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The Sephiroth And Their Symbols

Yoda Force

The Hebrew alphabet is based on the form of the letter Yod('). This refers to the idea that the entire universe derives from that which is symbolized by the Yod. Yod ultimately relates to Kether, an idea which Mathers suggests as Yod I. But it is not until the formation of the Sephira Chokmah that what we understand as the outpouring Yod force of the universe, the Fiery masculine energy, is separated out and activated. Thus, for practical purposes, the Yod is

The Fourth Key the th Path

The Magickal Title of the this card is Son of the Morning, Chief among the Mighty. The Path of the Emperor connects Tiphareth (the Son) to Chokmah (the Father). It is The Wisdom of Sovereignty and Beauty, and the originator of them the sphere of the Zodiac acting through Aries upon the Sun, and initiating Spring. It is a very masculine path from all outside appearances. But in fact the male Aries energy is guided by Binah (which is red in Atziluth). The Emperor takes the manifesting energy from the Empress and passes it down to the Higher Self of the individual. The Emperor and the Empress together function almost as Animus and Anima. Because Aries is ruled by Mars, this card symbolizes tremendous creative energy on one hand and rulership on the other. Of course Aries is the sign which signals the return of Spring when Life re-emerges and growth begins. The notion of Spring and the cycle of rebirth is a feminine function. Heh, the Hebrew letter attributed to this card, is distinctly...

Ida Pingala Tree Of Life Kabbalah

In the Philosophical Egg (sex), which represents the germ of all life, is found all of the work of the Great Work. The masculine-feminine sexual principles are contained within the Egg. Just as the egg issues from the pigeon just as the Golden Egg of Brahma issues from the universe so also, from the Philosophical Egg comes the Master. Due to this it is said that they are Sons of the Stones and they render cult to the Stones.

The Fifth Key the th Path

It is The Wisdom and Fountain of Mercy, the sphere of the Zodiac acting through Taurus upon Jupiter. This is a very masculine path the uppermost path on the Pillar of Mercy. The Hierophant is an important link between the Higher Self (the Ethical Triangle) and the Spiritual Self (the Supernal Triad). It is a primary function of the Hierophant to tie together the Great Above to that which is Below. Thus the Hebrew letter assigned to it is Vav, or nail, an object which binds things together. Another aspect of the card has to do with teaching. In the Golden Dawn, the Hierophant is the Expounder of the Mysteries, who administers the Oath to the Candidate and confirms his her initiation. His throne is in the eastern part of the Temple, the place of the Rising Sun, and he represents Osiris, the Slain and Risen God of Egypt (except when he moves about the temple, when he takes on the God-form of Aroueris, Horus the Elder). The Hierophant is the Great Teacher. It is only through the...

Daath Tantric Knowledge

One must know how to understand this. Many, upon noting that the Third Logos divides into the Divine Mother Kundalini, or Shakti, who has many names, have thought that the Holy Spirit is feminine, and have thus been mistaken. He is masculine, but upon dividing into She, the first ineffable divine couple is formed the Creator Elohim, the Kabir or Great Priest, the Ruach Elohim who according to Moses, cleansed the Waters at the beginning of the world. Some kabalistic authors assume that Daath, the Sephiroth which gives knowledge and wisdom, comes from the fusion of Chochmah, the masculine Cosmic Christ, with Binah, which they consider to be exclusively feminine. This assertion is absolutely false, because the Holy Spirit is really masculine it is only upon dividing into the Divine Mother that the perfect pair is formed.

The Decanates Of The Zodiac

And all Sword cards are of the Prince Scale. Pentacles, under the presidency of the World of Assiah, belong to the Princess Scale. To summarize KING SCALE Wands, Fire, Atziluth, masculine force. QUEEN SCALE Cups, Water, Briah, feminine power. PRINCE SCALE Swords, Air, Yetzirah, masculine force. PRINCESS SCALE Pentacles, Earth, Assiah, feminine power.

