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The Flow State is simply your optimal state of being, your potential. The Flow of State is the complete involvement in an activity for its own sake. It is the state of being where you feel your best and perform your best. Together with the information availed to you and other courses incorporated in this program, it is essential to understand the signs of the flow state as it acts like a candle in a dark room, a guide so to say. This program purposes to make this state of optimally accessible to you through the consistent practice of training. This program is designed to build your awareness and your familiarity to hone that state of being. Achieving this state of being is not supposed to be a one-time thing like most of us think or have experienced. Another way of achieving this state is by training yourself in this state, which challenges you to maintain the state and by doing so, you may become a warrior of flow if you purpose to do it. Attain the ability to find your flow, no matter the environment. This program contains numerous courses that all gear towards equipping you with the ability to achieve the flow of state, not once, not twice but your whole lifetime. Read more...

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As we go into meditation with the Emperor, we need to explore the order of the higher planes and to learn how discipline affects law and order here on earth. Only by aspiring to a higher and keener development of spiritual law can we begin to accept the divine principles here in our materialistic world. On reflection we can see that the balance of man is only disturbed when he is not in tune with the necessary order of things. When man allows his life cycle to become entirely dependent on earthly things, he becomes isolated and is aware of spiritual friction in this predicament he resorts to his basic emotions and blames others for the mess he is personally responsible for. Bitterness is the result, and we can easily become sour critics and slowly burn away the life-giving forces with anger and unhappinesss. Our goal in this meditation is to reach out to the source of heavenly perfection and to learn why the natural laws are important to each individual. We must learn to be grateful...

Chapter Five Ritual Work And Divination

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram - A Relaxation Ritual -The Ritual Bath - Tarot Consecration Ritual - The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram - The Advanced Tarot Consecration Ritual -The Rite of Consecration - Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram - A Simple Tarot Meditation - The Four-fold Rite of the Tarot - The Tarot Rose Cross Ritual - Finding the Birth Card -Personal Tarot Formula - Working Tarot Talismans - A Tarot Talisman Ritual - Scrying and Astral Projection - The Ritual of Scrying the Tarot - Dream Work with the Tarot - The Invoking Dream Rite - Divination - Card Relationships and Interpretations -The Meanings of the Major Arcana - Summary Meanings of the Minor Arcana - The Court Cards - General Meanings of Several Similar Cards - The General Meanings of the Court Cards - Tarot Spreads - The Ten Card Spread - The Fifteen Card Spread - The Opening of the Key - A Few Final Notes on the Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom

The Three Areas of Experience

The picture beside that of the Rider pack shows the Fool as conceived by Oswald Wirth. An older tradition than that of Waite, it pictures the archetype as a grotesque wanderer. This image has been interpreted variously as the soul before enlightenment, a newborn child entering the world of experience and the principle of anarchy. Elizabeth Haich has provided an interesting interpretation of Wirth's grotesque image of the Fool. Placing him between

The Language of the Tarot Images in Pattern and Sequence

Ornamental Iron Design Software

This in itself is an evocative meditation symbol, for from it the rest of the powers represented by the Tarot can unfold. Sufficient has been said to provide the discerning Qabalistic student with several avenues of fruitful meditation, and in Figure 28 the layout of the cards on the Tree of Life is shown. It will be observed that the Queen may be placed in the Daath position, mediating between the purely spiritual and the more formative aspects of life expression. In this role she partakes of both the 2nd and 3rd Sephiroth, as Mother of Form in Binah, and Astraea the Star Maiden in Chockmah. So the lesson is that each student should formulate personal interpretations from personal meditation and experience. For instance, we could take the Trumps in the conventional Marseilles order and read them off as a treatise of spiritual alchemy. In this lay-out one has three vortices of four cards, interlinked by pairs. By reference to the lay-out in Figure 30 the following seed ideas may be...

The Twelfth Key the rd Path

Is a kind of trance-state, or period of suspended animation. It is a state of meditation which is intensely self-examining. This truly is a path of self crucifixion, an essentially intellectual experience that is a necessary step from the Splendor of the Mind in Hod, to the fiery Severity in Geburah. Self-sacrifice is crucial to anyone who aspires toward the higher realms of the Tree of Life. The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot deck combines two different versions of this Key which are revealed in the Adeptus Major Ceremony. The second version of the card shows a drowned giant on the bottom of the sea with a rainbow at his feet. This figure is shown behind the traditional figure of the man hanged from a Tree. The rainbow at the giant's feet is by tradition a symbol of a pact between Man and the Divine. This card is practically reversible, and profound insights may be gained from looking at either figure upright. It also enhances the symbolism of the suspended trance the meditation of the...

