Peace Restored Moon in Libra

"Two crossed swords, like the air dagger of a Z. A.M., each held by a white radiating angelic hand. Upon the point where the two cross is a rose of five petals, emitting white rays, and top and bottom of card are two small daggers, supporting respectively the symbols of Luna (in horizontal position) and Libra, representing the Decan.

"Contradictory characteristics in the same nature. Strength through suffering. Pleasure after pain. Sacrifice and trouble yet strength arising therefrom symbolized by the position of the rose, as though the pain itself had brought forth the beauty. Peace restored, truce, arrangement of differences, justice. Truth and untruth. Sorrow and sympathy for those in trouble, aid to the weak and oppressed, unselfishness. Also an inclination to repetition of affronts if once pardoned, of asking questions of little moment, want of tact, often doing injury when meaning well. Talkative.

"Chokmah of Vav. (Quarrels made up, but still some tension in relationships. Actions sometimes selfish and sometimes unselfish.) Herein rule the great Angels, Yezalel and Mebahel."

The Two of Swords is Chokmah in the scale of Yetzirah. It is Wisdom and the realm of the zodiac in the Formative, Astral World. The suit of Swords rules all intellectual manifestations therefore it is the most complex and sporadic suit of all. For the most part, Sword cards are often negative and troublesome, for they are very susceptible to change. The element of Air, to which the Swords are attributed, is conceived by the tumultuous marriage of Fire and

Water. The result is a general upheaval. However in the Two of Swords, the powerful influence of Chokmah gives equilibrium to this suit, although a sense of tension remains. This balance is also indicated by the celestial attribution of Moon in Libra. Luna is a very changeable planet which is stabilized by the effect of Libra. Both of these aspects together regulate and temper the energies of the Swords. Thus the feeling of this card is one of compromise, truce, and arranged peace, with some tension implied.

The Two of Swords displays the flashing Air colors of yellow and violet. Two male angelic hands hold aloft the crossed swords, at the junction of which is the red rose of five petals, indicating the peace through the Powers of Venus. White rays of light form an equal-armed cross behind the rose, implying that the love of Venus has tempered the swords of wrath, resulting in peace and balance. The background color behind the swords is bluish mother-of-pearl, the color of Chokmah in the world of Yetzirah—the Prince scale. This color is formed from the mixture of the preceding Chokmah colors in the King and Queen scales (soft blue and gray). The Prince scale is truly an offspring of the Father and the Mother energies. The iridescence implied in the color is a result of the influence from Kether.

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