Perfected Work Venus in Aries

In The Four of Wands, two masculine hands are shown giving the Grip of the First Order of the Golden Dawn. This serves to establish the idea of structured manifestation which is initiated in Chesed. The four wands are crossed in a balanced attitude in the center of the Grip. The Fire suit colors of red and green predominate, while the background color is deep violet, the color of Chesed in the scale of Atziluth. Violet is made from the colors red and blue, the primary colors used to describe Fire and Water, the Male and

The Nineteenth Key the th Path

Before you upon the Altar is the Nineteenth Key of Tarot which symbolically resumes these ideas. The Sun has twelve principal rays which represent the twelve signs of the zodiac. They are alternately waved and salient as symbolizing the alternation of the masculine and feminine natures. These again are subdivided into the 36 Decanates or sets of ten degrees in the Zodiac, and these again are subdivided into 72, typifying the 72 Quinances or sets of five, and the 72-fold Name Schemhamphoresch. Thus the Sun embraces the whole creation in its rays. The Sun here seen is orange, the color of the path of Resh. In its center is a head, face, or countenance (which comes from a Latin word meaning to hold together). The Sun holds life on our world together with its warming rays. Yet the face has no mouth, signifying the fact that humanity, for all its intellectual achievements, cannot communicate with the Divine Being through human speech. Language is far too inadequate to even describe a true...

The Root of the Powers of Fire

The element of Fire is depicted in the suit of Wands by the red clouds and the flashing green angelic hand. This hand is masculine indicating the Yod-Fire suit of Tetragrammaton. The background color behind the Wand is brilliance, the color of Kether in the World of Atziluth.

The Magician and the High Priestess

He represents the active, masculine power of creative impulse. He is also our conscious awareness. The Magician is the force that allows us to impact the world through a concentration of individual will and power. The High Priestess is the negative side. She is the mysterious unconscious. She provides the fertile ground in which creative events occur. The High Priestess is our unrealized potential waiting for an active principle to bring it to expression.

The Sacred Word Yodhevauhe

But the Ego cannot be realized except through its opposition to the Non-Ego. The assertion of the Ego is scarcely established, when we must instantly realize a reaction of the Ego, Absolute, upon itself, from which the conception of its existence will be drawn, by a kind of division of the Unity. This is the origin of duality, of opposition, of the Binary, the image of femininity, even as the Unity is the image of the masculine. Ten, divided by itself, in opposition to itself, then equals 10 2 5, five, the exact number of the letter He, the second letter of the great sacred name.

Dominion Mars in Aries lo

The Two of Wands is Chokmah in the Scale of Atziluth. It is the Realm of the Zodiac in the Archetypal World of Pure Spirit. Chokmah is the Sephirah which is identified with the concept of the Father, Wisdom, the first male outpouring of energy. This masculine energy is not yet organized into form (that is where Binah comes in). At the level of Chokmah, the energy is that of sheer Force. Its given number is two, the number which represents perfect balance and agreement between opposites. Thus in the Two of Wands, the fiery masculine energy is in complete harmony with the Yod-Fire of the Atziluthic World, just as the energy of the planet Mars is in perfect agreement with Aries, the sign it rules. The title of the card, Dominion, refers to the sovereignty of the Current of Force at its inception that which is pure harmonious strength, unencumbered by form. In this card red clouds of the element of Fire are shown with a flashing green masculine hand. The hand holds two wands similar in...

The Opening of the Question

B) Starting with the significator, and moving in the direction the significator is looking, use the counting method described below. Note in the New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot deck, the directions that the Court cards are facing are not always apparent. As a rule of thumb, Kings turn left, Queens face right, Princes turn left, and Princesses face right. (These directions are from the perspective of the reader who is looking at the card.) The reason for this is because the Masculine (White Pillar) cards face their Feminine (Black Pillar) counterparts and vise versa.) Proceed by counting over certain cards, in the directions described above, that pertain to the significator.

Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land King of the Spirits of Earth

Every year.) The King carries a pentacle upon which is a hexagram, and he also bears a wand surmounted by the same. The hexagram is a symbol of balanced masculine and feminine polarities without which, regeneration could not take place. The background color is dark red, created from the blending of red and black, the colors of (Yod) Fire and the element of Earth.

The Tenth Key the st Path

The Sphinx represents the Higher Self of the individual, also the Guardian of the Mysteries. It is a symbol of the four elements, crowned and united by Spirit. Here, it is pictured at the top of the Wheel, acting as a stable, balancing energy. The sphinx has breasts to indicate the balancing of masculine and feminine polarities in one entity, for it is both male and female. The figure wears an ankh to represent the immortality of the Higher Self. Also, the ankh, as a symbol of Venus, together with the sword further alludes to the harmony of male and female energies.