Aleister Crowleys Thoth Tarot

The cards push me off my feet and I get into a train of thought that can only be expressed in gasps and hiccups. . . I have never tried to paint them with the help of automatic writing, trances, seances, mediums, autosuggestions, drugs, absent treatment, Yoga, meditation, mysterious masters or any other emotional approach of inspiration.

Tarot Ritual and Divination

Tarot Journal

A short spread that gives good results, and which has been reproduced in many books on the Tarot, is the so-called Celtic method given by A. E. Waite in his Key to the Tarot. This uses ten cards. However, there are now many books available on the subject of how to read the Tarot cards and every pack that is sold usually has a booklet of instruction that goes with them. There is no point in our duplicating all or any of these we seek only to lay down a few basic principles so that the wood may be seen in spite of the trees. Any diviner likely to be worthy of the name will evolve a personal method based on meditation and experience.

The Universe The Keys The Eighth

In our upward progress on the Tree of Life the Path of STRENGTH leads to the edge of the Abyss, as did THE HERMIT. And as we come closer and closer to the source of All, the Ultimate Simplicity, it is perhaps paradoxical that the symbolism becomes increasingly complex. In the lower cards, energies and experiences can be accurately described in words. But at this level on the Tree, and above we learn primarily by meditation on the inter-relationship of symbols, in which great profundities are secretly imbedded. Few, for example, might even suspect that this picture of a woman with a lion could have such vast meaning. This is a very powerful Path, one on which it is not possible for a sensitive person to meditate without profound effects on the psyche. The card may come to be appreciated as a statement of methodology, whereby the willpower controls the vital life energy. The Book of Tokens suggests that the secret of this methodology lies in number, although as used in that text the...

Chapter Beginning And

You have now reached the conclusion of this basic study of the Tarot. Within this Handbook I have offered you many keys to the wonder and mysteries of this Sacred Science, the fruit of my many years of teaching, studying and meditating. I hope you will use them wisely and well to add beauty and meaning to your own life and the lives of others. There is much to learn about this intriguing science, and as you progress and deepen your studies with constant cultivation and exploration, I hope that the Tarot will come to mean as much to you as it has to me. It has been my hope that this Handbook will provide you pth a solid foundation and the basic tools needed to launch you into a serious study of the cards and their beautiful and powerful symbology, and that through this study you will find ways of pursuing your personal goals of spiritual enlightenment. The more you reach up toward your Higher Self, the more questions you will have about your true nature and the place you occupy in...

Great Strength Moon in Sagittarius

The Nine of Wands is Yesod in the scale of Atziluth. It is the Moon, a Firm Foundation in the Archetypal World of Pure Spirit. Yesod is the realm of the Astral Light, a magnetic current of energy which underlies all forms on the material plane. All physical forms are created on the Astral before they manifest in the material world. Yesod is the sphere in which the Magician operates to effect changes in the physical plane. It is the Sephirah of meditation and Magick. The Moon with its distinct cycles of light and dark is the planet assigned to Yesod. Likewise, the Astral Plane, divided into two parts, Upper and Lower, retains the records of all images, both beautiful and hideous, created from the collective mind of humanity. Yesod also has attributed to it the sexual organs of Microprosopus, thus the sexual serpent energy is said to reside there. This procreative aspect of Yesod is another reason for its title of, Foundation. All of the nines therefore indicate very great

The Simple Letters Signs Of The Zodiac

In terms of the Microcosm and Macrocosm, the Maternal Letters are the roots of any given form of consciousness, the Double Letters are the gateways or orifices of the body, and the Single Letters are the organs. Some very profound insights will result from meditation on the incarnation of the various aspects of the letters.

Applications Of The Sepher Yetzirah

As has been indicated, the Tarot is usually related to the Sepher Yetzirah or Book of Formation. This brief, but major, document of esoteric cosmology purports to demonstrate the rational framework and course of creation of our Universe. Yet, as with all truly enlightened works, it is not intended to be read it must, rather, be used as a stimulus to meditation.

