Five Steps to Mindfulness

Seven Minute Mindfulness

Seven Minute Mindfulness is an audio targeted at using the most natural way to maintain a good focus and the mindfulness people need for their daily activities. It combines the various religious methods to reach a balance in ensuring the users reach the highest point of mindfulness they can ever attain. To help them reach this height, the program had been prepared to take only seven minutes of your time. Pending the time of its usage, the users will not have to spend a lot of time dealing with it. The Seven Minute Mindfulness was designed to be used on any device. Getting started is simple and will take just a few minutes after ordering. It comes with various bonuses like The Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook (A digital manual that comes along with the audio version); Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises (A digital guide to some exercises that can be practised in the house)The product is in a digital format of Audio messages and has been created at a very affordable price. In case it does not meet their demands or desires, the users have the right to ask for a refund of their money within three months. The implication is that they are given the chance to try it at home and if they suddenly become sceptical or grow cold feet, they will get a 100% refund. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other books out there, but it is produced by a true expert and includes a bundle of useful tools.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

The Mindful Reset

The mindful reset enables you to determine environmental causes although reaping benefits for you towards the fullest extent. It's guaranteed that your life high quality could be enhanced within a couple days of this program purchase. This course is very good for helping to deal with anxiety and many people find that it reduces its impact. If you have regular panic attacks, it is also very good for you .this program is scientifically tested and gives you quality amount of strategies to help you get a moment out of your stressful schedule. This program is easy to use and comprehend, it saves your income, and it has specialized features. The mindful reset also offers 24/7 support in the event of any difficulty or complaint. Although mindfulness was originally practiced by Buddhists, it is more of a life practice. This course is completely secular and does not require you to believe anything specific nor will it ask you not to believe anything that you already believe. Almost everyone can benefit from this course. If you feel stressed or not stressed, if you feel low or happy. We can all benefit from learning to be more present and to find new ways of being in this world that are more helpful to ourselves and others. Continue reading...

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Mindfulness is a beginner's guide that will uniquely teach you how to relax and improve your body, mind, and spirit during chaotic times. Are you feeling stressed, tired, or down? By practicing Mindfulness for just a few minutes a day, you will be able to find contentment in life and relax at tumultuous times in your life. This course is designed to provide you with crucial tips, ideas, and techniques that will train you to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, you can manage them in a better way. This book will teach you what Mindfulness is and the key techniques for becoming more mindful. Consequently, you will learn how to improve your entire essence during these chaotic and challenging times. The Mindfulness guide is convenient for those who have never tried or practiced Mindfulness before. Here, we begin by looking at Mindfulness and what it means to be mindful during chaotic times.

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The Language of the Tarot Images in Pattern and Sequence

Ornamental Iron Design Software

We give no commentary upon these spreads because individual meditation and speculation will prove far more profitable. In these lay-outs you may find the urge to change about certain of the cards, to disagree with the person who laid them out. This is all to the good. It shows that the images are working for you, that you are finding your own vocabulary, using the language of the cards to formulate the image of your own awareness of inner reality. Your awareness is not necessarily a straight duplication of somebody else's. We are not simply totting up a grocery bill to come up with a simple universal answer. The use of symbolic language is an art not a science.

Chapter Learning The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana contain the mysteries erf the soul and its purpose here on earth. Each card can open vast dimensions of spirituality to you if you study it with diligence and purity of purpose. Together, these 22 cards will take you into realms of higher consciousness and reveal vistas of esoteric knowledge that remain veiled to those who choose the more mundane paths of life.

Recite the Prayer of Invocation

Anyone who takes upon himself the responsibility of offering guidance on behalf of the Supreme Force first requires quidance for himself. As we open our minds and souls to the Higher Consciousness, we must be certain that our channel is clear and true, so that the wisdom we receive will likewise be true and provide the proper guidance for the client.

