Despair and Cruelty Mars in Gemini

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"Four hands (somewhat as in preceding symbol) hold eight swords upright but with the points falling away from each other. A fifth hand holds a ninth sword upright in the center, as if it had disunited them, and struck them asunder. No rose at all is shown (as if it were not merely cut in pieces but completely and definitely destroyed). Above and below Mars and Gemini. Despair, cruelty, pitilessness, malice, suffering, want, loss, misery. Burden, oppression, labor, subtlety and craft, lying, dishonesty, slander. Yet also obedience, faithfulness, patience, unselfishness, etc., according to dignity.

"Yesod of Vav. Therein rule Aaneval and Mochayel."

The Nine of Swords is Yesod in the scale of Yetzirah. It is the Moon, a firm foundation in the Formative, Astral world. Although the energy of the suit is now placed back on the balanced Middle Pillar, it is too little, too late. The power of the Swords has been steadily declining; the airy realm of Yetzirah is now too far removed from the pure, Supernal energies. The swords no longer represent the highest qualities of intellect as much as dull, callous thought processes. Mars in the dualistic sign of Gemini only makes matters worse by changing wrath into cruelty. The end result is suffering and misery.

The Nine of Swords is dominated by the flashing air colors of yellow and violet. The four pairs of swords from the preceding card are now violently knocked aside by the large Sword of Wrath which thrusts itself into the center of the card. None of the swords touch and therefore represent the negative aspect of Air. Five angelic hands are now present which indicate the fury of Mars (Geburah) unleashed. The Rose of Peace has been completely demolished. The background color is dark purple, the color of Yesod in Yetzirah. This color is created by mixing indigo with violet, the colors of Yesod in the King and Queen scales.

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