Sun in Gemini

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"Four hands (as in previous symbol) hold eight swords with points falling away from each other. Two hands hold two swords crossed in the center (as if their junction has disunited the others). No rose, flower or bud is shown. Above and below Sun and Gemini.

"(Almost a worse symbol than Nine of Swords.) Undisciplined warring force, complete disruption and failure. Ruin of all plans and projects. Disdain, insolence and impertinence, yet mirth and jolly therewith. A marplot, loving to overthrow the happiness of others, a repeater of things, given to much unprofitable speech, and of many words, yet clever, acute, and eloquent, etc., depending on dignity.

"Malkuth of Vav. (Ruin, death, defeat, disruption.) Herein rule Dambayah and Menqal."

The Ten of Swords is Malkuth in the scale of Yetzirah. It is the Kingdom in the Formative, Astral world. The tens all serve to illustrate completion; unfortunately, the Ten of Swords indicates the complete disruption of energy that had begun in the last few cards. As far as material things are concerned, this card is disastrous, leading only to utter ruin and loss of possessions. However from a spiritual standpoint, this is not the terrible calamity that it may seem to the average person. The Ten of Swords is ruled by the Sun in Gemini, but the solar energy is only weakened and dissipated by the duality of that airy sign. The result is disorder and complete devastation. This card can also mean physical death as opposed to a state of transformation.

The Ten of Swords is shown with the flashing colors of the element of Air. Eight of the ten weapons are uncrossed and indifferent, displaying the negative stance of Air in this card. The two central swords are crossed, but in war, not in peace; for the Rose of Venus is nowhere to be seen. Six angelic hands are shown which refer to the Sun, Tiphareth, in its martyrdom, not in its resurrection. The background colors are citrine, olive, russet and black flecked gold. This refers to the combination of the colors of Malkuth in the King and Queen scales.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The pathology of the poet says that the undevout astronomer is mad the pathology of the very plain man says that the genius is mad and between these extremes, which stand for ten thousand analogous excesses, the sovereign reason takes the part of a moderator and does what it can. I do not think that there is a pathology of the occult dedications, but about their extravagances no one can question, and it is not less difficult than thankless to act as a moderator regarding them.

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