Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

The absolute proof of life after death is life before death! There is no superstition when it comes to understanding the truth as drawn from the living scriptures; people wander off the courses of life only to find out in the latter end of their life that they have missed the mark and they are heading towards the path of no return. Get firsthand knowledge about the truth of hell that many have kept secret from you. This product offers you amazing thrilling insight into the backdoors of hell aided through the unfolding of the scriptures. As you go through this product, you will gain access to rare gems that are capable of helping you to ensure and enforce your rights over the dire circumstances of life. If you think you need to have your mind and life rightly fused, then this product is a must-have. Inside it, you will be introduced to the hidden truths about yourself, the myths and realities of Satan, the tools for keeping your victories, and the map towards having a life of eternal bliss. Your life's outcome could dearly depend on it. Read more...

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Card Xv The Devil

Black, awful night enveloped the earth. An ominous, red flame burned in the distance. I was approaching a fantastic figure which outlined itself before me as I came nearer to it. High above the earth appeared the repulsive red face of the Devil, with large, hairy ears, pointed beard and curved goats' horns. A pentagram, pointing downwards, shone in phosphoric light between the horns on his forehead. Two large, grey, bat-like wings were spread behind him. He held up one arm, spreading out his bare, fat hand. In the palm I saw the sign of black magic. A burning torch held down-end in his other hand emitted black, stifling smoke. He sat on a large, black cube, gripping it with the claws of his beast-like, shaggy legs. And I heard the voice of the Devil I am Evil , he said, at least so far as Evil can exist in this best of worlds. In order to see me, one must be able to see unfairly, incorrectly and narrowly. I close the triangle, the other two sides of which are Death and Time. In order...

The Devil

The principal figure in this picture is a gigantic devil. Just as the Devil is always depicted with a goat's head and hooved feet but with human hands, here, too, he is a mixture of man and goat. He has two mighty horns between which his hair extends to the top of his head, where die highest nerve centre, the Sahasrara chakra, seat of the positive pole, is located. This shows that the Devil has already activated and used this centre. He has a five-pointed star on his forehead The Devil or Satan carries the symbols of all four elements and of the two sexes. The red colour of his head symbolises the spirit and the element fire. The two beautiful plumed wings of the queen of heaven have become, on Satan's shoulders, two gigantic bat wings which he uses to fly through boundless space, thus establishing himself as ruler of die air. The upper part of his body and his arms are light in colour and therefore also symbolise the element air. The lower part of his body is covered with fish scales...

The Fifteenth Key The th Path

The 15th Key of the Tarot represents a goat-headed satyr-like Demon whose legs are hairy his feet and claws standing upon a Cubical Altar. He has heavy bat-like wings. In his left hand, which points downward, he holds a lighted torch, and in his right, which is elevated, a horn of water. The left hand points downwards to show that it is the infernal and burning, not the celestial and life-giving flame which is kindled in his torch just as when the Sun is in Capricornus, to which cold and earthy sign this Key corresponds. Solar Light is at its weakest and the natures of cold and moisture triumph over heat and dryness. The cubical Altar represents the universe right and left of it, bound thereto by a cord attached to a circle which typifies the center of the Earth, are two smaller demons, one male and one female. They hold a cord in their hands. The whole figure shows the gross generative powers of nature on the material plane, and is analogous to the Pan of the Greeks and the Egyptian...

Fifteenth Card Of The Tarot

In every cosmogony the Devil represents the mysterious astral force, the origin of which is revealed to us by the hieroglyphic of Samech. If we place the Juggler by the side of the Devil we shall see that the arms of the two personages are using the same gesture, but in an inverse sense. The Juggler points his right hand towards the Universe, his left hand towards God on the other hand the Devil raises his right band into the air, whilst his left points to the earth. Instead of the magic initiating wand of the Juggler, the Demon holds the lighted torch, the symbol of black magic and of Destruction. By the side of the Devil, and balanced by him, are two personages reproducing the same symbolism that we find in the two women of the Lovers (6), and in the two supports of the gibbet of the Hanged Man (12). The universal vivifying force represented by the 3rd arcanum, has here become the universal destroying force. The sceptre of Venus-Urania has become the Demon's The Devil has...

