How To Invoke The Ashim In Malkuth

the sigil of Maim over the card. "Thou who openest the sources of the rivers and of the fountains; Thou who commandest moisture which is the Blood of the Earth and the Sap of the Plants. I adore Thee and invoke Thee. O Vastness wherein all the rivers seek to lose themselves—which renew themselves ever in Thee. O Thou Ocean of Infinite Perfection! Speak to me in the murmur of the limpid Waters, and I shall desire Thy Love."

(10) Feel and experience the element of Water in the Briatic World. Then leave the Cup in the west and return to the Altar with the card.

(11) Go to the north and take up the Earth Pentacle. Return to the west of the Altar. Trace a circle and the Invoking Pentagram of Earth over the card. Vibrate "ADONAI HA ARETZ. ADONAI MELEKH" (ah-doh-nye hah-ah-retz ah-doh-nye me-lek). Trace the sigil of the name over the card. "Unto Thee, be ascribed the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory. Malkuth, Geburah, Gedulah." Make a cross over the card with the pentacle. "The Rose

Kingdom Malkuth

(12) Say, "I call upon the Powers of Malkuth, the Manifest Universe, Kallah, the Bride, crowned and exalted above every head. Malkah, the Queen, who sits upon the throne of Binah. SHAAR! The Gate of the Daughter of the Mighty Ones! Command unto me the service of the Archangel Sandalphon and the angels known as Ashim, the Souls of Fire."

(13) Again vibrate, "ADONAI HA-ARETZ. ADONAI MELEKH. I adore Thee and I invoke Thee." Draw the sigil of the name over the card.

"Grant unto me the knowledge of Perfected Success as illustrated in this talisman. Let me partake of the peace, joy and happiness as inspired from above.

"Command the Angels AASLIAH (ah-ahs-lee-ah) and MIHAL (mee-hal) who rule over the Ten of Cups under the authority of HRU to consecrate this card especially unto me. Let me experience true and lasting success in ventures of my creation. Let the fertile waters of Briah nourish and bring forth the fruit of Malkuth. May the Sacred Lotus of Light overflow the chalice ten-fold."

(14) Project with the Sign of the Enterer three times, charging the talisman. Then make the Sign of Silence for Protection.

(15) At this point, imagine the inventive, resourceful Realm of Briah creating an image which becomes an idea. This idea, your idea (something you want to bring to complete realization), takes on form in the Astral Air of Yetzirah, before materializing in the Active World of Assiah. See in your mind's eye, your project or plan manifesting in perfect and total success. See the finished results as if they have already happened.

(16) Say, "Let my project (be specific) be completed that I might be freed from all anxieties and better able to carry out the Great Work. Not unto my Name, but to Thine, be the Power and the Glory."

(17) Do the Qabalistic Cross.

(18) Close by Watchtower. (Banish and release any Spirits.)

(19) You may return the card to the deck or leave it in the temple to draw upon its energy.

The rite is ended.

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