The Major Arcana and Personal Growth

Until we learn to experience the outer world completely we cannot hope to transcend it. Therefore the first step to enlightenment is sensuality. Only through passion, can we sense, from deep inside rather than through intellectual argument, the spirit that fills all existence. In the mythology of Buddhism we find that the gods manipulated Prince Siddhartha's father into providing his son, Gantama, with every sensual satisfaction. The father believed that pleasure would prevent his son from renouncing the world and becoming a Buddha. The scheme backfired, because only after he had completely experienced sensuality could the prince leave it behind. After renouncing the world Gautama joined the ascetics, the other pole. But he reached enlightenment only when he had rejected both extremes for the Middle Way. Thus, we can see the Buddha in the World dancer who holds both the Magician and the High Priestess lightly in her hands. talent for communicating with people. Moreover, like the...

Western Tree Kether Sephirah

To that end, I invite you to experiment with the following correspondences in your sphere- and pathworking. Below, you will find the text of the 32 Paths of Wisdom document, juxtaposed with their Hebrew Tree correspondences and their Tarot Arcanum5 (where appropriate). I've also included Paul Case's Pattern on the Trestleboard statements for each Sephira and for the planetary Sephirot, I've included the Temple images from my own Eight Temples Meditation Project 6. Along side all of this, you will find my own personal commentary.

Path The twentythird path is called the stable consciousness because it is the power of sustenance among all the

The specific phrasing of this passage holds the key. Here we see that Elohim is letting the earth bring forth these things, out of its own substance, as opposed to Elohim creating these things out of nothingness. This indicates a sequential process of self-sustaining self-propagation as opposed to direct creation. It expresses the mechanism of infinite complexity as one thing begets another, endlessly creating subtle shades of difference between the generations. This mechanism fills and thus stabilizes the sequential infinity, and can be seen within the kabbalistic doctrine of emanation at every level of the Tree.

The Tree Of Life And The Tarot

Blank Tree Life Jewish Tree

The Qabalah is a whole system of mystical knowledge which has influenced to some extent the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. At one point in its history, the Qabalah was condemned by Orthodox Judaism as being heretical, but its teachings were never lost. It regained popularity in the 19th century when Europe experienced an occult revival. In England, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn used the Qabalah as the heart and cornerstone of the Order's magickal foundation. The Qabalah as it exists today is a living and active philosophy of the entire Universe, the mind of God, and the spirituality of humankind. It is a precise system that defines Cosmic Laws and shows us how to apply mystic principles to mundane life. This is a universal Qabalah, which can be studied by anyone of any faith to gain access to magickal techniques and spiritual knowledge through meditation.

Ritual Work And Divination

Once the student understands the basic Qabalistic principles behind the Tarot and has studied the symbolism of each card, he or she is ready to begin using the cards in the techniques of meditation, divination, and ritual magick. Although many people think of divination as the primary use of Tarot cards, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn considers it the least important of Tarot applications. The Tarot's greatest use is as a magickal implement which can bring spiritual attainment to one who studies it. This is because each Tarot card is an astral mirror of the human mind. Meditating on specific cards helps tune the student in to different aspects of his her own mind establishing a communication link between the conscious and the subconscious. In this manner, imbalances in the personality, which may have gone unnoticed but have caused problems, can be brought to the individual's attention by studying a certain card. These problems can be consciously addressed and spiritual progress...

The Tarot And Secret Tradition

That combination may, ex hypothesi, reside in the numbered sequence of its series or in their fortuitous assemblage by shuffling, cutting and dealing, as in ordinary games of chance played with cards. Two writers have adopted the first view without prejudice to the second, and I shall do well, perhaps, to dispose at once of what they have said. Mr. MacGregor Mathers, who once published a pamphlet on the Tarot, which was in the main devoted to fortune-telling, suggested that the twenty-two Trumps Major could be constructed, following their numerical order, into what he called a connected sentence. It was, in fact, the heads of a moral thesis on the human will, its enlightenment by science, represented by the Magician, its manifestation by action-- a significance attributed to the High Priestess-its realization (the Empress) in deeds of mercy and beneficence, which qualities were allocated to the Emperor. He spoke also in the familiar conventional manner of prudence, fortitude,...

