The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram

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(1) Perform the Relaxation Ritual or take Ritual Bath.

(2) Perform the LBRP.

(3) Stand in the east and perforrruthe Qabalistic Cross.

(4) Still facing the east in your temple space, spread arms out in the shape of a Tau Cross. You may use your right index finger or a favorite ritual wand held in the right hand to trace the prescribed figures.



Banishing hexagram of Fire

Banishing hexagram of Earth

Banishing hexagram of Fire

Banishing hexagram of Earth

Hexagram Elements Banishing





Banishing hexagram of Air

Banishing hexagram of Water

Banishing hexagram of Air


(5) Trace the banishing hexagram of Fire. Imagine it drawn in a flaming golden light. In the center of the figure, thrust forward with the wand or index finger as described in the LBRP, as you charge it, vibrating the word "ARARITA" (ah-rah-ree-tah).

(6) Keep the point of the wand straight out as you move to the south. Draw the hexagram of Earth there in flaming gold. Thrust it through the center and vibrate "ARARITA."

(7) Move clockwise to the west and trace the banishing hexagram of Air. Thrust and intone as before "ARARITA."

(8) Go to the north and form the banishing hexagram of Water. Energize it and vibrate as before "ARARITA."

(9) Keep the point of the wand or finger out as you return to the east and complete the circle. See the golden hexagrams around you connected by a white circle of light.

(Unlike the Pentagram Ritual which is based upon the elements ascribed to the four quarters, the Hexagram Ritual assigns the elements according to their placement in the zodiac. Therefore Fire [Aries] is placed in the east. The word Ararita is an abbreviation for the following Hebrew phrase: "One is his beginning. One is his individuality. His permutation is One," which signifies the unity of the Divine.)

(10) Extend your arms out in the shape of a Tau Cross. Say with feeling, "I N R I." (Pronounce the name of each letter in English.) "YOD NUN RESH YOD" (yode-noon-raysh-yode). As the names of the Hebrew letters are pronounced, trace them in the air before you, from right to left. See the letters glowing in a flaming blue light.

(11) Return to the stance of the Tau Cross saying, "The Sign of Osiris Slain."

(12) Put your right arm straight up in the air from the shoulder. The left arm should be straight out from the left shoulder so that the position of the two arms together resemble the letter L. Hands are to be open flat with palms forward. Turn your head so that you are looking over your left arm. Say, "L, the Sign of the Mourning of Isis."

(13) Raise the arms overhead to an angle of 60 degrees so that they form the letter V. Keep the arms straight and the palms facing forward. Throw the head back and say, "V, the Sign of Typhon and Apophis."

(14) Cross the arms on the chest to form the letter X. Bow your head and say, "X, the Sign of Osiris Risen."

(15) Say slowly and powerfully, "L.V.X." (Spell out each letter and give the sign of each as you do so.) Say, "LVX" (lukes).

(16) Remain in the Sign of Osiris Slain and say, "The Light..." (hold arms out in Tau Cross position for a moment then recross them again on chest) " ... of the Cross."

(17) Return to Osiris Slain Position (Tau Cross) and say,

"Virgo, Isis, mighty Mother,

Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer,

Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen,

Isis, Apophis, Osiris."

Throughout the previous oration, gradually raise the arms and lift the head upwards. Vibrate strongly, "IAO" (eee-aahh-oohh).

(18) Pause for a moment in aspiration towards the Light. Cross your arms in the Sign of Osiris Risen and feel yourself enveloped by a cleansing column of pure Divine Light. You may pause for a few moments, relaxing in the Light before continuing.

(The last part of this ritual is known as the Analysis of the Keyword. INRI has a multitude of meanings, not the least of which is its correspondence to the four elements.)

Different authors have given variations on the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. The main difference between these versions is the order in which the primary parts of the ritual are given. The reader may come across a rendition of the BRH in which the Analysis of the Keyword is performed at the beginning and the Qabalistic Cross left until the very end. Some versions recommend performing the Keyword Analysis at the beginning and at the end. These various ways of executing the ritual are not incorrect, nor do they distort the energy in any way, however, the version we have chosen to reproduce here is the traditional one given in Regardie's The Golden Dawn.

