Material Works Mars in Capricorn

"A white rayed angelic hand as before, holding a branch of a rose tree, of which two white rosebuds touch and surmount the topmost pentacle. The latter are arranged in a triangle thus:

Above and below are symbols of Mars and Capricorn. Working and constructive force, building up, erection, creation, realization, and increase of material things, gain in commercial transactions, rank, increase of substance, influence, cleverness in business, selfishness, commencement of matter to be established later. Narrow and prejudiced, keen in matter of gain. Modified by dignity. Sometimes given to seeking after the impossible.

"Binah of Heh final. (Business, paid employment, commercial transactions.) Therein rule Yechavah and Lehachiah."

The Three of Pentacles is Binah in the scale of Assiah. It is s

Saturn, Understanding in the Active World of Matter. The influence of Binah in the physical universe is well attuned. Binah takes the current of energy that was cycled and recycled in the preceding card and gives it direction and control in its journey to manifestation. The strength of Saturn, the Great Mother is powerful in the Earthly realm. The concept of the material universe and its fundamental form is firmly established here. The card is ruled by Mars in Capricorn which displays the most positive energies of that planet. Here the fiery Martial force is channeled into building and organizing. The result is material work, construction and manifested projects.

In the Three of Pentacles, the flashing Earth colors of black and white are predominant. A feminine angelic hand holds the branch of the rose tree and three pentacles aloft. The two rosebuds shown atop the highest pentacle indicate fertility which is forthcoming. The background color is gray flecked pink, the color of Binah in the world of Assiah, the Princess scale. Gray is the "child" of black and white (Earth and Spirit) and therefore is a fitting color for the manifested child of Chokmah and Binah. Pink, mixed from red and white, displays effects of Binah and Tiphareth in the King scale (Atziluth). This again confirms the number three as the Son of the Father and the Mother, who is coming into the World of Matter.

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