Scrying And Astral Projection

(11) Maintain a disassociation from the surrounding room. The Tarot card of the High Priestess exists as a huge curtain before you. In your vision, part the curtain with the Sign of the Rending of the Veil. As the curtain is drawn aside, project your consciousness beyond your physical body and see within the symbol before you. As the scene opens up, look for particular details and objects which relate to the card of the High Priestess. If any strange beings or entities appear test their authenticity by tracing a pentagram before them and vibrating any of the Divine names of God, such as EHEIEH. Monitor their responses. If they are angelic guides sent to aid you, they will respond favorably to your caution and answer you in some way.

Western Tree Kether Sephirah

The practical significance of these differences and their implication so far as kabbalistic understanding doesn't become truly apparent until we factor in the text of the 32 Paths document itself. To illustrate briefly, here's the same list but with the addition of the intelligences or consciousnesses of each Path

The Magician and the High Priestess

He represents the active, masculine power of creative impulse. He is also our conscious awareness. The Magician is the force that allows us to impact the world through a concentration of individual will and power. The High Priestess is the negative side. She is the mysterious unconscious. She provides the fertile ground in which creative events occur. The High Priestess is our unrealized potential waiting for an active principle to bring it to expression.

Path The twentythird path is called the stable consciousness because it is the power of sustenance among all the

This is the first horizontal path encountered as one rises up the Tree and it represents a significant experience for the budding initiate. Here, the initiate's task is to consciously combine instinctual emotion with rational response. Instead of following the normal path of this being a subconscious, habitual mechanism, one empowers it consciously and predicates their rational response upon the direct perception of the force which naturally ignites it. In relation to the normal function of human consciousness, this turns one's perspective topsy-turvy and up becomes down, left becomes right, etc.

The Question Reading

In this lesson, you will finally learn how to do a full tarot reading for yourself. I describe a simple procedure you can use to explore a personal question. Having a procedure to follow is important in tarot work. When you follow the same steps over and over in a certain way, they help you center yourself in the moment. The details of the steps are not that important in fact, you can change any of them if you wish. The goal is to maintain a spirit of mindfulness. Doing a reading with loving concentration will make your tarot practice very powerful.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that the outcome pictured in a reading is the one projected for now from all the influences of the present moment. If you can identify those forces, you can alter or encourage them as you wish. The future is never fixed. The outcome of your story is not a certainty, but a possibility. You can always embrace or change a direction provided you have the desire and courage to take the necessary steps. At the deepest level, you know what your situation is all about. Your tarot story simply lets you recognize what you already know so you can act consciously.

The High Priestess

On the earth plane there are both negative and positive forces, material and spiritual values. Within the HIGH PRIESTESS man can learn to face all that may oppose him in realizing this eternal balance of energies. He must learn to balance his emotions and desires and to direct his thoughts to his Higher Consciousness.


The 'new man1 is represented in the picture as a grownup 'child'. This shows that like the child he carries sex within himself in a dormant state, yet does not identify with it in his consciousness. Christ says to us 'Except ye . . . become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.' These words may be interpreted in several important ways, one of which is that, like children, we should be in a pre-sexual state if we wish to attain the divine state of consciousness and inner peace. We should not be sexless and abnormal, just as the child is not abnormal, but perfecdy healthy and normal, even though it does not actively manifest sexuality. We can use these powers for ourselves and should not expend them for the purpose of endowing a new living creature widi life.*

Tarot Pathworking

Tree Life Kabbalah Tarot

Needs to do of a magical or psychical nature can be effected by astral travelling. It may be that projection, to a greater or lesser extent may take place, and in a deep working there is invariably some small displacement of the etheric vehicle, but one should try to avoid complete loss of consciousness of the body. Failure to maintain this connecting link may simply result in a loss of conscious awareness or memory - to all intents and purposes one has fallen asleep. Or one may become entranced and possibly 'freak out'. Trance is simply a letting go of the lower vehicles so that they can be controlled by another being, or by a different level of one's own being, usually referred to as the subconscious. Whilst on rare occasions this kind of thing can be helpful, it is not a condition to be encouraged. True magical ability is demonstrated by conscious awareness and functioning on more than one objective level of perception at the same time. Trance, or astral projection, is an...