Trumps Major Otherwise Greater Arcana

In the eighteenth century this card seems to have been rather a symbol of merely animal impudicity. Except for a fantastic head-dress, the chief figure is entirely naked it has bat-like wings, and the hands and feet are represented by the claws of a bird. In the right hand there is a sceptre terminating in a sign which has been thought to represent fire. The figure as a whole is not particularly evil it has no tail, and the commentators who have said that the claws are those of a harpy have spoken at random. There is no better ground for the alternative suggestion that they are eagle's claws. Attached, by a cord depending from their collars, to the pedestal on which the figure is mounted, are two small demons, presumably male and female. These are tailed, but not winged. Since 1856 the influence of Eliphas Levi and his doctrine of occultism has changed the face of this card, and it now appears as a pseudo-Baphometic figure with the head of a goat and a great torch...

The Eleventh Key the nd Path

The card allude to the balance of Venus and Mars. She wears the vulture headdress, and on her robe is a feather, her symbol, which is weighed against the heart and soul of the Initiate in the Hall of Truth. At her feet is the jackal of Anubis, God of the Underworld, who awaits her verdict, ready to carry away the hapless souls who are not judged to be pure-hearted. The Goddess holds the Sword of Justice and the scales the emblem of Libra. Behind her is the golden Sun of Tiphareth, the sphere of beauty and balance.

The Language of the Tarot Images in Pattern and Sequence

Ornamental Iron Design Software

The Tarot is quite capable of demonstrating its own wisdom This free approach is demonstrated in the account by the Golden Dawn initiate Brodie Innes of his meeting with an Epping Forest gypsy. (This appeared as an article in The Occult Review Vol. xxix, No. 2, February 1919, reprinted in The Sorcerer and his Apprentice, edited by R. A. Gilbert, Aquarian Press, 1983). Mrs Lee told him, in confidence, the principles she used for interpreting the cards in divination. Brodie Innes respected this confidence but stated that '. . . it was a thoroughly logical and complete system, the four suits representing the four elements, and the four temperaments, and being judged according to their position. The Wands representing fire and the sanguine temperament, a wand card occurring in a bad position would indicate danger from rash and hasty action, anger or quarrelling the same card in a good position would show noble and generous action, courage, energy and the like.' Devil 15 Devil Devil In...

The Initiation Of Tiphereth

Every Initiate has to live the Cosmic Drama of the Crucifixion in him self. The Three Traitors crucify him, they deliver him. Judas, the Demon of Desire sells him for 30 pieces of silver, hands him over for women, pleasures, diversions. Pilate, the Demon of the Mind always washes his hands, finds a justification for all of his errors. Caiaphas, the Demon of Ill-will always wants to have his own way, abhors the Will of the Father. The Initiate has to live the Cosmic Drama in a complete, integral and total form. Bear in mind that it is with the Cross that the undesirable elements have been eliminated. The fidelity to the Father is demonstrated with the Cross there are many who say, I am faithful to the Father, to the Mother, to the Son of Man, but when the hour of testing comes, in the moment of truth, they fail with the Cross. Where is the Cross This is the Cross of the Lingam-Yoni it is here that they fornicate, adulterate, commit their evil deeds. Thus the undesirable elements must...

Ain Soph Paranishpanna

Experiences and pain complicate the I evolution is a process of complication of energy. The ' is strengthened and complicated with expe rience. It is now already very late. Millions of people have become monstrous demons. Only a tremendous revolution can save us from the abyss. When man dissolves the I , then there is total revolution. Pain is of Satan (the psychological I ), because it is he who is responsible for the bad actions. Absolute Abstract Space, the Universal Spirit of Life, is absolute happiness, supreme peace and abundance. They who make something mystic of pain are masochists. Satan was, and is, the creator of pain. Pain is satanic. No-one can be liberated with pain. We need to be Alchemists.

