The Seventeenth Key the th Path

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"Before you upon the Altar is the 17th Key of Tarot which symbolically resumes these ideas.

"The large star in the centre of the Heavens has seven principal and fourteen secondary rays and this represents the Heptad multiplied by the Triad. This yields 21—the Number of the Divine Name Eheieh which, as you already know, is attached to Kether.

"In the Egyptian sense, it is Sirius, the Dog-Star, the Star of Isis-Sothis. Around it are the stars of the seven planets each with its seven-fold counterchanged operation.

"The nude female figure with the Star of the Heptagram on her brow is the synthesis of Isis, of Nephthys, and of Athor. She also represents the planet Venus through whose sphere the influence of

Chesed descends. She is Aima, Binah, Tebunah, the Great Mother—Aima Elohim, pouring upon the Earth the Waters of Creation which unite and form a River at her feet, the River which floweth and faileth not.

"Note well, that in this Key she is completely unveiled while in the 21st Key she is only partially so.

"The two urns contain the influences from Chokmah and Binah. On the right springs the Tree of Life, and on the left, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil whereon the Bird of Hermes alights, and therefore does this Key represent the restored World, after the formless and Void and the Darkness, the New Adam, the Countenance of the Man which falls in the sign Aquarius. And therefore doth the astronomical ripple of this sign represent, as it were, Waves of Water—the ripples of that river going forth out of Eden— but, therefore also, it is the Firmament dividing and containing the Waters."

From the Philosophus Ritual

The Magickal Title of this card is the Daughter of the Firmament; the Dweller between the Waters. The path of the Star joins Yesod to Netzach. It is "The Victory of Fundamental Strength. Venus acting through Aquarius upon Luna. Hope." This path forms the portion of the Astral (personality) Triad of the Tree that is concerned with the act of meditation. This is the conscious act of searching for the Divine Light by employing meditation—a combination of knowledge and imagination. The Initiate here casts the "fish-hook" of the Hebrew letter Tzaddi into the Waters of Creation (pure consciousness) to catch a bit of Divine Knowledge. The Star card is a glyph of the Upper Astral, where the Magician seeks to delve in his search for the Higher, as opposed to the Lower Astral with its illusionary forms, summed up in the card of the Moon. Intuition and meditation are the tools which the Initiate uses to align his Lower Self to the vibrations of his Higher Self.

The woman in the card is the same as the one seen in the cards of the Empress and the High Priestess. She holds a black vase and a gray vase (Binah and Chokmah in Briah) which pour forth the Waters of Life, pure fluid consciousness, to form a river at her feet. The Water from the vases pours unendingly, for they receive an everlasting supply of energy from the Great Star of Venus. The

waters blend in the river, causing crystals to form. This is a transformation of one form of energy into another; not unlike the transformation in the mind of the Initiate ... changing mundane thoughts into meditation upon the Light Divine. This crystalization is a form of metamorphosis, like that of a butterfly. Lotus flowers, the sacred flowers of Isis, are shown suggesting the influence of Binah.

The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are shown behind the figure. An ibis, the Bird of Hermes the Magician, alights on the Tree of Knowledge, alluding to the fact that this is a path of will and concentrated effort. The background of the card is purple, the color of the path of Tzaddi, while the Star and the other heptagonal stars are in flashing yellow.

Interpretation in a Tarot Reading

Hope, faith, unexpected help. But sometimes also dreaminess, deceived hope, etc.

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