Wheel Of Fortune

Justice is the voice of man's conscience. He must learn to obey it, in order to maintain his inner balance. The Higher Consciousness of man directs his actions, and if it is ignored, man loses his spiritual equilibrium. This causes chaos in his life and harm to himself and his loved ones. In order to progress spiritually, man must curtail his pursuit of material gain. As he develops in maturity, he should take time to reflect on his past life and submit his future to God. It is difficult to change direction when a man has devoted too much of his life to materiality, but it is at this point that he should have the courage to surrender his material needs to the Higher Consciousness and redirect his steps to God. When man is able to allow his Higher Consciousness to flow freely into his conscious thoughts, he will experience the beauty of order and harmony in his life. He must learn to be moderate in all things in order to maintain this tranquility. The wall of God becomes his own will...

List Of Exercises

Unfortunately, when we do have an opportunity to unwind and make contact with our Higher Self, we often try to wrestle with our problems on a conscious level, striving to manipulate and solve them completely on our own. With the right attitude, we can rise to the Higher Consciousness and achieve a level of peace, balance and harmony, wherein the solutions to our problems will come to us naturally and our anxieties will be overcome.

The Magician

Achieve a still and silent state of mind. Go to sleep thinking of the figure of the Holy Eight (infinity), making an outline upon the heart in accordance with the previous description. Allow the aforementioned figure to submerge itself within your consciousness, then place the mind in a blank state, without thinking of anything. Thus, after a certain period of time you will awaken consciousness in that region called the Astral World .

The Spread

You are now ready to begin putting your tarot knowledge to work. Lesson 5 describes the Daily Reading. In this reading, you select a single card that becomes your theme for the day. The purpose is to heighten your awareness of one approach to life for a single twenty-four-hour period. It also helps you learn the tarot without strain or tedium.

The Moon

We recognise in these two animals the two strange creatures on tarot card 10, on the wheel of fortune. There the wolf was still a devil but the dog was already a dog. They denote the instinct of preservation of the species and the instinct of self-preservation. There they still rotated in the destiny of man, even though he was already superior and impartial like the sphinx. Now, however, he will finally leave these two behind him, just as in death we leave our desires and instincts here on earth. Now the two animals have been divested of their attributes. The wolf, previously a devil, no longer has his Neptune's trident, nor the dog his Mercury's staff. They have therefore much less power over man. The wolf, who as the instinct of preservation of the species once exercised a 'diabolic' power over him, is now no more than an animal. The same is true of the dog, who once acted as mortal fear in the human consciousness. Neither of them can any longer subject man to their power for he is...


She surrenders completely to the lure of the unconscious. The realm of dreams becomes a nightmare. Drowning in the blood of her inner beasts, she sinks into the quiet ecstasy of madness. Or is she rising, renewed by her plunge into the depths of imaginative vision, to traverse the two-fold path created by the swords of matter and spirit towards a higher consciousness

The Qabalah

The most significant difference has to do with pictorial representation. Mosaic law forbids showing the human form It is likewise forbidden to draw a picture of a man, even only the face of a man. . . However, only a full face is forbidden, that is, when it has two eyes and a nose, but a profile is not forbidden. 21 Idolatry of any sort was a sacrilege, which may explain the reluctance of some Jewish scholars to use even the Tree of Life in their publications.22 But more important, when a Christian mystic or Hermetic Qabalist will produce a pictorial vision as a stepping off point for inner exploration, the Jewish mystic seeks a direct experience of pure consciousness.

Card Pairs

Certain cards form clear and obvious permanent opposites. The Eight of Swords and Four of Wands are this type of pair. The Magician and the High Priestess are another. The Magician represents action and conscious awareness the High Priestess, nonaction and unconscious awareness.

Setting the Mood

Put aside your worries and concerns for now. (You can always get them back later ) Settle fully into the present moment. Take a few deep breaths, relax all your muscles and feel the quiet as you turn away from the outside world. Take as much time as you need for this calming process.


By studying this book and others like it, the first step in learning to read the cards has already been taken that includes familiarizing oneself with the principles of the Qabalah and the symbolism of all the Tarot cards. This information is progressively absorbed and regularly contemplated until there is a gradual alignment between the operation of the Higher Consciousness and the normal consciousness. The powers of perception regarding inner truths become more acute.