Once the preceding rituals have been committed to memory and practiced daily for at least six months, the more advanced Tarot consecration may be performed. However, the student will need to obtain important ceremonial items. One word of caution: the following ritual is very complex and should only be performed when the student feels that he/she is adequately skilled and prepared for elaborate ritual work. If this is not the case one should then consecrate the cards using the ritual already given and skip this one, going instead to the meditation work in this chapter. When the time is right and the student is ready, there will be ample time to come back to this ritual.

The beginning part of the Advanced Tarot Consecration Ritual is a separate ritual in itself known as the Opening by Watchtower. Its basic format is taken from the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (SIRP), a powerful ritual developed by the Golden Dawn to invoke all of the elemental forces. The Opening by Watchtower is an elaboration by Israel Regardie on the SIRP taken from the Consecration of the Vault of the Adepti; it is a form that works well as a preliminary rite to other work. This ritual makes use of both Hebrew and Enochian (ee-no-key-un) words. (Enochian is a complex magickal system that was discovered by the famous Elizabethan Magician, Dr. John Dee.) Some Magicians may prefer to use the traditional SIRP in place of the Opening by Watchtower. For this reason, we have included it after the section describing the Advanced Tarot Consecration Ritual.

If the reader happens to be an accomplished Magician who has all the elemental implements described in the Golden Dawn system of magick, all the better. If not, other magickal tools can be substituted for them; a favorite wand can fill in for the Fire Wand, a chalice for the Water Cup, a plain dagger or fan for the Air Dagger, and a dish of salt for the Earth Pentacle. (There were many times when the authors of this book were in transit but still able to perform ritual work with only a motel matchbook, plastic cup, stick of incense and a pinch of salt.) The Enochian system calls for the construction of four elemental tablets and a fifth called the Tablet of Union. The latter tablet is simple enough to draw on paper or cardboard, but those of the elements are complicated and can be substituted by the Kerubic symbols provided here. These are to be painted on cardboard and placed on the walls of the temple according to the direction appropriate to the element. Should the student feel the need to reproduce all the Enochian Tablets in full, we recommend that he or she follow the information given for their construction in Regardie's The Golden Dawn.

Always remember that the mind is the most powerful tool in ritual. The symbols and implements that the Magician creates are extensions of the Will to do Magick. Objects invested with symbolism help to focus the mind and attract desirable energies through the concentration of thought-power.


Ritual The HexagramYod Heh Vav Heh TriangleTablet Union























(1) Preparation of the temple: the Altar should be in the center of the room with enough space to walk around it. The elemental tablets should be placed on the appropriate walls. On the center of the Altar should be the Tablet of Union with the elemental weapons around it. (Air Dagger-east, Fire Wand-south, Water Cup-west, Earth Pentacle-north.) The Magician should be relaxed and robed in full ceremonial regalia. Another dagger should be employed for the LBRP and, likewise, a separate wand (Lotus Wand if available) should be on hand for the BRH. The new Tarot deck should be placed in a far west corner of the room, wrapped in black cloth and tied three times with a black cord. A sword should be placed in the west. A white triangle should also be on the altar, west of the Tablet of Union.

(2) Commence the ritual with five knocks by rapping the handle of the banishing dagger against the side of the Altar five times.

(3) Go to the northeast and say in a loud voice, "HEKAS, HEKAS ESTE BEBELOI!" (hay-kahs hay-kahs es-stay bee-beh-loy). This announces that a ritual is about to begin and all uninvited entities should leave the area.

(4) Go to the east and perform the LBRP.

(5) Perform the BRH.

(6) Go to the south side of the Altar and take up the Fire Wand. Turn to the Elemental Tablet of Fire on the south wall and wave the implement three times in front of the sigil. Then, holding the Wand high (point up) slowly circumvent the room in a clockwise (deosil) direction saying:

"And when, after all the phantoms are banished, thou shalt see that Holy and Formless Fire, that Fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the Universe, hear thou the Voice of Fire."

Upon reaching south, face the elemental tablet and wave the Wand in front of it again, three times. With the Wand, trace a large circle in the air (in front of the tablet) and imagine it in brilliant white. Within this circle draw a large flaming blue Invoking Spirit Active Pentagram and vibrate "BITOM" (bay-ee-toe-em). In the











Invoking Water









center of the figure, draw the Spirit sigil in bright white and vibrate "EHEIEH" (eh-hay-yay). Give the LVX Signs (explained in the BRH).

