The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

(1) Stand, facing east. Use either the index finger of the right hand or a dagger to trace the lineal figure of the pentagram at the appropriate point in the ritual.

Try to imagine that as you stand, you begin to grow very tall, so that the Earth is a small sphere at your feet and your head is high above cloud level. Then imagine that a brilliant white light descends upon the crown of your head from a vast point in space above you. Reach up with your hand (or dagger) to grasp this light and bring it to your forehead.

(2) As you touch your forehead intone or vibrate the word "ATAH" (ah-tah).

(3) Touch the breast and bring the blade of the dagger or index finger down till it covers the groin area, pointing down to the ground. Imagine the light descending from the forehead, traveling down the middle of your body to your feet. Vibrate "MALKUTH" (mahl-kooth).

(4) Touch the right shoulder and visualize a point of light there. See the shaft of light running through the center of your body form a horizontal beam of light from your heart center that joins with the point of light at your right shoulder. Vibrate "VE-GEBURAH" (v'ge-boo-rah).

(5) Touch the left shoulder and visualize a point of light there. Now see the horizontal shaft of light extending from the heart center join this newly formed point of light at the left shoulder. Vibrate

(6) Bring the hands outward, away from the body, and finally bring them in again, clasped on the breast as if praying. If you are using a dagger, keep it pointed straight up. Vibrate "LE-OLAHM, AMEN" (lay-oh-lahm ah-men).

(The preceding part of the ritual is known as the Qabalistic Cross, because of the large cross of light that is formed within the body of the practitioner, creating a link with the Spiritual Self. The Hebrew words given in the ritual translate into the following sentence: "For Thine is the kingdom and power and glory forever, unto the ages." The four points of light formed, together with the Hebrew words, correspond to the four Sephiroth of Kether, Malkuth, Geburah and Chesed—also called Gedulah.)

(7) Still facing east, extend your right hand with the dagger or index finger and trace a large Banishing Pentagram of Earth. Visualize the lines of the pentagram drawn in a flaming blue light. Thrust the dagger or index finger through the center of the pentagram and vibrate "YOD HEH VAV HEH" (yode-heh-vahv-heh). Feel the power of the Name extend through the pentagram out to the edge of the universe. (An alternative way of charging the pentagram is done by using the Sign of the Enterer in which both hands held flat with palms down are raised to the sides of the head at eye-level. The Magician advances his left foot and thrusts his arms straight out, directing all his energy through the pentagram as he vibrates the Name. Then stepping back, the Magician puts his left index finger to his lips in the Sign of Silence, while keeping the right hand straight out in front.)

(8) Turn to the south and trace a pentagram there. Charge the figure vibrating "ADONAI" (ah-doe-nye). Remember to always keep the right hand up throughout.

(9) Turn to the west and trace the pentagram, charging it with

(10) Turn to the north and draw the pentagram in the air, vibrating "AGLA" (ah-gah-lah).

(11) Turn again to the east and bring the point of the dagger to the center of the first pentagram. (This completes the circle of charged and sealed pentagrams that has been established in the magickal space. The Hebrew words given are various names of God: Yod Heh Vav Heh is the Four-lettered Name or Tetragrammaton discussed earlier; Adonai is "Lord"; Eheieh means "I am"; and Agla is an abbreviation for the sentence "ATAH GIBOR LE-OLAHM ADONAI," which means "Thou art great forever, my Lord.")

(12) Extend the arms out in the form of cross and say, "Before me, RAPHAEL" (rah-fay-el). Visualize before you the great archangel of Air rising out of the clouds in flowing yellow and violet robes carrying a caduceus wand.

(13) Behind you visualize another figure and say, "Behind me, GABRIEL" (gah-bree-el). (Note: all capitalized names should be vibrated or intoned, while all others are to spoken normally.) See the archangel stepping out of the sea like the goddess Venus, dressed in robes of blue and orange with cup in hand.

(14) See to your right another figure in flaming red and green robes carrying a sword. Say, "On my right hand, MICHAEL" (mee-chai-el).

(15) See another great archangel at your left, who rises up from the vegetation of the Earth in robes of citrine, olive, russet and black, holding stems of ripened wheat. Say, "On my left hand, URIEL" (ur-ee-el).

(16) Imagine all the pentagrams you have previously drawn in blue light connected in circle around you. Say, "For about me flames the pentagram ..." Visualize a brilliant hexagram in your heart center, which expands to become your whole being and say, "And in the column shines the Six-rayed Star."

(17) Repeat the Qabalistic Cross, steps 1-6.

The importance of this deceptively simple ritual cannot be over-stressed. Most people can invoke certain energies into their lives fairly easily, whether they want these energies or not. Being in control of one's magickal space is quite another matter altogether. It takes a good Magician to be able to banish energies at will, but this only comes about through practice and perseverance.

Once the LBRP is mastered, the student can begin to supplement his/her studies with relaxation techniques and meditation. When all these have been practiced for a period of time, the reader will be ready to consecrate a deck of Tarot cards to be used for the purposes of scrying and divination. The time spent on these introductory procedures is well worth taking, for the prepared Magician is many times more likely to get positive results in magickal work.

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