The Fifth Operation

The Conclusion of the Matter

1) The enquirer shuffles the cards while concentrating on the matter at hand. The cards are not cut.

2) The reader deals all of the cards into the pattern of the Tree of Life. The 11th card is placed on top of the first, etc ...

3) The reader determines which Sephirah contains the significator. This is a general indication of the matter. Interpret the pile that has the significator by using the following Qabalistic knowledge.

a) Kether (Crown) Primal Will b) Chokmah (Wisdom) Archetypal Father c) Binah (Understanding) Archetypal Mother d) Chesed (Mercy) Beneficence e) Geburah (Severity) Karmic Law f) Tiphareth (Beauty) The Reconciler g) Netzach (Victory) Emotion h) Hod (Splendor) Intellect i) Yesod (Foundation) Astral Realm j) Malkuth (Kingdom) Physical Universe, Body

4) Spread the pile containing the significator into a horseshoe. Put the other piles aside. Look for similar cards and interpret as before.

5) Beginning with the significator, move in the direction it is looking, and use the counting method to interpret the cards.

6) Starting with the opposite ends of the horseshoe, pair and read the cards as before.

This is the end of the Fifth Operation.

The Key is closed.

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