Trace the Invoking Pentagram of Fire over the one just drawn while vibrating, "OIP TEAA PEDOCE" (oh-ee-pay tay-ah-ah pay-doe-kay). In the center draw the sigil of Leo and visualize it in red, while intoning "ELOHIM" (el-oh-heem). Place the Wand before the tablet and give the Sign of Fire (Philosophus Sign), forming a triangle (apex up) on the forehead with the hands, palms outward. Remain in this position and say, "In the Names and Letters of the Great Southern Quadrangle, I invoke ye, ye Angels of the Watchtower of the South!" Replace Fire Wand on the Altar.

(7) Take up the Water Cup and turn to the west. Wave the Cup thrice before the elemental tablet. Hold the Cup high while circumambulating slowly deosil around the room and say, "So therefore first the Priest who governeth the works of Fire must sprinkle with the Lustral Water of the Loud Resounding Sea."

On reaching the west, wave the Cup three times again and trace the white circle before the tablet. Draw the Invoking Spirit Passive Pentagram in blue with the Cup while vibrating "HCOMA" (hay-coh-mah). In the center trace the Spirit sigil in white and vibrate "AGLA" (ah-gah-lah). Give the LVX Signs.

Draw the Invoking Pentagram of Water over the Spirit Pentagram while intoning "EMPEH ARSEL GAIOL" (em-pay-hay ar-sell gah-ee-ohl). Draw the blue sigil of the Eagle in the center and vibrate, "Aleph Lamed, AL" (ah-lef lah-med ah-1). Place the Cup in front of the tablet and give the Sign of Water (Practicus Sign), forming a triangle apex downwards over the chest with the hands (palms inward). While in this position say, "In the Names and Letters of the Great Western Quadrangle, I invoke ye, ye Angels of the Watchtower of the West." Replace Water Cup on the Altar.

(8) Go clockwise to the east of the Altar and take up the Air Dagger. Turn to the east and wave the implement three times in front of the elemental tablet. Begin the slow circumambulation while saying, "Such a Fire existeth, extending through the rushings of Air—or even a Fire formless whence cometh the Image of a Voice, or even a flashing Light, abounding, revolving, whirling forth, crying aloud." Stop again in the east and wave the implement thrice in front of the tablet. Trace the circle and the Invoking Spirit Active Pentagram while vibrating "EXARP"

(ex-ar-pay). Draw the white sigil of Spirit in the center and vibrate, "EHEIEH." Give the LVX Signs.

Trace the Invoking Pentagram of Air while intoning "ORO IBAH AOZPI" (or-row ee-bah-hay ah-oh-zohd-pee). Draw in the center the yellow sigil of Aquarius and vibrate "YHVH" (yode-heh-vav-hay). Place the Dagger in front of the tablet and give the Sign of Air (Theoricus Sign): arms bent at the elbow, hands at the level of the head, palms upward as if supporting a great weight. Say, "In the Names and Letters of the Great Eastern Quadrangle, I invoke ye, ye Angels of the Watchtower of the East." Replace Air Dagger on the Altar.

(9) Go clockwise to the north of the Altar and take up the Earth Pentacle. Turn to the north and wave the implement thrice in front of the elemental tablet. Begin the slow circumambulation while saying, "Stoop not down into the darkly splendid world wherein continually lieth a faithless depth, and Hades wrapped in gloom, delighting in unintelligible images, precipitous, winding—a black, ever-rolling Abyss, ever espousing a body, unluminous, formless and void."

Stop upon reaching the north and wave the implement thrice again in front of the tablet. With the Pentacle trace the circle and and the Invoking Spirit Passive Pentagram. Vibrate "NANTA" (en-ah-en-tah). Trace the white Spirit sigil in the center while intoning "AGLA." Give the LVX Signs.

Draw the Invoking Pentagram of Earth over the previous figure while vibrating "EMOR DIAL HECTEGA" (ee-mor dee-ahl heck-tay-gah). Draw the black sigil of Taurus in the center and intone "ADONAI" (ah-doe-nye). Place the Pentacle in front of the tablet and give the Sign of Earth (Zelator): right arm held straight up in a forty-five degree angle from the body, hand flat with the thumb facing up. In this position, say, "In the Names and Letters of the Great Northern Quadrangle, I invoke ye, ye Angels of the Watchtowers of the North." Replace Pentacle on the Altar.