Vertigo Tarot Card Dream

Kabbalah Lightning Bolt Tarot

THE DEVIL- LUCIFER, From SANDMAN (no astrological attribution) People who know the traditional Tarot Devil will recognize the horned face, and even the chains in this picture. The beach chair, however might strike them a odd. The image comes from The Sandman. In one of the stories, Lucifer, the lord of hell, decides to get revenge on Morpheus for an old slight. In most comics, this might launch a massive battle. Here, however, Lucifer has though he itself has and for come to understand that hell is above all slavery. And even limself rules over hordes of demons and sufferers, the position mslaved him as much as anyone else. And so, he simply leaves, lis last official act he sends the keys to hell to Morpheus (in many Tjirot decks the Hierophant holds the keys to the kingdom of heaven), putting the Dream Lord in charge of the underworld. At the end of the story, Lucifer is last seen sitting on the beach in Australia, enjoving the sunset. And so we see in this card a beach chair, and...

Church In Philadelphia Tree Of Life Kabbalah

In accordance with the ascent of Kundalini along the spinal column, along the Brahama nadi, each one of the chakras of the Chitra nadi are awoken. In the Kabalah, the Igneous Serpent is related with the whole kabalistic tree. What does one need to open the chakras In the first Church of Ephesus, the pivotal point is principally in the virtue of patience. To control the creative energy, one needs the patience of Saint Job. Lucifer is the ladder to descend, and Lucifer is the ladder to ascend.In the second Church, of Smyrna, the virtue is chastity.

The Esoteric Pentagram

The Hierarch of Arcanum number 5, the Jackal of Jackals is the head of the Archons of Destiny. He is Anubis, the Jackal-headed God. The Temple of Anubis is the Temple of the Lords of Karma. Anubis con trols the books of Karma in the underworld. Each human being has his book of accounts.

Tarot Ritual and Divination

Tarot Journal

Magician - Justice - Devil (male officer) The Magician The principle of creating forms from the building blocks of the created elements, to give true forms for the indwelling of spiritual beings. Justice The principle of perfect balance, perfect justice, and perfect equilibrium, and the banishment of all that is unbalanced or evil. The Devil The principle of taking on responsibility for and abreacting all that is not balanced and true, so that only the true and the good shall be expressed. The expression of the true will of the spirit, the resistance to the abuse of free will. The Chariot The principle of progress from one demonstration of perfect expression to another, in balanced harmony, drawn by the two-fold spirit of love, under the four-fold canopy of perfected expression. The triumphal progress of perfected life. Something of the various ways in which force-flows in ritual occur and may be directed has been described in the opening section of our The Rose Cross and the Goddess...

The Universe The Keys The Eighth

As the Serpent holds its tail in its mouth it represents wisdom and the Universe (noting here that taste is attributed to Teth in the Sepher Yetzirah), whereas the same Serpent is described in Genesis as the Tempter. Moreover, insofar as it is the fiery, vital Life Force, it is also the Redeemer. This is the same, apparently contradictory idea encountered with the primary card of matter, THE DEVIL, which is also both Tempter and Redeemer. And, interestingly enough, the lion is occasionally related to Saturn, the supposed place of Dwelling of the Devil. Fortunately, the Qabalah allows us to put these symbols into very clear perspective, as Binah-Saturn is the ultimate source of the Devil's imprisoning matter.

Daath Tantric Knowledge

The Cubical Stone of Jesod, located in the creative organs is clearly that metallic soul which results from sexual transmutations. We may call it the Mercury of Secret Philosophy, or speaking in more simple terms, creative energy. This energy is allegorised, or symbolised by the Devil. When we say that we have to work with the Devil it is in order to transform him into Lucifer, the Giver of Light.

