The Princess of the Shining Flame The Rose of the Palace of Fire

"A very strong and beautiful woman, with flowing red-golden hair, attired like an Amazon. Her shoulders, arms, bosoms and knees are bare. She wears a short kilt, reaching to the knees. Round her waist is a broad belt of scale mail, narrow at the side, broad in the front and back, and having a winged tiger's head in front. She wears a Corinthian shaped helmet, and crown, with a long plume. It also is surmounted by a tiger's head, and the same symbol forms the buckle of her scale-mail buskins.

"A mantle lined with tiger's skin falls back from her shoulders. Her right hand rests on a small golden or brazen Altar, ornamented with ram's heads, and with flames of Fire leaping from it. Her left hand leans on a long and heavy club, swelling at the lower end, where the sigil is placed. It has flames of fire leaping from it the whole way down, but the flames are ascending. This club or torch is much longer than that carried by the King or Queen. Beneath her firmly placed feet are leaping flames of Fire.

"Brilliance, courage, beauty, force, sudden in anger, or love, desire of power, enthusiasm, revenge.

"Ill-dignified, superficial, theatrical, cruel, unstable, domineering. She rules the heavens over one quadrant of the portion round the North Pole.

"Earth of Fire. Princess and Empress of the Salamanders. Throne of the Ace of Wands."

The four Princesses represent the Heh Final (Earth) forces of Tetragrammaton. They also symbolize the completion of the current of the Name. Each is a female warrior who receives the influences of the King, Queen and Prince. She stands alone half-naked and unafraid, being both violently strong and enduring. She is the materialized Will of the Spirit.

The Princess of Wands is especially a brilliant, daring tigress. The sight of her is captivating and irresistible. She is the chemical magnetism necessary for the act of combustion. She creates and destroys her own universe, for she is vigorous and irrational. If angered, she is violent and unforgiving.

The Princess of Wands stands upon a burning patch of ground swarming with salamanders. In one hand she grasps a rough burning club (no longer the fire wand) alluding to the fact that in the physical plane fire is a powerful and dangerous element. Her other hand is thrust fearlessly into a burning ram-headed Altar symbolic of Aries, the fiery sign which begins the zodiac. This indicates that the element of Fire is sacred in the realm of Malkuth; consecrating and purifying all manifested forms. The Princess is the priestess of the Sacred Flame which destroys and gives birth to new forms. The background color behind her is dark red, created from the mixture of black and red, the colors of Earth (Heh Final) and the element of Fire.

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