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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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1) The enquirer shuffles the deck of 78 cards, thinking of the matter at hand.

2) The enquirer cuts the pack as close to half as possible to the right. He or she then cuts each pile in half, to its right. This gives a total of four piles which correspond to the Name Yod Heh Vav Heh and to the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The far right pile is that which refers to Yod-Fire, while the far left pile is that of Heh Final-Earth.

3) The reader turns the four piles thus formed face up and interprets the bottom (now the top) card of each pile.

a) If a card is on its elemental pile, its strength is increased.

b) If a card is on a pile that is unfriendly to it in an elemental sense to its suit, its strength is decreased.

4) Find which pile has the significator in it. Is it in the pile that relates to the question? This should give you a general direction for the reading as follows:


business sickness pleasure energy money trouble pleasure strife

5) Only work with the pile containing the significator. Put the rest aside. Without altering the order of the cards, spread them out to form a horseshoe.

a) Look for similar cards and interpret them per previous instructions.

b) Starting with the significator, and moving in the direction the significator is looking, use the counting method described below. {Note: in the New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot deck, the directions that the Court cards are facing are not always apparent. As a rule of thumb, Kings turn left, Queens face right, Princes turn left, and Princesses face right. (These directions are from the perspective of the reader who is looking at the card.) The reason for this is because the Masculine (White Pillar) cards face their Feminine (Black Pillar) counterparts and vise versa.) Proceed by counting over certain cards, in the directions described above, that pertain to the significator.

c) Starting at the bottom ends of the horseshoe, pair the cards from opposite sides and interpret them.

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