The Parting Of The Ways

Many people have experienced this parting of the ways in themselves and know what it means 'to sell oneself to the devil'. Jesus of Nazareth also experienced it in the wilderness with the tempting of the devil. He was promised the kingdoms of the world if he would renounce his faith, follow the devil and do all that he commanded. How many people have stood at that same parting of the ways and had to drive away the devil with the divine words 'Apage Satanas 5 - 'Get thee behind me, Satan ' In the picture the angel is about to shoot an arrow into the magician's heart. He knows very well that the magician can and will necessarily choose only the right path. For whatever path he chooses, he will choose the right one for himself because both paths will lead him to the same goal, to god. It is only a question of time, for the left one is slightly longer than the right one. For god, time does not exist. If the man is inexperienced, he will and must choose the left side, in order to make up...

Arcanum Number 15 Of The Tarot

Venus, the Dawn Star, in its positive aspect is very grand, is marvellous, is the Venustic Initiation. In its negative part however, we find the Luciferic aspect. The ideal moment for astral projection is that of the dawn, the hour of Venus. If one is however, not at a very pure level, the Luciferic currents pull on one. Remember Venus-Lucifer which has two aspects, just as there is the Sacred Fire which rises, Kundalini, there is the fire which descends, Kundartiguador.

Working Tarot Talismans

Capricorn Prudent, efficient, rigid, persistent, patient, practical, managerial, hard-working, determined. Tarot talisman The Devil. used to balance problem energies. For example, a person whose birth chart contains an unusual amount of Air (Gemini and Libra or Aquarius) may feel the need for grounding and stability. He or she could chose to equilibrate the problem by invoking an Earth energy such as Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo. A talisman ritual using the Hierophant, the Devil, or the Hermit card, would then be performed to invoke the specific energy desired. The planetary effects on any given day can also be a source of trouble. If a person feels over-sensitive to martial energy, such is the case when Mars is in conjunct with Pluto, he or she may try to balance the harsh planetary force by invoking the affectionate energy of Venus through the Tarot talisman of the Empress. Perhaps the problem is neither zodiacal nor planetary in nature it may be evident on the level of the Earth...

Scrying And Astral Projection

You walk for what seems to be miles, and begin to wonder if maybe this journey wasn't such a good idea after all. There are no plants, not even a cactus to cut open and drink bitter juices from. It is late afternoon now, and the sun's energy is dying but relentless. It is the time of the Devil's Gate, when the dissipating solar energy takes with it the lives of the weak. You feel its drain upon your energy, as you begin to tire. You are hungry, and the thought of the almonds and hazel nuts in your pocket crosses your mind, but you are too thirsty to eat them.

Outline Of Divinatory Meanings

Material Force. Material temptation sometimes obsession, especially if associated with THE LOVERS. ACE OF SWORDS. Invoked as contrasted with natural Force for it is the invocation of the Sword. Raised upward, it invokes the Divine Crown of Spiritual Brightness. But reversed it is the invocation of demoniac force, and becomes a fearfully evil symbol. It represents therefore very great power for good or evil, but invoked. Also it represents whirling force and strength through trouble. It is the affimation of justice, upholding Divine authority it may become the Sword of Wrath, Punishment and affliction. DEVIL

The Root of the Powers of

It symbolizes invoked as contrasted with natural Force for it is the Invocation of the Sword. Raised upward, it invokes the Divine Crown of Spiritual Brightness. But reversed it is the invocation of demonic force, and becomes a fearfully evil symbol. It represents therefore very great power for good or evil, but invoked. And it also represents whirling force, and strength through trouble. It is the affirmation of justice, upholding Divine authority and it may become the Sword of Wrath, Punishment and Affliction.

Dextsriiy Cards

The Demon's Lantern (chaotic evil, Dexterity) is the card of traps and tricks, sleight of hand and sleight of mind. These will-o'-wisps and the man who sought their light represent an impossible or intractable situation. Misaligned, it represents an opportunity or a guide arriving at a perfect moment to show the way.


