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A talisman is usually described as an object which has been charged with the Force it is intended to represent. Besides having an auto-suggestive effect upon the user, a talisman is made or consecrated to serve a specific end or achieve a named goal. The consecrated ritual object attracts the energies which the skilled Magician has charged into it. A Tarot deck, charged in one of the methods mentioned in this book, contains seventy-eight (in this case seventy-nine) such talismans. All of them can be used to invoke the various energies they represent.

The wealth of symbolism embraced by the Tarot gives a student a wide selection to choose from in working a Tarot talisman ritual. He or she may wish to invoke a zodiacal energy to balance out unfavorable aspects in the birth chart. Planetary and elemental Forces can also be addressed through a ceremony using specific Tarot cards. For instance, if the student feels surrounded by hostile, martial force, the energy of Venus could be invoked to counteract it. If lack of imagination and creative powers is a problem, the productive element of Water could be employed. For almost any secular or spiritual problem the reader may come across, there is a Tarot card that can be invoked to help balance it out. The following list will help describe the various zodiacal, planetary and elemental energies along with some of the Tarot cards that can be used to invoke them in ritual.


Saturn: Passage of Time, age, death, trial, crystallization, constriction, brooding. But also stability, equilibrium. Tarot talisman: The Universe.

Jupiter: Honor, leadership, government, prosperity, benevolent power, expansion, advancement, health. Tarot talisman: The Wheel of Fortune.

Mars: War, military honor, defeat of enemies, courage, strength, dynamic energy. Tarot talisman: The Tower.

The Sun: Balance, health, spiritual illumination, wise council, prophesy, natural leadership, peace-making. Tarot talisman: The Sun.

Venus: Friendship, love, affection, kindness, luck, beauty, vitality, artistry, music, dance, desires. Tarot talisman: The Empress.

Mercury: Intelligence, communication, science, writing, teaching, analysis, travel, magick, skill, craftiness. Tarot talisman: The Magician.

The Moon: Dreams, visions, underlying impulses, cycles, fluctuation, messages, navigation. Tarot talisman: The High Priestess.


Aries: Energetic, pioneering, adventuresome, new beginnings. Tarot talisman: The Emperor.

Taurus: Stable, organized, dependable, patient, loyal. Tarot talisman: The Hierophant.

Gemini: Versatile, curious, changeable, communicative. Tarot talisman: The Lovers.

Cancer: Caring, nurturing, receptive, psychic, protective, retentive memory. Tarot talisman: The Chariot.

Leo: Positive, optimistic, persistent, colorful, flamboyant, generous, leadership. Tarot talisman: Strength.

Virgo: Neat, fussy, conservative, efficient, practical, analytical, studious. Tarot talisman: The Hermit.

Libra: Social, just, symmetrical, artistic, diplomatic, gentle, tactful. Tarot talisman: Justice.

Scorpio: Secretive, intelligent, psychic, resourceful, passionate, manipulative, tenacious, methodical. Tarot talisman: Death.

Sagittarius: Independent, outgoing, opportunistic, freedom-loving, outspoken, inspiring. Tarot talisman: Temperance.

Capricorn: Prudent, efficient, rigid, persistent, patient, practical, managerial, hard-working, determined. Tarot talisman: The Devil.

Aquarius: Perceptive, organized, ingenious, impersonal, insightful, unconventional, erratic, revolutionary, outgoing. Tarot talisman: The Star.

Pisces: Intuitive, psychic, dreamer, sensitive, unstable, compassionate. Tarot talisman: The Moon.


Earth: Business, money, employment, practical matters. Tarot talisman: The Ace of Pentacles.

Air: Health, sickness, trouble, disputes, communication, mental processes. Tarot talisman: The Ace of Swords.

Water: Pleasure, fertility, marriage, happiness. Tarot talisman: The Ace of Cups.

Fire: Power, dominion, authority, prestige. Tarot talisman: The Ace of Wands.

This list describes the primary application of Tarot talismans to the forces given. It illustrates the ways in which the talismans can be used to balance problem energies. For example, a person whose birth chart contains an unusual amount of Air (Gemini and Libra or Aquarius) may feel the need for grounding and stability. He or she could chose to equilibrate the problem by invoking an Earth energy such as Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo. A talisman ritual using the Hierophant, the Devil, or the Hermit card, would then be performed to invoke the specific energy desired. The planetary effects on any given day can also be a source of trouble. If a person feels over-sensitive to martial energy, such is the case when Mars is in conjunct with Pluto, he or she may try to balance the harsh planetary force by invoking the affectionate energy of Venus through the Tarot talisman of the Empress. Perhaps the problem is neither zodiacal nor planetary in nature... it may be evident on the level of the Earth plane; sickness or loss of employment. If it is a health-related problem a talisman of Air, such as the Ace of Swords, could help soothe it. A problem with money or employment belongs under the jurisdiction of the element of Earth; the Ace of Pentacles would be the appropriate tool.

There is also the possibility of invoking two or more Tarot cards that are related. A person wishing to develop better intellectual skills, could employ the cards of the Magician (Mercury) along with the Ace of Swords. If disappointment in love is a recurring difficulty, the Lovers, the Empress and the Two of Cups would prove to be a powerful trio of cards. All the sephirotic energies as well can be engaged. The combinations of cards used in ritual are as diverse as the symbols which cover them.

Before performing a Tarot talisman ritual, it is sometimes appropriate (especially when invoking a planetary force) to find out what planet7 s energy is in power during the time of the working. This can be discovered by using the following tables:



Qabalistic Number





















Period Qabalistic Number

Midnight-3:26 a.m.

8:34 p.m.-Midnight

The planetary influence of any given time is found by adding the number of the weekday to that of the specific time period. If the number is larger than nine, the correct answer is obtained by subtracting seven.

Example: I want to know what planetary influence prevails at 10 A.M. on Wednesday.

Wednesday's Qabalistic number is 8.

8 + 1 = 9, which indicates a Lunar influence.

Example: I want to do a ritual on Friday at 9 P.M. and want to see what planet is in force.

Friday's number is 7.

7 + 5 = 12. (12 -7 = 5.) The energy at that time would be Martial.If Mars energy would be beneficial to my working, I would perform the ritual at that time. However, if Martial force is not what I want, I would choose a more appropriate time.

The following ritual is an example of how to build a ceremony to invoke the energies of a specific Tarot card. Many such rites can be devised and elaborated upon by the reader for any card in the deck.

(1) Take the Ten of Cups from the Tarot deck and put the other cards away.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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