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"A white radiating angelic hand issuing from clouds and grasping a heavy club which has three branches in the colors and with the Sigils of the Scales. The right and left hand branches end respectively in three flames and the center one in four flames, thus yielding ten, the number of the Sephiroth. Two and twenty leaping flames or Yods surround it, answering to the Paths of these. Three fall below the right branch for Aleph, Mem and Shin. Seven above the central branch for the double letters. And between it and that on the right, twelve (six above and six below) about the left hand branch. The whole is a great and Flaming Torch. It symbolizes Force, strength, rush, vigor, energy, and it governs according to its nature various works and questions. It implies natural as opposed to Invoked Force."

The Ace of Wands is Kether in the scale of Atziluth. It is the Primum Mobile in the Archetypal World of Pure Spirit. This card symbolizes the essence of the element of Fire at its moment of ignition. The energy here represented is the beginning of the entire Universe, thus the branch or Wand has ten flaming points which allude to the Tree of Life. The ten flames are divided each into four sections, corresponding to the ten Sephiroth in the Color Scales of the Four Worlds. The resulting forty colors are each represented in one of the Small cards of this deck. The sigils of the Four Color Scales are drawn from the Rose Cross Lamen using the Hebrew names of the Four Worlds. Twenty-two Yods surround the Wand, which refer to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The element of Fire is depicted in the suit of Wands by the red clouds and the flashing green angelic hand. This hand is masculine indicating the Yod-Fire suit of Tetragrammaton. The background color behind the Wand is brilliance, the color of Kether in the World of Atziluth.

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