One must know how to interpret the symbols of Great Nature in the complete absence of the I . However, self-criticism must be increased, because when the I of the clairvoyant believes that it knows much, then one feels oneself to be infallible, omniscient, wise, and even considers that one sees and interprets in the absence of the I . This type of clairvoyance greatly strengthens the I , which ends up creating terribly perverse demons. When a clairvoyant of this type sees his own internal God, he then interprets the vision in accordance with his own tenebrous criteria, and exclaims I am doing very well.


The Devil The Devil The design is an accommodation, mean or harmony, between several motives mentioned in the first part. The Horned Goat of Mendes, with wings like those of a bat, is standing on an altar. At the pit of the stomach there is the sign of Mercury. The right hand is upraised and extended, being the reverse of that benediction which is given by the Hierophant in the fifth card. In the left hand there is a great flaming torch, inverted towards the earth. A reversed pentagram is on the forehead. There is a ring in front of the altar, from which two chains are carried to the necks of two figures, male and female. These are analogous with those of the fifth card, as if Adam and Eve after the Fall. Hereof is the chain and fatality of the material life.

STRgNQTlj Cards

The Fiend (lawful evil, Strength) depicts a devil swallowing innocents. It can indicate the deaths of many in a great calamity or, if misaligned, the salvation from the same calamity. The Fiend can also indicate that some sort of dark and intelligent creature is in the area, endangering the populace.

Constitution Cards

The Trumpet (lawful good, Constitution) is a declaration of power.This archon is an aggressive force who wades into the direst situations without hesitation in the cause of right. Misaligned, it suggests the motives aren't noble, bringing injury and crumbling strength. It is a card that grants all or nothing at all.

Tarot Pathworking

Tree Life Kabbalah Tarot

Practical work with the archetypes of the Tarot is essentially a matter of using the imagination. It may well be that first efforts are barren or subjective, or appear to be. Persistent use will sooner or later demonstrate that through the use of the imagination, a new sense of perception is being developed, that opens upon an objective world or worlds other than the physical. All this is demonstrated in the glyph of the Caduceus of Mercury wherein the entwined serpents, as they alternately come together and move apart, demonstrate the alternate This should demonstrate the sterility of too much intellec-tualizing about the images and attributions. The Treasure House of Images derives its symbolic wealth from the fluid astral or imaginative level which is best comprehended by the free moving intuition than the categorizing intellect. Thus an image can have one meaning one day and another meaning in different circumstances. It can be of different significance to different persons. This...

The Kliphoth

From putrefaction is born the beauty. Lucifer gives us the light when we are victorious over him . The adverse Sephiroth are the Kliphoth the demons are here, the con demned souls, they who suffer, they who have already used their cycle of existences, and who involute in time, the fallen Angels, the tenebrous of the lunar path, the Black Lodge, and all the adepts of the left hand, the henchmen of Lucifer and Ahriman, the followers of the Bons and Dugpas, the enemies of the Fourth Way the Nicolaitans and the Anagarika Tantrics undoubtedly, they who develop themselves in High Magic also live in the Kingdom of the Kliphoth.

The Wheel Of Fortune

The other creature on the wheel is a devil with a Neptune's trident in his hand. Instead of feet, he has fins like a Triton. This shows that he is connected with the element 'water'. His head is a nondescript dark colour, his body is green. He, too, The instinct of preservation of the species is symbolised in the picture by a devil who works with the body-fluids through which life is transmitted. This devil is here the symbol of the unconscious, sexual, purely animal instinct in man, which has nothing to do with love.

Number Nine

Number 9 is the Enneagon, is the Ninth Sphere. It is related with Mars through the Ninth Sphere. There one undertakes the battle with oneself, against all, against nature because here demons and Gods are formed, and one must descend to the bottom of the Inferno to fabricate the Solar Bodies. The Red Demons of Set must be reduced to a cosmic dust cloud. it is necessary to experience absolute death, because if any subjective element remains alive, the deceased is called to order.