Path The seventh path is the hidden consciousness because it is the radiance that illuminates all the powers of the

The 32 Paths proviso that no created being can attain to its essence is a VERY deep mystical statement. The essence of Kether is the Ayin, commonly translated as nothingness . The Ayin is so utterly foreign to creatures that exist or have BEing, that it is impossible for us to even begin to comprehend this realm . Our words cannot even begin to describe it. The only consciousness capable of comprehending the Ayin is Kether The One Self, the Unity of ALL BEing. In other words, no created being can attain to the Ayin -- only the creator of being can do so. Which is another way of saying that unity with Kether brings the initiate their first perception of this essence.

Path The twentyfifth path is called the consciousness of trial because it is the primary test by which the creator

It's important to understand that in the 32 Paths , the term 'Khasidim' ( compassionate ) is a code word for the initiate -- the upward traveler who seeks enlightenment. When the initiate consciously projects the aspect of the Ruach Elohim that descends from Geburah unto Tiphareth, a sense of faith in the tightness of EVERY thing, infuses the initiate's consciousness. This has to do with the perception of legality and the recognition of the fact that the undeviating justice does indeed manifest itself in ALL circumstances.


The disciple who wishes to attain imaginative knowledge must learn to concentrate and to know how to meditate profoundly. The disciple will imagine the living cells of the plant. The disciple must provoke sleep during these practices. Sleeping, the disciple will meditate profoundly upon the internal constitution of the plant it possessing protoplasm, membrane and nucleus. The protoplasm is a viscous, transparent and elastic substance, very similar to the white of an egg (albuminous matter). The disciple, sleeping, must reflect upon the four fundamental elements of the protoplasm of the vegetable cell. These four elements are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. The disciple being deeply concentrated, must imagine with logical exactitude all of those mineral substances and organic combinations which harmoniously develop in the cellular protoplasm of the plant. To think of the grains of starch, and the marvellous chlorophyll without which it would be impossible to attain perfect...

Being Respectful

Set aside a place in your home where you will do your readings. By using the same spot over and over, you build up an energy that reinforces your practice. If you meditate or pray, you can do these activities here as well as they harmonize with the tarot in spirit and intent.

Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Fortune Tarot Cards

MEDITATION Before your day begins, before apprehension puts its yoke upon you. This early meditation can fill your day with new courage and childlike happiness. Be prepared to start the day with You and not the fears of yesterday. This will truly help you to know thyself. MEDITATION MEDITATION The student who is aware of his own self-made obstacles can find enlightenment through meditation on this beautiful Tarot symbol. Through sincere effort and concentration, you can remove the barrier between your inner and outer being. Upon achieving this level of tranquility, you will be aware only of One Divine Consciousness, which in turn will reveal your original soul journey and throw light upon your original goals. You will rid yourself of inhibitions and all earthy fears and become motivated by standards you thought impossible. Upon reaching the inner center of soul activity, the mysteries once hidden deep within the superconscious will come to the surface and reveal your destiny. So often...

Tarot Pathworking

Tree Life Kabbalah Tarot

Trance is simply a letting go of the lower vehicles so that they can be controlled by another being, or by a different level of one's own being, usually referred to as the subconscious. Whilst on rare occasions this kind of thing can be helpful, it is not a condition to be encouraged. True magical ability is demonstrated by conscious awareness and functioning on more than one objective level of perception at the same time. Trance, or astral projection, is an abrogation of this principle - a limitation rather than an expansion of consciousness and responsiblity. One method that spans the range of possibilities is The Inner Guide Meditation of Edwin Steinbrecher. Briefly, this method is to visualize entering a cave - akin to the famous cave of Plato. The way out of the cave is through a passage, led by an animal -which is, in effect, a personal totem. One emerges to a scene Ed Steinbrecher uses traditional Golden Dawn attributions to create a link between the Tarot archetypes and the...

