How to Attract a Taurus Man

Taurus Man Secrets

This ebook guide from Anna Kovach gives you all of the secrets that you need to know in order to cause the Taurus man that you're in love with to fall in love with you! You will be able to make the man of your dreams fall for you, even if you think you're not compatible! In this book you will learn how to read a man even if he seems like a brick wall to you; no matter how much it seems like you will never know him, don't worry! It is easier than you think to make the man you want fall for you! You will learn why the man you loves normally ends relationships, and how to avoid that same mistake yourself! Why worry about your relationship when you could simply experience a happy relationship of your own without all of the worry? Make the Taurus man of your dreams fall for you!

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Author: Anna Kovach
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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

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Material Trouble Mercury in Taurus

Hand holding a branch of white rose tree, from which roses are falling, leaving no buds behind. Five pentacles similar to Ace. Mercury and Taurus for Decan. The Five of Pentacles is Geburah in the scale of Assiah. It is Martial Severity in the Active World of Matter. The effect of the harsh Sword of Geburah manifesting on the material plane is that of disruption. This card is ruled by Mercury in Taurus, but these influences are stifled by the Geburic Force. The resulting feel of the card is one of great stress and material stagnation. It is like the mechanism of the Universe breaking down and coming to a standstill.

The Fifth Key the th Path

It is The Wisdom and Fountain of Mercy, the sphere of the Zodiac acting through Taurus upon Jupiter. This is a very masculine path the uppermost path on the Pillar of Mercy. The Hierophant is an important link between the Higher Self (the Ethical Triangle) and the Spiritual Self (the Supernal Triad). It is a primary function of the Hierophant to tie together the Great Above to that which is Below. Thus the Hebrew letter assigned to it is Vav, or nail, an object which binds things together. Another aspect of the card has to do with teaching. In the Golden Dawn, the Hierophant is the Expounder of the Mysteries, who administers the Oath to the Candidate and confirms his her initiation. His throne is in the eastern part of the Temple, the place of the Rising Sun, and he represents Osiris, the Slain and Risen God of Egypt (except when he moves about the temple, when he takes on the God-form of Aroueris, Horus the Elder). The Hierophant is the Great Teacher. It is only through the...

The Nineteenth Key the th Path

The two children standing respectively on Water and Earth represent the generating influence of both, brought into action by the rays of the Sun. They are the two inferior and passive Elements, as the Sun and Air above them are the superior and active Elements of Fire and Air. Furthermore, these two children resemble the sign Gemini which unites the earthy sign of Taurus with the watery sign Cancer, and this sign was, by the Greeks and Romans, referred to Apollo and the Sun. Two naked children (the Din and Doni of Gemini) are shown playing in a garden surrounded by a wall. The boy, standing upon Earth represents Taurus, while the girl dancing in the Water refers to Cancer. They also symbolize the purest enunciation of the male and female polarities in manifestation.

Working Tarot Talismans

Taurus Stable, organized, dependable, patient, loyal. Tarot talisman The Hierophant. used to balance problem energies. For example, a person whose birth chart contains an unusual amount of Air (Gemini and Libra or Aquarius) may feel the need for grounding and stability. He or she could chose to equilibrate the problem by invoking an Earth energy such as Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo. A talisman ritual using the Hierophant, the Devil, or the Hermit card, would then be performed to invoke the specific energy desired. The planetary effects on any given day can also be a source of trouble. If a person feels over-sensitive to martial energy, such is the case when Mars is in conjunct with Pluto, he or she may try to balance the harsh planetary force by invoking the affectionate energy of Venus through the Tarot talisman of the Empress. Perhaps the problem is neither zodiacal nor planetary in nature it may be evident on the level of the Earth plane sickness or loss of employment. If it is a...

Prince of the Chariot of Earth

Increase of matter, increase of good and evil, solidifies, practically applies things, steady, reliable. If ill-dignified, animal, material, stupid. In either slow to anger, but furious if roused. Rules from 20 degrees Aries to 20 degrees of Taurus. chariot surrounded by lush vegetation. His personal emblem is the bull, the symbol of Taurus, the fixed sign of Earth, a slow moving but unshakable force. In his right hand he holds a scepter surmounted by an orb and cross, a symbol of earthy dominion and the completion of the Great Work. The orb held upside-down implies the misuse of earthly power described when this card is ill-dignified. The background color is dark yellow, formed from blending yellow with black, the colors of (Vav) Air with the element of Earth.

The Sixes

Kabbalistic Angel Nemamiah

SIX OF PENTACLES, Lord of Material Success (Moon in Taurus). Angels of the Decan Nemamiah and Yeyelal. This is Tiphareth in Assiah, the Material World. The changing qualities of the Moon, its natural flow, its charm and subtleties, are merged with the hard work and deliberate earth qualities of Taurus. The result is sure success in business and other mundane areas.

The Kings

THE KING OF SWORDS, Lord of the Winds and Breezes, King of the Spirit of Air, King of Sylphs and Sylphides (Last Decan of Taurus-first two Decans of Gemini). The King of Swords is Specific Fire in Primal Air. It is a personification of the activating Force behind the World of Astral images and ideas. It is a violent and agressively cutting power, an idea shown best by Crowley, and not at all by the Waite and Marseilles cards. Crowley's mounted King is the dynamic energy of the charging bull of Taurus, but being predominantly Gemini he turns easily in one direction or the other. Gemini is also implied in the Golden Dawn King's crest, the Hexagram which is a merging of opposites.