Shortened Force Jupiter in Gemini

"Four hands as usual, each holding two swords, points upwards, touching near top of card, two hands lower on left, two on right of card. The rose of other sword symbols re-established in center. Above and below Jupiter and Gemini.

"Too much force applied to small things, too much attention to details, at expense of principle and more important points. Ill-dignified, these qualities produce malice, pettiness, and domineering qualities. Patience in detail of study, great ease in some things, counterbalanced by equal disorder in others. Impulsive, equally fond of giving or receiving money, or presents. Generous, clever, acute, selfish, and without strong feeling of affection. Admires wisdom, yet applies it to small and unworthy objects.

"Hod of Vav. (Narrow, restricted, petty, a prison.) Herein rule Vemibael and Yehohel."

The Eight of Swords is Hod in the scale of Yetzirah. It is Mercurial Splendor in the Formative, Astral World. Here the intellectual powers of Hod are weakened and distracted by the Astral realm. Focus and persistence are lost, because of confusion. Jupiter lends some positive influence to the card, but its powers are somewhat weakened by the natural polarities of the airy sign of Gemini. The energy is pulled first one way and then another. The force could be strong and decisive but only for a short period of time. Good fortune is continually hindered by outside forces which restrict it.

The Eight of Swords displays the colors which are characteristic of the suit of Air. Four angelic hands now hold the swords aloft. This alludes to the effects of Jupiter (Chesed) which add strength to the card. Still it takes the combined efforts of all the swords to keep the Rose of Peace together and above them. It is as though the swords have become so weak that the task of holding the rose up is now a tremendous burden. The background color is red russet, the color of Hod in Yetzirah. This hue is formed from the mixture of violet and orange, the colors of Hod in the King and Queen scales.

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