Material Trouble Mercury in Taurus

"Hand holding a branch of white rose tree, from which roses are falling, leaving no buds behind. Five pentacles similar to Ace. Mercury and Taurus for Decan.

"Loss of money or position. Trouble about material things. Toil, labor, land cultivation, building, knowledge and acuteness of earthly things, poverty, carefulness. Kindness, sometimes money regained after severe toil and labor. Unimaginative, harsh, stern, determined, obstinate.

"Geburah of Heh final. (Loss of profession, loss of money, monetary anxiety.) Therein rule Mibahiah and Pooyal."

The Five of Pentacles is Geburah in the scale of Assiah. It is Martial Severity in the Active World of Matter. The effect of the harsh Sword of Geburah manifesting on the material plane is that of disruption. This card is ruled by Mercury in Taurus, but these influences are stifled by the Geburic Force. The resulting feel of the card is one of great stress and material stagnation. It is like the mechanism of the Universe breaking down and coming to a standstill.

The Five of Pentacles is dominated by the flashing colors of the Earth suit. The white roses are shown to be breaking apart and falling as the life-giving energy which had sustained them stops flowing. The background color is red flecked black, the color of Geburah in the world of Assiah. This color reflects the domination of the fifth Sephirah when it is manifested in the Earth plane.

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