(10) Move clockwise to the west of the Altar and face east. With the Lotus Wand or index finger of the right hand, trace a white circle over the Tablet of Union. Then draw each of the Spirit Pentagrams of the four quarters along with their Spirit sigils and vibrate the appropriate words: "EXARP EHEIEH. HCOMA AGLA. NANTA AGLA. BITOM EHEIEH." Then say, "In the Names and Letters of the mystical Tablet of Union, I invoke ye, ye Divine Forces of the

Spirit of Life."

Make the Sign of the Rending of the Veil: clasp hands together as if praying, then thrust them forward. Take a step forward with the left foot and separate the hands as if opening a curtain. Visualize the veil opening as you step through it.

(11) Remain west of the Altar and say the following Enochian oration, "OL SONUF VAORSAGI GOHO IAD BALATA. ELEXARPEH. CO-MANANU. TABITOM. ZODAKARA, EKA ZODAKARE OD ZODAMERANU. ODO KIKLE QAA PIAPE PIAMOEL OD VAOAN." (Oh-ell son-oof vay-oh-air-sah-jee go-ho ee-ah-dah bahl-tah. El-ex-ar-pay-hay. Co-mah-nah-noo. Tah-bee-toh-em. Zohd-ah-kah-rah eh-kah zohd-ah-kah-ray oh-dah zohd-ah-mehr-ah-noo. Oh-doh kee-klay kah-ah pee-ah-pay pee-ah-moh-el oh-dah vay-oh-ah-noo.) This translates as "I reign over you, says the God of Justice. (Three Angelic Names.) Move, therefore, move and appear. Open the mysteries of creation: balance, righteousness and truth."

(12) Say, "I invoke ye, ye Angels of the celestial spheres, whose dwelling is in the invisible. Ye are the guardians of the gates of the Universe, be ye also the guardians of this mystic sphere. Keep far removed the evil and the unbalanced. Strengthen and inspire me so that I may preserve unsullied this abode of the mysteries of the eternal Gods. Let my sphere be pure and holy so that I may enter in and become a partaker of the secrets of the Light Divine."

(13) Go deosil to the northeast and say, "The visible Sun is the dispenser of Light to the Earth. Let me therefore form a vortex in this chamber that the Invisible Sun of the Spirit may shine therein from above." Circumambulate the temple three times and give the Projection Sign (Sign of the Enterer) and the Sign of Silence each time you pass the east. After the third pass, go to the west of the Altar and face east.

(14) Utter the following adoration:

"Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe." Give the Projection Sign. "Holy art Thou, whom Nature hath not formed." Give the Projection Sign. "Holy art thou, the Vast and the Mighty One." Give the Projection Sign. "Lord of the Light and of the Darkness."

Give the Sign of Silence.

(This marks the completion of the Opening by Watchtower and the beginning of the actual Consecration Ritual. In performance, always remember to take the time to visualize all figures and sigils traced and to feel the energy of the elements invoked.)

(15) State the following: "The Holy Guardian Angel of (state magickal name) under the authority of the Concealed One is in command of those beings who have been summoned to this ceremony. I charge all ye archangels, angels, rulers, kings, and elementáis called to this place to witness and aid in this Rite of Consecration. I call upon the powers of the Crown, EHEIEH, the One Source Most High, to look with favor upon me as I perform this ceremony. Unto Thee Sole Wise, Sole Eternal and Sole Merciful One, be the praise and glory forever. Grant me success in this, my search for the Hidden Wisdom and my aspiration towards the Light Divine. To the glory and completion of the Great Work. So mote it be!"

(16) Go to the east and perform the Qabalistic Cross. Then draw an Invoking Hexagram of the Supernals and visualize it in a golden light while intoning "ARARITA" (ah-rah-ree-tah). In the center place the sigil of Saturn in brilliant white. Vibrate "YHVH ELOHIM" (yode-heh-vav-heh el-oh-heem). Then draw the letter Aleph also in brilliant white and intone the name of the letter.

Go to the south and draw the same hexagram and vibrate the same names. Repeat this procedure in the west and north.

Upon returning to the east, repeat the Analysis of the Keyword (explained in the BRH).



(17) Remain in the east and contemplate the higher and Divine Genius. Visualize the brilliant sphere of Kether at the crown of your head. Vibrate the name "EHEIEH" a number of times until the sensation of the divine force is present in every cell and nerve of the body.

