Path Gimel

Double Two 4

"Hue twelfth path is c ailed the Transparent c cnsciousmess because it is die substance of that phase of majesty (Gedulali) which is called revelation. It is the source of prophesies tiiat seeis behold in visions.''

Genesis LID: JJand Elohiin saw that it was good."

13 Geburah CT*

Path #13: Geburah

"The thirteenth p ath is named, the Uniting c onsciousness because it is the essence of ^cay. It represents the completion of the true essence of tlie unified spiritual beingp."

Genesis 1.11: "And Elohint said: Le t the earth put forth glass, herh yieldingseed, and fmit-tiee hearing fruit after its kind, wherein is the seed thereof, upon the earth/ And it was so."

Se phi rah Five

14 The Empress T

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