Earned Success Mercury in Aquarius

"Two hands as before, each holding three swords which cross in the center. Rose re-established hereon. Mercury and Aquarius above and below, supported on the points of two short daggers or swords.

"Success after anxiety and trouble. Selfishness, beauty, conceit,

A\ Earned Success A\
swords ( 9 ) sword's"
A Despair and Cruelty



but sometimes modesty therein, dominion, patience, labor, etc., according to dignity.

"Tiphareth of Vav. (Labor, work, journey by water.) Herein rule Rehaayal and Yeyeziel."

The Six of Swords is Tiphareth in the scale of Yetzirah. It is Solar beauty in the Formative, Astral World. Here Success is earned after a long and desperate struggle. The solar energy of Tiphareth is carried through the Air of Yetzirah to re-establish balance and peace. Two hands are seen holding the swords to indicate the forgiving influence of Chokmah, the father. Each hand holds three swords which refer to Binah—Saturn, who is the co-ruler of Aquarius. In this instance, Saturn acts as a form-builder, stabilizing the ethereal qualities of Mercury in the airy sign of Aquarius. The result is success after trouble, indicated by the crossed (positive) swords of peace.

The Six of Swords is dominated by the flashing colors of the element of Air. The Peaceful Rose of Venus has been resurrected after the onslaught of the preceding card. The background color is rich salmon, the color of Tiphareth in the scale of Yetzirah. It is formed from the blending of rose pink and yellow, the King and Queen scale colors of Tiphareth.

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