Prince of the Chariot of Earth

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"A winged kingly figure seated in a chariot drawn by a bull. He bears as a crest the symbol of the head of a winged bull. Beneath the chariot is land with many flowers. In one hand he bears an orb of gold held downwards, and in the other a sceptre surmounted by an orb and cross.

"Increase of matter, increase of good and evil, solidifies, practically applies things, steady, reliable. If ill-dignified, animal, material, stupid. In either slow to anger, but furious if roused. Rules from 20 degrees Aries to 20 degrees of Taurus.

"Air of Earth, Prince and Emperor of the Gnomes."

The Prince of Pentacles represents the Vav-Air Force of Tetragrammaton in the element of Earth. He is the intellect of the most dense element. In addition, he has the fertile spark of his Father the King, plus the enduring Power of his Mother, the Queen, making him especially potent. He provides a clear channel for Spirit to act upon the element of Earth. He is clever, capable and thoughtful as well as energetic and practical. In action he may seem slow compared to Princes of the other suits but in reality he is always moving forward with the steady patience of a bull. On the other hand he may seem dull and insensitive, but his temper is violent if pushed too far. His energy is that of high mountain grasslands and tundra.

The Prince of Pentacles is a dark-haired young man seated in a chariot surrounded by lush vegetation. His personal emblem is the bull, the symbol of Taurus, the fixed sign of Earth, a slow moving but unshakable force. In his right hand he holds a scepter surmounted by an orb and cross, a symbol of earthy dominion and the completion of the Great Work. The orb held upside-down implies the misuse of earthly power described when this card is ill-dignified. The background color is dark yellow, formed from blending yellow with black, the colors of (Vav) Air with the element of Earth.

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