The face is deformed as a result of error and sin. The Baphomet has been represented as being of brass which humanity has blackened because of degeneration. We must whiten the brass, the Devil, who is the psycho logical trainer and guardian of the doors of the Sanctuary. This is so that only the chosen may get into, they who have been able to overcome all of the tests set by the Devil. Arcanum number 15 of the Tarot represents the male goat of Mendez, Lucifer, Typhoon Baphomet, the Devil. The Alchemist must steal the Fire from the Devil. When we work with Arcanum A.Z.F. we steal the Fire from the Devil. In this way we become Gods, in this way the five-pointed star shines. We know that the inner divine Logoi is beyond the body, the emotions and the mind. This, unquestionably, is that which is ineffable, is real. He projects his reflection, his particular shadow within us, here and now. Obviously this shadow, this logoic reflection is the psychological trainer, Lucifer the tempter. Each...


Conclusion this student is an inhabitant of the darkness, of the abyss Intellectuals are filled with pride, arrogance and sexual passion. The in tellect is based in reason, and reason is luciferic and demonic. There are they who believe that through it they may know God we say that only God knows Himself. The intellect is the negative function of the mind, is demonic. The first thing that anyone who commences these studies wishes to do, is to dominate the minds of others. This is pure and genuine Black Magic. No-one has a reason to violate the free will of others. No-one should exercise coercion over the mind of another, because that is Black Magic. He who does not know how to respect the free will of another is a Black Magician. They who work mentally so as to violently dominate the mind of another become perverse demons. They become separated from the Intimus and tumble down to the abyss.


The basic Three are the Demon of Desire, the Demon of the Mind, and the Demon of Ill-Will. The most serious thing is that these animal elements have stolen part of our consciousness. The following statements demonstrate this I am angry, I covet, I desire, I feel envious, etc.

The Hermit

If one who is Twice-born, or someone who has reached Adepthood, tries to reach the angelic state, he will have to descend once again into the deep well of the universe to the Ninth Sphere, and, on terminating the Work, to ascend via the Ladder, or Scale of Lucifer in order to thus reach the Angelic state. If he should wish to be an Archangel, a Principality, a Throne, or a Cherubim he mus t do the same descend in order to then ascend. By the Luciferic Ladder one must descend, and one must suffer. We need to become Masters of both the Superior and Inferior forces. The Father who is in Secret commands that which must be done only upon receiving the order does one descend.

Chapter Ain Soph

Knowing that the light comes from the darkness, they hurled themselves to the Abyss, even though knowing that they would involute. From the Abyss comes the Light, due to this we must descend to the darkness to destroy the I , Satan, so as to extract the light from the darkness. In the Brahmin Aitareya, the magistral and precious lesson of the Rig Veda, the tremendous similarity between those enlightened ideas of the Brahmin and those of the Pythagoreans is clearly demonstrated time and again because the one, as the other, is based in mathematics. In the abovementioned Hindu work the Black Fire, Dark Abstract Wisdom, Absolute Light, unconditioned and without name is frequently alluded to.

The Hierarch

Meaning Pentacle Solomon

Card number 5 of the Tarot is Initiation, Demonstration, Teaching, Karmic Law, Philosophy, Science, Art. We live in the Age of Samael, the fifth of the seven the Return to the Great Light has been initiated. Life has be gun to flow from the external inwards we are faced with the dilemma of To Be or Not To Be we need to define ourselves as angels or demons, as eagles or as reptiles to confront our own destiny. The Pentagram with the two points facing upwards represents Satan, and is used in black magic to invoke the tenebrous. When the top angle is facing uppermost, it represents the Internal Christ of each man who comes to this world it symbolises the divine, and is used in White Magic to call divine beings. If it is placed in the doorway with the two feet facing outwards, tenebrous entities will not enter. On the other hand, the inverted Pentagram, having the feet facing inwards, allows the tenebrous to enter.


