two urns version shows us a more disturbing picture, a woman bound acroh and around her breasts. The bindings hold the urns against her attach her inexorablv to her function.

How can we describe these waters? Do they symbolize life enc

The unconscious? The key to this card may lie in the answer to And the answer may change for each person who looks Bindings actually play a strong role in this Tarot. Mad ¥

depicts the cneeling in a . The Vertigo s her middle )ody, as if to rgv? Nature? his question, at the card, ettie, the High

Priestess, is bound across her forehead. The Emperor Geek is bound by the same kind of strings he uses to manipulate his mar Hanged Man is bound to his Madness tree.

onettes. Shade the

And Delirium must bind her consciousness within her b Possibly the Star releases her ego. Te pours water (safely) from one cup t woman, who is headless, hold« The astrological attribution is Ve nus, the same as the Empress. The two cards gnje us two visions of femininity.

mperance 3 another. This nothing back.

Divinatory meanings-

-Openness, hope, selflessness and sacrifice, outpouring of feelings. Reversed-Negativity, holding back emotions.

Vertigo Tarot

THE MOON (Cancer) The Tower mav be the most

frightening image in the standard Tarot deck, but the Moon in some ways represents a more difficult passage. The Tower blasts away our ordinary consciousness (on his wav to Damascus, St. Paul was struck bv a

lightning bolt; enlightenment came in a single

sat under the Bo ego. But the Moon flash to the Buddha as he tree). The Star shows us withou depicts the journey back from this strange world to the day world of ordinary reality symbolized by the Sun. The traditional Moon card shows a do$ and a wolf howling at the Moon, while below them, in a pool of water, we see a lobster emerging towards the land. Alone among the Major Arcana, the card contains n) people. We have descended below human conscious less to our animal selves (the dog and wolf), and deej primal instincts symbolized by the lol This Vertigo version gives precedence for the lobster dominates the picture everything else in its pincers, especial y the two animals who have become reduced to skeletons. If we look closely, we can see their resemblance apart by the hands of Black Orchid, gentle soothing of the plant world ha* more disturbing energy of the lobster The Moon activates these primal qual word "lunatic" derives from Luna, Lajtin for Moon. Many emergency room nurses and doqors maintain that they see more violence, accidents, during the full Moon.

At the same time, the Moon also sm les down on us, promising a return to serenity if we do not try to resist her influence. To m ike this journey from the unconscious buck to consciousness we need only surrender to er still, to strange ster.

o the strangeness, It seems to hold o the beasts held n Strength. The changed to the ties in us. The ind suicides its strangeness and our own an instincts.

Divinatory meanings-Instinct, wildness whatever is mysterious or primal. Reversed-Resisting our own instinctive natures. Feeling disturbed bv our emotions

or fantasies.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The pathology of the poet says that the undevout astronomer is mad the pathology of the very plain man says that the genius is mad and between these extremes, which stand for ten thousand analogous excesses, the sovereign reason takes the part of a moderator and does what it can. I do not think that there is a pathology of the occult dedications, but about their extravagances no one can question, and it is not less difficult than thankless to act as a moderator regarding them.

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