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The Magickal Title of this card is the Magus of the Voice of Light, the Prophet of the Gods. The path of the Hermit leads from Tiphareth to Chesed. It is "The Mercy of Beauty, the Magnificence of Sovereignty, Jupiter acting through Virgo upon Sol." He represents communication between the Higher Self of the Ethical Triad and the Spiritual Self of the Supernal Triad. The Hermit is symbolized by the Kerux in Golden Dawn ritual, who is Anubis (ultimately a lower form of Hermes-Thoth, messenger to the Gods.) The Kerux is the Lightbearer, the shower of the way to the Hidden Knowledge. The Hermit is attributed to Virgo and thus contains the concept of sexual love in its unmanifested or virginal state. This is reinforced by the fact that Yod, the Hebrew letter given to the Hermit is phallic. Yod is the Father-Fire letter of Tetragrammaton. It is also related to Kether because it is the basic digit that when drawn forms the rest of the Hebrew alphabet. Yod also represents the Logos, the word of power which links the Lower Self to the Higher, through vibration.

The hand (Yod) of the Hermit is that which reaches down to help the initiate. The Hermit is the Master Magician; very old and very wise. He is the Supreme Will, concealed in robes of Darkness and Mystery. We may only know him by striving ever towards the Summit; reaching for his outstretched hand, attuning ourselves to his vibration. He has the qualities of both Fire (Yod) and Earth (Virgo), thus he represents the beginning and the end of the elements of Tetragrammaton. This is symbolized by the serpent at his feet that holds its tail in its mouth. The Hermit's lamp contains the Yod from which light flows out into all planes and dimensions. This is the Sacred Light of LVX which cuts through the darkness and initiates creation.

The staff of the Hermit refers to Chokmah (Thoth). At its summit is the Orphic Egg of the Cosmos. The serpent around the egg has a further meaning; it alludes to Mercury and to the serpent power discussed in the Strength card which is utilized by the Hermit. The figure wears the red Outer Robe of Concealment (Binah in Atziluth) and the blue Inner Robe of Concealment (Chokmah in Atziluth), which alludes to his occult powers of regeneration. He is concealed completely from the mundane world, and his powers are barely perceived by the aspiring student. The spermatozoon on the front of his robe further points to the sexual Yod force of this path. The background contains shades of yellow-green, the color of the path of Yod. The figure stands in a desert where two cactuses are shown. (This is a tribute to Israel Regardie in his last years in Arizona.)

Interpretation in a Tarot Reading

Wisdom sought for and obtained from above. Divine Inspiration (but active as opposed to that of the Lovers). In the mystical titles, this with the Hierophant and the Magician are the three Magi.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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