The struggle between the two ternaries is in Arcanum number 6. This is the affirmation of the Internal Christ and the supreme negationof Satan. Arcanum number 6 is the struggle between the Spirit and the bestial. Number 6represents the struggle between God and the Devil. This Arcanum is expressed in the Seal of Solomon. The upper triangle represents Kether, Chochmah and Binah the resplendent Dragon of Wisdom (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The lower triangle represents the three traitors, who form the antithesis of the divine triad. They are the de mons of desire, of the mind, and of ill-will. From moment to moment they betray the Internal Christ, and are the bases of the ego (Judas, Caiaphas and Pilate). This lower triangle is the Black Dragon.

The High Priest

The high priest wears a yellow tiara with three golden circlets, ending at the top in the symbolic sign of the material world, a cross. The three circlets symbolise the three worlds over which the high priest has power heaven, earth and hell. He can open or close these to man he can lead him into or out of them. He wears white gloves with blue crosses on the back. This means that even though he comes into contact with the world of matter, his hands always remain clean in spite of all the impurities of this earthly world. In his left hand he holds a sceptre which ends in a triple cross. Like the golden circlets on his tiara, it symbolises the three worlds heaven, earth and hell. abandon his previous way of life. He has got to organise his life in such a way that he can devote more time and energy to his fellow-men. In so doing he himself gets to know life from different angles and learns to occupy himself with the many difficult problems which those seeking help submit to him. And thus...

The Queen

The magic wand of the magician has in her hand become a long sceptre crowned with the symbol of the earth, an imperial orb. This symbol consists of a ball surmounted by a cross. It signifies that here on earth the law of matter prevails and that the spirit must bow to this law. The sceptre shows the immense and overwhelming power of Nature over the three worlds heaven, earth and hell. The laws of Nature are immutable. The queen holds the sceptre in her left hand thus indicating that she rules with the irresistible power of the eternal-feminine and of the mother. She holds a shield bearing the great symbol of the alchemists, the white eagle on a red background. The white eagle symbolises die purity and chastity of the queen of heaven, the transformed sexual energy which she herself uses in its spiritual form only, as creative power. The eagle turns his head to the left, which again suggests the negative-feminine power of the queen. The red background The picture of the queen carries...


The result is the Holy Four, the mysterious Tetragrammaton, the Iod He-Vau-He Man, Woman, Fire and Water Man, Woman, Phallus, Uterus. You will now understand why Arcanum 22 is the Crown of Life. The Apocalypse says Fear not those things which thou shalt suffer behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried and ye shall have tribulation ten days be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. (Apocalypse 2.10) He who does not overcome will be divorced from the Beloved and will sink to the abyss. They who enter the abyss will pass throughthe second death. The demons of the abyss disintegrate slowly, during many eternities. These are lost souls. He that overcometh will not be hurt by the second death.

The Moon

We recognise in these two animals the two strange creatures on tarot card 10, on the wheel of fortune. There the wolf was still a devil but the dog was already a dog. They denote the instinct of preservation of the species and the instinct of self-preservation. There they still rotated in the destiny of man, even though he was already superior and impartial like the sphinx. Now, however, he will finally leave these two behind him, just as in death we leave our desires and instincts here on earth. Now the two animals have been divested of their attributes. The wolf, previously a devil, no longer has his Neptune's trident, nor the dog his Mercury's staff. They have therefore much less power over man. The wolf, who as the instinct of preservation of the species once exercised a 'diabolic' power over him, is now no more than an animal. The same is true of the dog, who once acted as mortal fear in the human consciousness. Neither of them can any longer subject man to their power for he is...


The crocodile is Set, Satan, the psychological I , the myself, always lying in wait to devour the one who allows himself to fall. The magician valiantly grasps the Tao Cross (the Arcanum A.Z.F.) to defend himself. Arcanum number 21 is the Madman of the Tarot , or the Transmutation . The kabalistic addition gives us 2 + 1 3. In this Arcanum 21 the Initiate has to fight against the 3 Traitors of Hiram Abiff the demon of Desire, the demon of the Mind and the demon of Ill- will. One is never in more danger of being a demon than when one is closest to being an angel. Every Initiate who allows himself to fall is really the madman of the Tarot. When the Alchemist spills the Vessel of Hermes, he in fact be comes the madman of the Tarot, the fool .

