All students of the Tarot today must be indebted to two books which have revealed much knowledge that was hitherto obscure or unknown. These are The Game of Tarot by Michael Dummett and The Encyclopaedia of Tarot by Stuart Kaplan.

Michael Dummett has little sympathy for occult interpreters of the Tarot, and not without reason. He is all the more to be respected for his patience in analysing much that must have been hardly congenial to an Oxford Professor of Logic, and I for one am grateful for the benefit of such devoted application of academic discipline in establishing the historical facts of a subject close to my heart.

Stuart Kaplan, as one of the great Tarot card collectors of the world, and a publisher of some of them, is also to be thanked for sharing his accumulated treasures with the rest of us.

I am also grateful to the curators of the Bibliothèque Nationale who assembled a once in a life time exhibition of Tarot when I happened to be in Paris.

This book concentrates on the magical applications of the Tarot and to this end I am grateful to those like-minded spirits who attended my workshop on the subject at Hawkwood College in December 1984 where much of the practical work described herein had its origin.

Also my thanks go to Daniel Bloxsom for appearing out of the blue at the appropriate time and engaging me in an illuminating and wide ranging correspondence on the subject.

And finally my thanks to the spirit of the Tarot itself. Despite all the abuse it may have had from less than spotless hands and intentions in the past, it revealed itself to me as a very wise and gentle source of wisdom and encouragement, deserving much respect.

Gareth Knight

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