(18) Go to the west of the Altar and pick up the Lotus Wand. Return to the east. Fix your concentration upon the Air tablet and the energies you have invoked there. Trace the Invoking Active Spirit Pentagram, vibrating "EXARP" and "EHEIEH." Give the LVX Signs. Then trace the Invoking Pentagram of Air, vibrating "ORO IBAH AOZPI" and "YHVH." Give the Air Sign. Say, "And the ELOHIM said, 'Let us make Adam in Our Image, after our likeness, and let them have dominion over the Fowl of the Air. In the Name YOD HEH VAV HEH and in the name of SHADD AI EL CHAI/ (shah-dye el ch-high) 'Spirits of Air adore your Creator/ "

Put aside the Wand and take up the Air Dagger from the Altar. Draw the sigil of Aquarius. Say, "In the sign of the Head of the Man, and in the Name of RAPHAEL, the great Archangel of Air, Spirits of Air, adore your Creator!" Trace a Cross.

"In the Names and Letters of the Great Eastern Quadrangle, revealed unto ENOCH by the great angel AVE, Spirits of Air adore your Creator!" Replace Dagger on the Altar hold the Lotus Wand on high and say, "In the Three Great Secret Names of God, borne on the Banners of East, ORO IBAH AOZPI, Spirits of Air adore your Creator!"

(19) Still facing east, vibrate very powerfully the Third Enochian Key invoking the line EXARP from the tablet of Union:

"Micma Goho Mad Zir Comselha Zien Biah Os Londoh Norz Chris Othil Gigipah Vnd-L Chris ta Pu-Im Q Mospleh Teloch Qui-I-N Toltorg Chris I Chris-Ge In Ozien Ds T Brgdo Od Torzul.

"I Li E Ol Balzarg Od Aala Thiln Os Netaab Dluga Vonsarg Lonsa Cap-Mi Ali Vors CLA Homil Cocasb Fafen Izizop Od Miinoag De Gnetaab Vaun Na-Na-E-El Panpir Malpirg Pild Caosg.

"Noan Vnalah Bait Od Vaoan Do-O-I-A p Mad Goholor Gohus Amiran Micma Iehusoz Ca-Cacom Od Do-O-A-In Noar Mica-Olz A-Ai-Om Casarmg Gohia Zacar Vniglag Od Im-Va-Mar Pugo Plapli Ananael Qa-A-An."

(Meek-mah Go-ho Mah-dah Zoad-ee-ray Kohm-sayl-hah Zoad-ee-ay-noo Be-ah-hay Oh-ess Lon-doh-hah Nor-zoad Kah-

hee-sah Oh-thee-lah Jee-jee-pay-hay Oon-dah-Lah Kah-hee-sah Tah Poo-Eem Kwo-Mohs-play Tay-lohk-hay Kwee-Ee-Noo Tohl-tor-jee Ka-hees Ee Kah-hees-Jee Ee-noo Oh-zoad-ee-ay-noo Day-ess Tay Bray-jee-dah Oh-dah Tor-zoad-oo-lah.

Ee-Lee Ay Oh-lah Bahl-zoad-ahr-jee Oh-dah Ah-ah-lah Tay-heel-noo Oh-ess Nay-tah-ah-bay Dah-loo-gar Vohn-sar-jee Lohn-sah Cah-pee-Mee-Ah-lee Vor-sah Cah Ayl Ah Hoh-meel Koh-kahs-bay Fah-fay-noo Ee-zoad-ee-zoad-oh-pay Oh dah Mee-ee-noh-ah-jee Day Jee-nay-tah-ah-bah Vah-oo-noo Nah-Nah-Ay-Ayl Pahn-peer Mahl-pee-jee Pee-el-dah Kah-ohs-gah.

Noh-ah-noo Oo-nah-lah Bal-tah Oh-dah Vay-oh-ah-noo Doo-Oh-Ee-Ah-pay Mah-dah Goh-ho-lor Goh-hoos Ah-mee-rah-noo Meek-mah Yeh-hoo-soh-zoad Kah-Kah-ko-mah Oh-dah Doh-Oh-Ah-Ee-noo No-ahr Mee-kah-Ohl-zoad Ah-Ah-ee-Oh-mah Kah-sarm-jee Go-hee-ahZoad-ah-kah-ray Oo-nee-glah- jee-Oh-dah Eem-Vah-Mar Poo-joh Ah-nah-nah-ayl Kah-Ah-Noo.)

