The Root Powers of the Earth

"A white radiant angelic hand, holding a branch of a rose tree, whereon is a large pentacle, formed of five concentric circles. The innermost circle is white, charged with a red Greek cross. From this white center 12 rays, also white, issue. These terminate at the circumference, making the whole something like as astrological figure of the Heavens.

"It is surmounted by a small circle, above which is a large Maltese Cross, and with two white wings; four roses and two buds are shown. The hand issueth from the clouds as in the other three cases. It representeth materiality in all senses, good and evil, and is therefore in a sense illusionary. It shows material gain, labor, power, wealth, etc."

The Ace of Pentacles is Kether in the scale of Assiah. It is the Crown, the Primum Mobile in the Active World of Matter. This is a card which signifies manifestation. It can indicate either material possessions or the unfolding of some new event. Kether in the physical world provides the spark that initiates the form-building process in its final stages. This can be a card of good or evil, depending upon whatever is being brought into manifestation.

The Ace of Pentacles is dominated by the flashing colors of the element of Earth, black and white. A feminine angelic hand holds a branch of a rose tree upon which is a pentacle formed from five concentric circles. The four colors of Malkuth; citrine, olive, russet and black (the four base or sub-elements) form the outermost rings of the pentacle, while the inner circle is white with a red Greek cross. This indicates the presence of spirit balancing and guiding the manifesting powers of Earth. Defined through the elements of Earth are the Forces of the zodiac, symbolized by the twelve white rays upon the pentacle. Four roses in full bloom are shown which refer to the elements and to Chesed, the Sephirah which begins the process of manifestation. The two rosebuds indicate that in the world of Assiah, the four elements are extremely fertile. Above the pentacle is a winged Maltese Cross in the elemental colors. This implies that the four elements must pass through all the stages of the Worlds of Atziluth, Briah and Yetzirah before manifesting into the physical world. The background color behind the black clouds of Earth is white flecked gold, the color of Kether in the World of Assiah. The colors of the Princess scale are flecked; that is to say that they have a base color with splashes of another color mixed in. These "splashes" indicate a congealing effect of energies which are becoming manifest. The white flecked gold describes the luminescence of Kether as it solidifies into form, it is no longer so blindingly brilliant as in the previous color scales.

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