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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

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Arcanum Number 15 Of The Tarot

We have the case of Madame Blavatsky who married Count Blavatsky. After two months of marriage she was separated from him without having had a sexual relationship with him. She travelled to India and was in Shangri-La, her mission was grandiose, she wrote the Secret Doctrine . She ends volume VI inviting those who read it to practice the Alchemy without it one cannot attain the Self-Realisation. She was already mature when she married Colonel Olscott, this marriage was not motivated by passion the reason is to be found in the internal worlds, and she fabricated the Solar Bodies.

The Devil

Without the intellect man too, would have to adhere to the prescribed scheme of Nature in the same unconscious way as animals. Man, however, possesses an excellent intellect which helps him to attain consciousness. It has the function of a mirror in which he recognises himself. The intellect also enables him to disregard the laws of Nature and to adapt himself to changes in his environment. He can survive potential disasters or unimaginable privations without any real harm, even if he cannot eat and drink what Nature prescribes. His sex life, too, may be subjected to the control of his intellect and will-power. On the one hand this adaptability gives him a very great advantage over animals, but at the same time it involves the very great danger that, assisted by his intellect, he strays from the path of Nature and destroys his healthy instincts. His essentially healthy natural needs may be perverted into ends in themselves and thus cause physical and mental disorders. He may even...


The 'new man1 is represented in the picture as a grownup 'child'. This shows that like the child he carries sex within himself in a dormant state, yet does not identify with it in his consciousness. Christ says to us 'Except ye . . . become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.' These words may be interpreted in several important ways, one of which is that, like children, we should be in a pre-sexual state if we wish to attain the divine state of consciousness and inner peace. We should not be sexless and abnormal, just as the child is not abnormal, but perfecdy healthy and normal, even though it does not actively manifest sexuality. We can use these powers for ourselves and should not expend them for the purpose of endowing a new living creature widi life.* To his right and left two figures stand admiring him. A naked man and a naked woman. They symbolise the two sexes. The lower part of their bodies with the sexual organs has been buried in the...


The animic essence is separated by all the entities of the ego. When how ever, one is dissolving it, one is forming the Seminal Pearl. When the ego is destroyed, the Golden Embryo is formed and the immortal principles then enter the man. But this is a sexual question. In other times much was intuitively understood about that which is the creative energy.

The Emperor

If we reflect very seriously on that intimate relationship which exists between the S and the TAU , Cross or T , we arrive at the logical conclusion that it is only by means of the crossing of the Lingam-Yoni (phallus-uterus) with the utter exclusion of physiological orgasm, that we can awaken Kundalini , the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers.

The High Priest

Their clothing in itself reveals that they are two complementary opposites. One has a red collar and dark robe, the other a dark collar and a red robe. One has fair, the other dark hair. Together they symbolise the positive and the negative pole, but at the same time also the two sexes, the positive-masculine and the negative-feminine. They listen to the teaching of the high priest. The dark-haired male figure looks up at him and listens reverently. The fair female figure buries her face in her hands and appears to be afraid. The dark-haired man lays his hand encouragingly on her back. They symbolise the inner spiritual state of a man who is at the level of the tarot card 'high priest'. His positive-masculine nature already has die courage to follow his inner conviction, but the earthly-physical part of him is afraid and makes him feel that he might lose something of value. The trudi, however, works strongly within him and through each new experience he...


Now we are going to study the symbolism of the dog. The dog participates in magic. It is a generous animal which in ancient times was al ways consecrated to the God Mercury. The Mercurial dog is strictly symbolic as it clearly allegorises the sexual power. The high honour which the old Hierophants of ancient Egypt awarded to the dog is quite clear.

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