The Fourth Operation

Further Development of the Question

1) The enquirer, while concentrating on the matter at hand, shuffles the entire deck, but does not cut it.

2) The reader, without changing the order of the cards, turns them over and looks through them to find the significator. He/she then cuts all of the cards above the significator to the bottom. At this point, the face-up cards show the significator on top.

3) Place the significator face up in the center of the divination area.

4) Form a circle of 36 cards, representing the decanates, face up around the signifcator. The card which is on the extreme left of the circle (in the place where the ascendant would be in a zodiacal chart) is known as Card 1.

5) Look for similar cards and interpret.

6) Use the counting method to read, starting from card 1, moving counterclockwise.

7) Pair and read the cards as follows: cards 1 & 36,2 & 35,3 & 34, etc...

This is the end of the Fourth Operation.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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