Harmonious Change Jupiter in Capricorn

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"Two wheels, disks or pentacles similar to that of the Ace. They are united by a green and gold serpent, bound about them like a figure of eight. It holds its tail in its mouth. A white radiant angelic hand (grasps the center or) holds the whole. No roses enter into this card. Above and below are the symbols Jupiter and Capricorn. It is a revolving symbol.

"The harmony of change. Alternation of gain and loss, weakness and strength, ever varying occupation, wandering, discontented with any fixed condition of things; now elated, now melancholy, industrious yet unreliable, fortunate through prudence of management, yet sometimes unaccountably foolish. Alternately talkative and suspicious. Kind yet wavering and inconsistent. Fortunate in journeying. Argumentative.

"Chokmah of Heh Final. (Pleasant change, visit to friends.) Herein rule Lekabel and Veshiriah."

The Two of Pentacles is Chokmah in the scale of Assiah. It is Wisdom, the realm of the zodiac in the Active World of Matter. Chokmah in the physical world is no longer the unified force that it was in the higher Worlds; it is now a completely separate duality. It is a pair of opposites which alternate in cycles. Jupiter is not well suited in the sign of Capricorn, and its good influences are severely limited. Here, Jupiter can only function as an organizer, maintaining the balance of opposites intrinsic to grounded

Chokmah Force. The result is harmonious change and balanced alternation. This card could well be a symbol of the dynamics of the complete physical universe.

The Two of Pentacles displays the flashing Earth colors of black and white. An angelic hand (feminine as in the entire suit) grasps the Serpent of change in the center of the card. The snake, which is entwined about two pentacles, forms the infinity sign or figure eight, the symbol of balanced change. It is the Uroboros, the snake of Wisdom (Chokmah) which was also seen in the Hermit card, holding its tail in its mouth. No roses are shown to indicate alternation of gain and loss. The background color is white flecked red, blue and yellow, the color of Kether in the Princess scale of Assiah. It signifies the influence of the Three Mother Letters (and their corresponding elements of Fire, Water and Air) solidifying in the light of Kether, as it prepares to manifest.

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