The Root of the Powers of

The Ace of Swords is painted in the colors of yellow and violet, the flashing colors of the entire suit of Air. In the center of the card, a mighty sword is held in an attitude of strength by a masculine angelic hand. The style is that of the Sword of Solomon, having upon its hilt the crescents of the Moon. (The Moon is the planet which best represents the Astral World of Yetzirah.) The point of the sword passes through the center of a translucent crown which is Kether. Hanging from the crown on the right is the olive branch of Peace on the side of Chesed (Mercy), and on the left, the side of Geburah (Severity) is the palm branch of Suffering. These two


The High Priestess is the feminine principle that balances the masculine force of the Magician. The feminine archetype in the tarot is split between the High Priestess and the Empress. The High Priestess is the mysterious unknown that women often represent, especially in cultures that focus on the tangible and known. The Empress represents woman's role as the crucible of life.

The King

The remaining part of it is covered by other articles of clothing. On his chest and shoulders he wears a light blue coat of mail. On the right side we see the sun, on the left, the moon. The coat of mail shows his imperviousness and power of resistance against foes and external attacks. The sun and moon show that he unites in himself the two great energies, the positive-masculine energy of the sun and the negative-feminine energy of the moon, that he controls both of them and works with them in the universe. Round his neck he wears a thick golden chain, a symbol of his strong reason. The coat of mail is decorated with a red fringe in a geometric pattern trimmed with yellow and partly covering his blue uniform and blue sleeves. He therefore manifests spirituality, goodwill and kindness. His feet are clad in blue stockings this means that his steps are always guided by pure love and humanity. In his right hand he holds a mighty sceptre which ends in three large...


Let us look at the chalice of a flower its sexual organs are there. There we find the pollen, the masculine reproductive element. The pistil, or gineceo, the most precious feminine organ is there with its ovary, style and stigma. Fecundation can be realised with the function of the feminine germs and the masculine gametes. The masculine gamete, the pollen, after leaving the anther then reaches the ovary of the plant where the ovum, the feminine gamete anxiously awaits it.

The High Priestess

On either side of the back of the throne are two tall pillars. Simply the colours above reveal that the right-hand pillar is fiery, masculine-spiritual, and the left-hand one moist, feminine-feral. These are the two pillars of King Solomon, Jachin and Boaz, on which he built his temple. They are also die two legs of Logos in Revelation. One foot stands on the land, the other on the sea. These two pillars sustain the tension between the two creative poles, the positive and negative one, on which, as the Bible says, the creative principle, Logos, rests as it creates the universe. There is a curtain between the pillars. It corresponds to the veil of the Egyptian goddess Isis. In the Hindu philosophy of religion this curtain is the veil of may a. It screens the mysterious absolute reality resting in man's unconscious, but which the immature man cannot and is not permitted to see. The secrets of the unconscious are still hidden from his eyes, but he already...

The Stars

If we have attentively followed the explanations of the cards, we will have guessed that this beautiful naked woman symbolises the soul of man. After the terrible collapse of his personality he has discarded the last superficial disguises and masks. Nothing has remained of him except what he is in absolute reality, he himself. Naked, completely unveiled, just as God has created his soul, a living spirit in his true higher Self. He no longer possesses anything, for what he possesses as an earthly human being does not belong to him, he merely uses it. Even if he does not yet possess the two currents of life he can control and direct them. He pours the positive and the negative currents from the golden and silver urns into the great river of life, from which all men may then drink. He does not need to retain any for himself no longer does he pour the two currents from one urn into the other for himself, as on tarot card 14 in his role as ' Balance', rather, he passes on to his fellow-men...

Unity and Duality

The Tarot, like many systems of thought, indeed like many mythologies, symbolizes duality as the separation of male and female. The Qabalists believed that Adam was originally hermaphroditic, and that Eve only became separate from him as a result of the Fall. In most cultures, to a greater or lesser degree, men and women see each other as very distinct, almost separate societies. Today, many people think of each person as having both masculine and feminine qualities, but previously such an idea was found only in esoteric doctrines of unification.