The translation of this Key is as follows:

"Behold saith your God. I am a Circle on whose hands stand Twelve Kingdoms. Six are the seats of Living Breath, the rest are as sharp sickles or the horns of Death, wherein the creatures of Earth are and are not, except Mine own hands which also sleep and shall rise.

"In the first I made you stewards and placed you in the seats Twelve of Government, giving unto every one of you power successively over Four, Five and Six, the true Ages of Time: to the intent that from the highest Vessels and the corners of your governments ye might work My power: pouring down the Fires of Life and increase continually upon the Earth.

"Thus ye are become the Skirts of Justice and Truth.

"In the Name of the same your God lift up, I say yourselves. Behold, His mercies flourish and His Name is become mighty amongst us, in Whom we say: move, descend and apply your selves unto us, as unto the Partakers of the Secret Wisdom of your creation."

(20) Visualize a golden hexagram against a field of brilliant white surrounding you on all sides, enveloping you as a cloak. Say, "In the Name of Shaddai El Chai, I command ye, O ye dwellers in the realm of Air, that ye fashion for me a magickal base in the Astral Light wherein I may invoke the Divine Forces to charge this talisman of Tarot."

"Grant unto me the presence of RAPHAEL, the Great Archangel of Air and the angel CHASSAN. Let also ARIEL the Ruler of Air be in attendance. Let the Powers of the RUACH be present at this ceremony so that this talisman of Tarot may be charged with all the Astral and Intellectual Powers of elemental Air. I further invite the great angel HRU (her-ru) who art set over the Tarot to aid me in this task. I charge ye now to duly consecrate this Work of Art in the name of SHADDAI EL CHAI."

(21) Place the black-wrapped Tarot deck at the edge of the circle to the west. Push it into the circle with the sword. Say "Creature of Talismans, enter thou within this sacred circle, that thou mayest become a worthy dwelling place of the Secret Wisdom of the Ancient of Ancients."

(22) Consecrate the wrapped deck with Water and Fire. (Dip your fingers into the water and mark the deck with the cross. Sprinkle thrice. Wave the candle in the form of the Cross and give an additional three waves.)

(23) Say, "In the name of SHADDAI EL CHAI, I (magickal name) proclaim that I have invoked ye in order to form a true and potent link between my human soul and the Light Divine. To this end, I have brought into this circle a Talisman of the ROTA, unopened and covered with a black veil and bound thrice with a cord, so that this creature of talismans shall not see the light nor move until it be duly consecrated unto me. I proclaim that this talisman shall be charged by the Angel HRU who art set over the Book T, in order that through its use, spiritual knowledge and occult wisdom may be mine so that I may be better enabled to perform the Great Work."

(24) Place the Tarot at the foot of the Altar and say, "I (magickal name) do solemnly pledge to consecrate this talisman in due ceremonial form. I further promise and swear to use this Tarot to obtain spiritual knowledge and the Wisdom of Hermes-Thoth. I pledge to use this deck from this day forward to explore the Sciences of Divination, Scrying, Astral Travel and Hermetic study. May the powers of Yesod, the Astral Realm, witness my pledge. May the powers of Air, the element of the human intellect, behold my vow."

(25) Place the Tarot upon the white triangle on the altar and stand west, facing the east. With sword in hand, trace over the Tarot the sigil of the angel HRU. Draw the Hebrew letters and say "HEH

RESH VAV. In the Name of the Most High, I invoke the great angel HRU, who art set over the operations of this Secret Wisdom. Lay Thy hand invisibly upon these cards of art and give them life. Anoint them with the Divine Science, so that through their use, I may obtain true knowledge of hidden things to the glory of the ineffable Name."

"Descend, I command Thee, mighty angel HRU to charge this talisman that it may become more than a deck of cards, but truly an accurate and powerful tool consecrated to the work of the Magick of Light."

(26) Lift the deck in the left hand, smite it thrice with the sword, and raise both it and the sword aloft, stamping the foot three times. Then take the wrapped deck to the north and say:

"The voice of the Exorcism said unto me, 'Let me shroud myself in darkness, peradventure thus shall I manifest myself in light. I am the only being in an abyss of Darkness. From the Darkness came I forth ere my birth, from the silence of a primal sleep. And the Voice of Ages answered unto my soul, Creature of Talismans, the Light shineth in the darkness, but the darkness comprehendeth it not. Let the Mystic Circumambulation take place in the path of Darkness with the symbolic light of Occult Science to lead the way."

