Chapter Three The Minor Arcana

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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The Ace of Wands - The Two of Wands - The Three of Wands - The Four of Wands - The Five of Wands - The Six of Wands - The Seven of Wands - The Eight of Wands - The Nine of Wands - The Ten of Wands


The Ace of Cups - The Two of Cups - The Three of Cups - The Four of Cups - The Five of Cups - The Six of Cups - The Seven of Cups - The Eight of Cups - The Nine of Cups - The Ten of Cups


The Ace of Swords - The Two of Swords - The Three of Swords - The Four of Swords - The Five of Swords - The Six of Swords - The Seven of Swords - The Eight of Swords - The Nine of Swords - The Ten of Swords


The Ace of Pentacles - The Two of Pentacles - The Three of Pentacles - The Four of Pentacles - The Five of Pentacles - The Six of Pentacles - The Seven of Pentacles - The Eight of Pentacles - The Nine of Pentacles - The Ten of Pentacles

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Tarot Card Readings and Your Destiny

Tarot Card Readings and Your Destiny

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