Self, personality Finances, self worth, resources Communications, local travel, relatives, speculation, logic, mental powers Home, houses, environment, old age Creative expression, children, sports, romance, pregnancy Health, employment, service Partnerships, marriage, the public Joint finances, legalities, sex, death, legacies Higher education, religion, law, philosophy, social institutions, long journeys Prominence, career, honors, social standing, mother

Hopes, fears, group aspirations, love received, friends, humanitarian endeavors Self undoing, psychological health, subconscious mind, mystical inspiration, institutions, inhibitions, occult

(The reader should also study some good books on the subject of Astrology.)

4) Spread the cards out in a horseshoe. Look for similar cards and interpret them.

5) Starting with the significator and moving in the direction it is looking, use the counting method to interpret the cards. (Note: If the significator is a princess and there are six cards in the pile, during counting, you will return to the original card, the Princess. This indicates that the enquirer acts in accordance to her will in the situation and will not heed the advice of others.)

6) Pair and read the cards starting at the ends of the horseshoe.

This is the end of the Second Operation.

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