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(1) Lay flat on your back with arms at the sides of the body in a room where you will not be disturbed by outside noise. A temple area or sacred space is preferred if you have it, otherwise the bedroom will do nicely. Remain as relaxed as possible with the eyes closed.

(2) Starting with the top of the head, deliberately tense the muscles of the forehead for a moment as much as possible. Then let go of the tension. Relax the forehead totally. After a brief period of time, tense the muscles of the face and neck. Then let the tension go fully away. Relax completely. Continue down the rest of the body in the same manner, first tensing then releasing the muscles: the shoulders, arms, chest and back, stomach, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. Tense, then relax.

(3) Tense the entire body as much as possible, then relax fully and deeply. Do this at least three times after which remain totally relaxed. Notice how much more relaxed your body is after the balancing effects of flexing and releasing, compared to the calm state you thought you had attained at the beginning of this exercise.

(4) Breathe deeply, but without strain. Visualize yourself enveloped in a sphere of brilliant white light. Imagine your body bathed in this light and feel its warmth on your skin. As you inhale, feel the Divine Light filling your lungs and spreading throughout your entire body, to the ends of your toes and fingers, giving you a sense of ultimate peace and relaxation. As you exhale, you breathe out a portion of this endless light, giving its tranquil effects back to the One Source in a cycle of flux and reflux. Yet the more light you breathe out, the more light is breathed back within you, till your whole being is created out of Divine Light.

(5) Visualize a golden sphere of healing light in the center of your body, around the area of your heart. Feel its soothing warmth. See this sphere traveling to areas of your body where some tension remains. Whatever part of your body the sphere touches becomes fully relaxed and regenerated. Let the sphere traverse every part of your body, and when this is done, place it back in its original position, centered about the heart.

(6) Continue to relax in this state for a few moments. Then take a few deep breaths and feel the vitality stirring within you as you end the ritual.

This is an excellent technique to use before performing before any type of mediation or ceremonial work. Another method of relaxation preliminary to magickal work is the Ritual Bath, the purpose of which is to cleanse the negative effects of the mundane world from the temple of the Spirit.


(1) Take a shower to clean off. Then fill up the bathtub with warm water. Add bath salts or perfumed oil to the water. For an added spiritual effect, white candles and incense may be employed in the room.

(2) Simply soak for a few minutes and let go of any negativity into the cleansing water. Then pull the plug and drain the water while remaining in the tub. Feel your doubts and worries siphon out with the water, leaving you feeling relaxed and energized. Then dry off and robe up.

After becoming adept at these rituals of relaxation and protection, the student is ready to begin practical magickal work with the Tarot. The first step is to consecrate a newly purchased deck of cards. It is just as important to consecrate a Tarot deck as it is to consecrate a wand or any other implement that one intends to use regularly in magickal work. This draws the proper energies to the cards so that they will give true and undistorted readings and scryings. It also serves to focus the Will of the Magician toward obtaining good magickal results. Here we will give two consecration rituals, one simple and one complex. It is up to the reader to chose whichever version suits him or her better.


(1) Perform the Relaxation Ritual or Ritual Bath. (You may do both if you wish.)

(2) Perform the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram).

(3) Place the new deck on an altar in the middle of your temple or sacred space. With a favorite wand, trace a circle and banishing Earth Pentagram over the unopened deck of cards. (This begins the process of cleansing the cards.)

(4) Strike the deck three times and vibrate "EHEIEH." "YAH." "YOD HEH VAV HEH ELOHIM." (Eh-hay-yay. Yah. Yode-hay-vahv-hay el-oh-heem. With each stroke of the wand, intone one of these Supernal Names.) Say, "Unto the Highest do I, (magickal name), consecrate these cards of Art, that they may become true reflected images of Thy manifestation and splendor. Not to my name but to Thine be the Power and the Glory."

(5) Trace a cross over the deck and say, "In the Divine Name IAO (ee-ah-oh), I invoke the great angel HRU (her-ru), who art set over the operations of this Secret Wisdom. Lay thine hand invisibly on these cards of Art and give them life. Anoint them with the Divine Science so that through their use I may obtain true knowledge of hidden things, to the glory of the ineffable Name. Amen." (Visualize the hand of a mighty angel held over the deck which glows with a bright white light. The Tarot deck as well should be seen in a brilliant halo of light.)

(6) Strike the deck again three times with the wand.

(7) Stand with the deck in front of you (toward the east). Feel a white light above you in Kether. Fill yourself with its divine Power. Then project this energy directly at the deck using the Sign of the

Enterer (given in the section on the LBRP). Do this projection three times before giving the Sign of Silence. (If properly performed, you should feel a bit drained at this point, so take a moment to catch your breath.)

(8) Now open the deck and take out the cards. (If the deck has been previously opened and used, you should wipe each card before starting the ritual with a clean white cloth that has been charged for that purpose.)

(9) Fan the cards out in a circle on the altar. Take the wand and trace a cross in the air above them and say, "By Names and Images are all Powers awakened and re-awakened." Thrust the wand through the center of the cross.

(10) Gather up the cards and wrap them in white silk or a specially provided Tarot bag.

(11) Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

(12) Say, "1 now release any spirits that may have been imprisoned by this ceremony. Depart in peace with the blessings of YEHESHUAH YEHOVASHAH (yeh-hay-shoe-ah yeh-ho-vah-shah). I now declare this temple duly closed." You may now quit the temple.

The preceding ritual is a simplified but effective way of consecrating a deck of Tarot cards. The next version is more complex and is intended for the advanced Magician to use. If lack of time is an issue, a student can perform the simpler consecration in order to use his/her Tarot cards soon after purchase, and wait for an adequate opportunity to perform the elaborate version.

Before presenting the Advanced Tarot Consecration Ritual, it is important for the student to have mastered the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram (or BRH). Whereas the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram has the effect of cleansing the immediate area of all negative influences in the Earth Plane, the BRH acts on the planetary or universal level— clearing the region of all influences, good and bad alike. This permits the Magician to perform magickal work free from all interference, whether elemental or astrological. This ritual is usually done immediately after the LBRP but not in place of it.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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