Te Opening Trumps

The bag behind him carries his experiences. He does not abandon them, he is not mindless, they simply do not control him in the way that our memories and traumas so often control our lives. The bag bears the head of an eagle, symbol of the soaring spirit. His high instinct fills and transforms all experience. The eagle is also the symbol of Scorpio raised to a higher level, that is, sexuality raised to spirit. This idea of the connection between sex and spirit will come up again with the card of the Devil. Like the joker, the Fool really belongs anywhere in the deck, in combination with and between any of the other cards. He is the animating force giving life to the static images. In the Major Arcana he belongs wherever there is a difficult transition. Hence his position at the beginning, where there is the transition from the everyday world of the Minor Arcana to the world of archetypes. The Fool also helps us jump the gap from one line to the next, that is, from the Chariot to...

The Chariot

A certain Hindu myth tells of Shiva destroying a triple city of the demons. To do so he requires that all creation be subordinated to his will. The gods make a chariot for Shiva, using not only themselves but the heavens and the Earth as materials. The sun and moon become the wheels and the winds the horses. (The symbol on the front of the Tarot Chariot, like a nut and bolt, or a wheel and axle, is called the lingam and yoni, standing for Shiva, the masculine

Adam Protoplastos

In the sphere of Lilith we find those who prefer abortions, and people who use the contraceptive pill, who do not want to have children, and the result is obvious. In the sphere of Nahemah we find they who are fascinated by sex, men who are terrible fornicators, women who are given to adultery, pride, vanity, who divorce and marry again. The kabalistic traditions say that when a man abandons his wife to marry another, his forehead remains marked with a Luciferic Fire. The kabalists affirm that when a woman marries a man who does not belong to her, on the day of the wedding she appears bald , and she unconsciously covers her head excessively. When one tries to work in the Ninth Sphere one is immediately attacked by the Red Demons they work to deviate us from the Path of the Razor's Edge. It is clear that within the Magistery of Fire there exist many dangers, both within and without. He who defeats Satan in sex defeats him in all aspects.


The Parisian card has the stump of a broken column but the maiden who stands over it is demonstrating her power by subduing a lion. The Devil No Devil on a hand-painted card has survived. Early Printed Card Tradition The Rosenwald sheet Devil is much less menacing, with a quaint depiction of a human figure with horns, animal ears, and taloned feet, holding a trident and dressed in a tunic, either of shaggy fur or feathers, or possibly flames. The Parisian pack Devil is similar in principle a menacing figure, horned, winged and taloned, with a rod or trident. The Marseilles card differs from all previous in having the Devil, who holds a hiltless sword or baton, standing on an anvil-like pedestal to which are attached two human figures with horned head-dresses, and who have tails that they may be holding on behind them. The horns, as those of the Devil, appear to be stag rather than goat horns. The Devil himself has bat-like wings and taloned feet. (See Figure 17.) Wirth's Diable has...

The Fool

The state depicted on this card is fatal for the immature man. The mature man with his universal, all-embracing self-awareness becomes identical with God at this level and lives according to the inner divine laws while still recognising the secular laws. The immature man, however, lacking all-con-sciousness, does not yet recognise the divine laws or even the secular ones. He loses his inner balance, plunges into the abyss, into the void, and in the language of ordinary people, he becomes mentally ill. To the immature man this card means hell, to the mature person, the God-man, it means heaven.

The Major Arcana

Often we experience lessons out of order. A person may absorb the qualities of Strength early in life due to a difficult childhood, but only later develop the Chariot's mastery and control. Someone may overcome the attraction of the Devil's materialism through a life of seclusion, but then need to learn about relationships and sexuality - a lesson of the Lovers - at a later time.