(27) Visualize the light of a lantern held by an angelic hand before you. Circumambulate the temple once with the deck and the sword, following the light. After going around once, stop in the south and lay the Tarot on the floor. Bar it with the sword, saying, "Unpurified and unconsecrated, thou canst not enter the gate of the West."

(28) Purify the talisman with Water and consecrate with Fire as before. Lift it with the left hand, face west and say, "Creature of Talismans, twice purified and twice consecrated, thou mayest approach the gateway of the West."

(29) Pass to the west with the talisman in the left hand. Partly unveil it, smite it once with the sword and say, "Thou canst not pass from concealment unto manifestation, save by the virtue of the name ELOHIM. Before all things are the Chaos and the Darkness, and the gates of the land of Night. I am He whose Name is Darkness. I am the great One of the Paths of the Shades. I am the Exorcist in the midst of the Exorcism. Take on therefore manifestation without fear before me, for I am he in whom fear is not. Thou hast known me so pass thou on." Replace the veil over the deck, and carry it once more round the Circle. Then stop in the north, place the deck on the floor and say:

"Unpurif ied and unconsecrated, thou canst not enter the gate of the East." Purify and consecrate deck with Water and Fire as before. Lift it in the left hand and say, "Creature of Talismans, thrice purified and thrice consecrated, thou mayest approach the gateway of the East."

(30) Take the deck to the East and partly unveil the deck. Strike it once with the sword and say, "Thou canst not pass from concealment unto manifestation save by virtue of the name YHVH. After the formless and the Void and the Darkness, then cometh the knowledge of the Light. I am that Light which riseth in darkness. I am the Exorcist in the midst of the Exorcism. Take on therefore manifestation before me, for I am the wielder of the forces of the Balance. Creature of Talismans, long hast thou dwelt in darkness. Quit the night and seek the day."

(31) Take the Tarot to the west of the Altar. Place it again on the white triangle. Hold the pommel of the sword immediately over it and say, "By all the Names, Powers, and rites already rehearsed, I conjure upon thee power and might irresistible. KHABS AM PEKHT (cobs-ahm-peck-t). KONX OM PAX. LIGHT IN EXTENSION. As the Light hidden in darkness can manifest therefrom, so shalt thou become irresistible."

(32) Put the sword aside and take up the Lotus Wand. Go to the east of the Altar and face west. Repeat the following invocation: "SHADDAI EL CHAI, Almighty and Everlasting, blessed be thy Name unto the Countless Ages. Thee do I invoke! Thou who art the Foundation of the Kingdom of Matter. Thee do I invoke! Thou who art the invisible matrix of visible Nature. Thee do I invoke! Thou who strikes the balance between Splendor and Victory, Intellect and Emotion, Thought and Action, Science and Art. Thee do I invoke! I beseech thee to grant Thy etheric essence to these cards of Art, that they may truly represent the energies behind the images." Pause and contemplate.

"HRU, Great Angel of the Secret Wisdom. Thou who art set over the Tarot as the Sphinx over the land of Egypt. Thee do I invoke! Thou whose mighty hand is imaged in the clouds of the Book T. Thee do I invoke! Thou who holds the Key to the mysteries of the Sacred Wheel. Thee do I invoke! Transform now these cards from mere images into true Pathways unto other realms. Let each card be a faithful talisman of the power it represents. In the art of divination, let this deck be governed by the true and steadfast oracle under the authority of YOD HEH VAV HEH, Sole Wise and Sole Eternal One. I ask this in order to gain Hidden Knowledge so that I may exalt my spiritual nature and partake of the secrets of the Light Divine."

(33) Circumvent the Altar and take up the Tarot. Put it on the floor east of the Altar in the place where the pillars would stand in the Neophyte hall. Stand just east of the deck and face west. With wand in hand, focus the entire force of the will, and project the energy at the talisman using the Sign of the Enterer at least three times. Then when you feel your energy begin to drain, give the Sign of Silence at the end for protection. A light should be visualized flickering about the Tarot. Pause for a moment of contemplation. Return the deck to the white triangle on the altar. Consecrate the deck again with water and fire. Remove the cord from the deck. Strike the deck three times with the sword and proclaim, "By and in the name of SHADD AI EL CHAI, I invoke upon thee the power of HRU." Again draw the sigil of HRU over the Tarot. Take the deck in the right hand and circumambulate three times around the temple. Stop in the east and face west.