Origins of the Tarot

For years Tarocchi was seen primarily as a game for gambling, and to a much lesser extent as a device for fortune-telling. Then, in the eighteenth century, an occultist named Antoine Court de Gebelin declared the Tarot (as the French called the game) to be the remnant of the Book of Thoth, created by the Egyptian god of magic to convey all knowledge to his disciples. Court de Gebelin s idea appears far more fanciful than factual, but in the nineteenth century another Frenchman, Alphonse Louis Constant, known as Eliphas L6vi, linked the cards to the Qabalah, and since then people have looked deeper and deeper into the Tarot, finding more and more meanings, wisdom, and even, through meditation and deep study, enlightenment. upside down from the World Tree for nine days and nights, not as a punishment, but in order to receive enlightenment, the gift of prophecy. But this mythological scene itself derives from the actual practice of shamans, medicine men and women, in such places as...

The Four Worlds

Sephiroth Four Worlds

Each of these worlds generated the energies beneath it, with the universe becoming increasingly dense as it evolved from nothingness to matter. The Unmanifest produced the Kether of Atziluth, and following the Path of the Flaming Sword sequentially, from Sephira to Sephira, from one world to the next, completion was reached in the Malkuth of Assiah, creating forty Sephiroth in all.

Medieval Qabalism

One of the most important ideas to be added by late medieval scholars was that numerological links could be found between words (and thus between concepts) using Gematria. The introduction of Gematria served two purposes. First, it helped to assure that scribes would spell names precisely as received second, it tended to serve as an incentive for serious meditation on the Names.

List Of Exercises

Whenever we attempt to approach our Higher Self by vising our powers of reason and intellect, we always arrive at a point of utter confusion and frustration. We can go to great lengths to find reasons tor this dilemma, we can philosophize with each other, but we always arrive at the same conclusion eventually. The dilemma will be solved once we realize that the key to self knowledge is pure simplicity. We must relax not only the body, but the busy mind, letting go of everyday problems and concerns, allowing the higher vibrations to flow through our mind and body.


The mantram PANDER enables us to reach the Ancient of Days. This is possible with profound meditation. In the world of Aziluth there is a marvellous temple where we are given teachings in the magistral pres ence of the Ancient of Days. of Kether. The student who wishes to penetrate into Kether during a state of profound meditation, will pray to the Angel Metraton, and will be assisted. The Ancient of Days is, in His essential root, our authentic Being. He is the Father in us. He is our true Being. Our disciples must now concen trate and meditate very deeply upon the Ancient of Days. During medi tation they must provoke ecstasy, samadhi.

Daath Knowledge

The important idea associated with the Abyss is that there is a vital and distinct separation between the energies of the Supernal Triangle and the seven Sephiroth beneath it. Kether, Chokmah and Binah are totally abstract, and beyond comprehension. Through the meditation of Binah, the energy of Chokmah pours across the Abyss and becomes a realized pattern in Chesed. But again, the Abyss symbolizes the vast separation between the creators and the created. The Supernals are potential separated from their realization by a chasm bridged by Daath.

The Fool

Rosenwald Tarot Fool

In his novel The Greater Trumps Charles Williams emphasizes this role in his description of the secret room where the original models of the images are kept. This is of course a very real inner condition, although for the conventions of the genre it is described as a physical place in the story. Here, on a table, about which are ranged symbols of the Lesser Arcanum, the Trump figures move about in self-propelled endless dance, in a golden haze and with a slight humming noise. This is a very evocative image, and it is even worth placing the cards out on a table physically in this manner and meditating upon it. The cards speak most strongly to those who physically 'play' with them.


Some kabalists expect that the world of Tiphereth, the world of the Human Soul, or correctly said, the world of the Son of Man, is governed by the Sun. It really is not so, because it is governed by Venus for this reason the Christ is crucified on Good Friday and this is something upon which we will need to meditate.

The Moon

In blessed meditation man may experience all this. In such a state of consciousness man is above everydiing, just as the moon looks down on the earth. Just as in this picture the crayfish withdraws into the pool, so man, in meditation, withdraws into his divine Self. And as the moon in the dark sky reflects


Liberating the mind produces the Awakening of Consciousness. If we want to put an end to the causes of desire we need to live in a state of constant vigilance. It is urgent to live in a state of alert perception, alert newness. The I is a great book, a book of many volumes. Only by means of the technique of internal meditation can we study that book.

Te Opening Trumps

'In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.' The Bible begins at the moment the spirit descends into physical reality. For us, in the physical world, we can talk of nothing before this moment. In the linking of the Tarot with the Hebrew alphabet the Fool often receives the first letter Aleph. (Aleph bears no sound it is a silent carrier of vowels, and therefore symbolizes nothingness. It is the first letter of the Ten Commandments.) This would assign the second Hebrew letter, Beth, the first letter with an actual sound, to the Magician. Beth is the first letter of Genesis.

