Venus in Cancer

"Hand at lower part from cloud holds lotuses. A lotus flower rises above water, which occupies the lowest part of the card, and rises above the hand holding the lotus. From this lotus flower a stem rises, terminating nearly at the top of the card in another lotus or water lily flower, from which a white water gushes like a fountain. Crossed on the stem just beneath are two dolphins, gold and silver; on to which the water falls and from which it pours in full streams, like jets of gold and silver, into two cups, which in their turn overflow, flooding the lower part of the card. Above and below Venus and Cancer.

"Harmony of masculine and feminine united. Harmony, pleasure, mirth, subtlety, sometimes folly, dissipation, waste, and silly action, according to dignity.

"Chokmah of Heh. (Marriage, home, pleasure.) Herein rule Ayoel and Chabooyah."

The Two of Cups is Chokmah in the scale of Briah. It is the realm of the zodiac in the Creative World of Pure Intellect. The influence of Wisdom (Chokmah) in the Mental World of Briah is well suited. It represents the perfect union of the Father (Yod-Fire) and the Mother (Heh-Water). It is only through their harmonious marriage that the Primal Waters can flow and eventually reach the material Earth. Venus in Cancer also alludes to the idea of perfect love intrinsic to this card. Romance, passion and affection are all aspects of the Two of Cups, but there is also the possibility of energy wasted.

In this card, the blue clouds of the element of Water are shown with a flashing orange feminine hand which holds the lotus stem. The two lotus flowers shown represent the two of Chokmah in the same manner as the paired cups and the paired dolphins. The white water from the One pure source divides into two streams which fall upon two dolphins. (Dolphins are sacred to Venus, goddess of love.) The golden dolphin represents the male (solar) energy, while the silver one symbolizes the female (lunar) energy. The perfect unity of the card is implied by the crossing of the dolphins and by the

"Chesed of Heh. (Receiving pleasure, but some slight discomfort and anxieties, therewith. Blended pleasure and success.) Therein rule Hayayel and Mevamayah."

The Four of Cups is Chesed in the scale of Briah. It is Jovian Mercy in the Creative World of Pure Intellect. Although it is a balanced card, Chesed in the watery World of Briah is too passive, it thus represents the axiom "Too much mercy is but weakness, and the fading-out of the will." The energy is orderly but it has stabilized to the point of stagnation. The Moon rules the watery sign of Cancer and here her cycle of flux and reflux only adds to a condition of inertia and indifference. The title, Blended Pleasure, implies that there is pleasure associated with the card, but not without its drawbacks.

The Four of Cups displays the same watery colors of blue and orange as the previous three cards. The angelic feminine hand holds the lotus stem with a single flower at the top. The pure white water flows from the lotus into the top two cups. These cups spill over into the lower cups but here the flow is ended, suggesting that pleasure is coming to an end. The background of the card is blue, the color of Chesed in Briah, the Queen scale. Blue is one of the three primary colors corresponding to the Three Mother Letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Blue is associated with Mem, which means "water."

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