(34) Holding the deck in both hands, state the following:

"What thou seest write in a Book, and send it unto the Seven

Abodes that are in Assiah.

"And I saw in the right hand of Him that sat upon the Throne a book sealed with Seven Seals." Hold the deck in the left hand; with the right hand make a cross over it.

"And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, 'Who is worthy to open the Books and to loose the seals thereof?'"

Carefully unveil the Tarot from the black cloth. Imagine the hand of the mighty angel HRU directly over it, giving it life and light. See a halo of light around the deck.

Say, "Let the white brilliance of the divine Spirit descend upon this Tarot, to fill it with the glory of Thy majesty, that for ever it may be unto me an aid to aspire to the Great Work."

(35) Draw the Flaming Sword over the deck. Hold the deck high and face the east saying, "Behold, all ye powers and forces I have invoked. Take witness that I have duly consecrated this talisman with the aid of the angel HRU. This Tarot shall now and forever more aid me to overcome all spiritual and material obstacles. By the exaltation of my higher nature it shall assist me on my Path to the Light Divine."

(36) Wrap the Tarot in white silk or linen and place it upon the Altar.

Part Two: Closing by Watchtower

(37) Circumambulate the temple three times counterclockwise, giving the Sign of the Enterer and the Sign of Silence each time you pass the east. Feel the energy that you have carefully built up throughout the ceremony begin to dissipate.

(38) Perform the LBRP.

(39) Perform the BRH.

(40) Say, "I now release any spirits that may have been imprisoned by this ceremony. Depart in peace to your abodes and habitations. Go with the blessings of YEHESHUAH YEHOVASHAH" (yeh-hay-shoe-ah yeh-ho-vah-shah).

(41) Knock five times as in the beginning.

(42) Say, "I now declare this temple duly closed."

The ritual is ended.


(This is a traditional Golden Dawn Ritual which some magicians may wish to use in place of Regardie's Opening by Watchtower at the the beginning of the preceding ritual.)

(1) Perform the Relaxation Ritual or take Ritual Bath.

(2) Do the Qabalistic Cross.

(3) With Lotus Wand or similar implement, trace the Invoking Spirit Active Pentagram (in blue) toward the east and vibrate, "EXARP." Trace the white spirit sigil in the center and intone, "EHEIEH." Give the LVX Signs. Then trace the blue Invoking Air Pentagram and vibrate, "ORO IBAH AOZPI." Draw the yellow sigil of Aquarius in the center of the Pentagram and intone, "YHVH." Give the Sign of Air.

(4) Go to the south and trace the Invoking Spirit Active Pentagram there in blue. Vibrate, "BITOM" while tracing. Draw the white spirit sigil in the center and intone, "EHEIEH." Give the LVX Signs. Then trace the blue Invoking Fire Pentagram while vibrating, "OIP TEA A PEDOCE." In the center draw the sigil of Leo in red and intone, "ELOHIM." Give the Sign of Fire.

(5) Walk to the west and trace the Invoking Spirit Passive Pentagram in blue there while vibrating, "HCOMA." Draw the white spirit sigil in the center and intone, "AGLA." Give the LVX Signs. Then draw the Invoking Water Pentagram in blue while vibrating, "EMPEH ARSEL GAIOL." Trace the blue sigil of the eagle's head in the center and vibrate, "Aleph Lamed, AL." Give the Sign of Water.

(6) Go to the north and trace the Invoking Spirit Passive Pentagram there in blue. Vibrate, "NANTA." Trace the white spirit sigil and intone "AGLA." Give the LVX Signs. Then draw the blue Invoking Earth Pentagram while intoning, "EMOR DIAL HECTEGA." Trace the black sigil of Taurus in the center and vibrate, "ADONAI." Give the Earth Sign.

(7) Return to the east and invoke the Archangels of the four quarters (as in the LBRP).

(8) Repeat the Qabalistic Cross.

After the Tarot deck has been consecrated to Magickal use by one or the other of the rituals given in this book for that purpose, the student may begin to use the cards in scrying, divination or study work with the assurance that he or she is employing a powerful talisman charged and dedicated to the pursuit of the Hidden Wisdom. The deck should now be given the same care and respect as any other Magickal implement.

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