The Star

Association Meditation The Umbra Surrounded by radiant Umbral energy, the eternal maiden pours forth the waters of inspiration into the pool of consciousness, and spills the essence of the five senses onto the Earth's body, revitalizing both matter and spirit. The meditative phoenix, representative of instinct and the indestructible soul, rises from the manifestation of vital, spontaneous nature, questing toward the enlightenment of the celestial illumination above.

Nine of Dynamism

Nightmares of disaster haunt her sleep. Awakening, she faces only further intimations of her desolate existence. Without hope of respite or surcease, she rests uneasily upon the bed of her mortality, burdened by the violent demands of her Dynamic calling. The way of the Marauder leads as easily to despair as to enlightenment.

The Search For Truth

Many of those so disillusioned turn to occultism and mysticism in the hope of finding broader meaning and truth. They do so in the essential belief that direct knowledge of the Cosmic Order, enlightenment, is possible. The Mystery schools teach that what we can see, touch and feel presents us with only a relative reality. Beyond that which is considered real by most people are worlds of an even greater reality, which every individual has the capacity to explore. Enlightenment means emergence from the darkness of our limited sense-perceptions and thought framework into a consciousness of the greater reality. It is of that from which we are born, and into this that we shall return at the end of our brief life cycle. The Kybalion gives seven Hermetic Principles.5 These are, quite literally, a distillation of the universal principles on which the Tarot is based, and deserve to be the subject of every student's meditation. This is not an easy concept to accept, because it lays full credit...


To find a second key, we must redeal our cards in a. given space at first only their place in the plane will appear then it will be clearly defined. We know that the Kosmos is conceived as the final expansion of the mathematical point, that is to say, of the Absolute, which before this expansion included all force or potentiality in its nothingness. Let us draw this sphere (seeFIG 1). The centre of it will be represented by one of the cards, 0, the Foolish Man or Crocodile, which is the pivot of the whole pack, at the same time that it participates in all the other cards, for they include all the properties of our universe. a point of attraction, producing with a progressive condensation a rotatory movement, particularly accentuated at the Equator, and giving birth to the stars, planets, and satellites, thus descending from the ethereal n buleuse to the atom, to the solid ultimate from living nothingness to inert nothingness, from the unit to an infinite multiplicity.

Reversed Cards

The Sun and Moon are opposites in the area of clarity - the Sun is enlightenment, the Moon, confusion. In a reading, a reversed Sun upright Moon could show that certainty is low (Sun), and uncertainty is high (Moon), or you are bewildered now (Moon), but greater clarity is possible (Sun).

Unity and Duality

In the same way, the High Priestess indicates, in her unconsciousness, a very deep state of intuitive awareness. And yet, her inner knowledge does not belong to that radiant centre of nothingness that enables the Fool to act so freely. The High Priestess represents the archetype of inner truth, but because this truth is unconscious, inexpressible, she can maintain it only through total passivity. This situation shows itself in life in numerous ways. We all carry within us a dim sense of who we are, of a genuine self never seen by other people and impossible to explain. But the women and men who throw themselves into competition, careers, responsibilities, without working at the same time to increase self-knowledge, often discover at some point that they have lost the sense of who they are, and what they once wanted in life. Now, directly opposite to these people, the Buddhist monk or nun withdraws from the world because the slightest involvement will distract them from the centre of...


In the section governed by VAU, however, you will find two new references replacing SUIT KEY, MULTIPLE and SIGNIFICANCE, called MEDITATION and TIME. These are of great importance loevery student of the Tarot. MEDITATION is a prayer especially suited to the vibration and message of each card. You should always keep in mind that although the principles of study and interpretation of the Major and Minor Arcana are similar, the former differ in depth and spiritual intensity. A deeper interpretation should be attached whenever a card is part of the Major Arcana, and an appropriate prayer should always be a part of the approach to studying any Major Arcanum. TIME is a guide to the most appropriate time of day to meditate on each card. These time periods correlate with the varying sensitivity levels surrounding the human aura on the physical plane. It is not absolutely necessary that the meditations be conducted at the times suggested, for meditation is always rewarding at any time. But the...