Perfected Success Mars in Pisces

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"Hand holding bunch of lotuses or water lilies whose flowers pour a pure white water into all the cups, which all run over.


"The top cup is held sideways by a hand and pours water into top left cup. A single lotus flower surmounts top cup and is the source of all the water that fills it. Above and below Mars and Pisces.

"Permanent and lasting success, happiness because inspired from above. Not sensual as the Nine of Cups, 'The Lord of Material Happiness,' yet almost more truly happy. Pleasure, dissipation, debauchery. Pity, quietness, peace-making. Kindness, generosity, wantonness, waste, etc. according to dignity.

"Malkuth of Heh. (Matters definitely arranged as wished, complete good fortune.) Herein rule Aasliah and Mihal."

The Ten of Cups is Malkuth in the scale of Briah. It is the Earth, the Kingdom in the Creative World of Pure Intellect. In this card, the generally accepted astrological theory behind the aspects do not pertain. Again it must be stressed that in the Minor Arcana, the

Sephirotic attributes take precedence over all other symbolism. Here instead of disrupting the energy, Mars quickens the calm waters of Pisces in Briah, causing great happiness and fulfillment in the physical world. The Ten of Cups represents the completion of the success that began in the preceding card.

This card contains the same basic colors as all cards of the suit of water. The hand at the top of the card holds a cup which receives pure water from the One Source which is Kether. In this card, the Tree of Life is now complete, and so is success in the material plane. Water flows abundantly from all the cups, spilling over from each other. The background behind all the cups is comprised of the four colors of Malkuth in the scale of Briah; citrine, russet, olive, and black. Citrine is formed by the colors representing the energies of Netzach and Hod (green and orange). Russet is formed from the colors of Hod and Yesod (orange and violet). Olive is the color made from mixing the colors of Netzach and Yesod (green and violet). All of the colors of the Tree combine and are absorbed in the final color of black (with a slight indigo tint).

The citrine quarter represents the sub-element of Air in Malkuth, russet alludes to the sub-element of Fire of Earth, olive refers to Water of Earth, while black is Earth of Earth. In Malkuth, all the energies of the entire Tree of Life are made manifest.




A Peace Restored A

Sorrow ^



A Rest From Strife A

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