In order to become fused with Atman the following experience is necessary to project the Astral body, abandoning the Physical body. One then sheds the Astral body by ordering it leave me this requires will. The Astral body leaves via the spinal column, and we are left in the world of the Mind. Later one sheds the Mental body, ordering it Mental body, leave me. This is realised by an act of will, and one is left with the Causal body, which one also orders to leave this also requires a great effort. The body of Conscious Will functions better, and one commands it to leave and to abandon the 33 vertebra, the Buddhic or Intuitional body thus remaining which is very obedient. It also is commanded to leave, one thus remaining in the world of Chesed, of Atman, the Ineffable. In the world of Atman one feels a Complete Man. Here, the intellectual animal is not a Man. The Initiate feels filled with an immense plentitude. There, in that world he is a Real Man in the most objective sense.

The Four Worlds

Sephiroth Four Worlds

Pivotal to the study of Tarot, and painting the Four Worlds in their appropriate colors will provide special insights about the cards. The Golden Dawn Tarot, as published, includes the traditional Tree of Life used for practical work. Here are shown the colors of the Atziluth Paths, and the Sephiroth colors of Briah. There must always be a balance of masculine and feminine in representation involving the Tree, and this is accomplished by combining the two scales in one glyph.

The Tree Of Life

The Ancient Days Pictures

After the Divine Triangle there is an abyss, and following this abyss, there is a second triangle made up of Chesed, the fourth Sephiroth, which corresponds to the Intimus, or Atman the Ineffable, speaking in Sanskrit terms. It continues with Geburah, the Rigor of the Law, the fifth Sephiroth, the Buddhi, the Divine Soul which is feminine. Then follows Tiphereth, the sixth Sephiroth, the Human Soul, which is masculine.


In the waters of life the representation of Geburah, (the Law). The Typhon Baphomet appears in the middle, holding the Staff of Command in his left hand, and in his right, a rising Serpent. The right hand is masculine and the left is feminine. The breasts indicate that the figure is androgynous. Wisdom is covered by the apron, and from this same apron appears the tail.

The Priestess

The Hebrew letter Beth expresses the dualism of the two columns of the temple. Jakin is the right-hand column, which is white, the man, the masculine principle and Boaz the black left-hand column, the woman, the feminine principle. Between the two columns 'J' and 'B' is the Great Arcanum. It is precisely this which many masonic brothers do not understand. The Cubical Stone in its crude state is located between the two columns, and once worked it becomes the Cubical Stone of Jesod this is none other than Sex, the sephiroth Jesod. One must know the Arcanum, the Maithuna, which is represented by the Chisel of Intelligence and the Mallet of Will. The number 1, the Father who is in Secret, is the Eternal Masculine Principle, in himself Brahma who has no form, is impersonal, ineffable. We may symbolise him with the Sun. The number 2, the Divine Mother, is the Eternal Feminine Principle which is symbolised by the Moon. Brahma has no form but is, in Himself, the governor of the universe, is...


The hair of the Ancient of Days contains 13 ringlets. If we add this to gether we will have 1 + 3 4 1 is the masculine principle, fire 2 is the feminine principle, water the 3 is the son of creation. This, plus the unity of life equals 4 this is the Holy Tetragrammaton. This is the name of the Eternal Iod-He-Vau-He.

The Hierarch

Meaning Pentacle Solomon

In the upper angle of the Pentagram we find the eyes of the Spirit and the sign of Jupiter, Sacred Father of the Gods. Upon the arms isthe sign of Mars, the symbol of force. Upon the feet, the sign of Saturn, the symbol of Magic. In the centre is the symbol of occult philosophy, the Caduceus of Mercury, and the sign of Venus. The Caduceus of Mercury represents the Vertebral Colunm, and the two wings, the ascent of the Sacred Fire along the vertebral column, thus opening the 7 Churches of the Apocalypse of Saint John (the 7 Chakras) by means of scientific chastity. The chalice, symbol of the feminine Yoni, also represents the crystallised mind, containing the wine of light which semenises the brain. The sword is the masculine phallus. We also find the key and the pentacle of Solomon.

The Emperor

In the Nahuatl and Maya conception of things the Sacred Swastika of the Great Mysteries was always defined by the cross in movement which is the Nahuatl Nahui-ollin, the sacred symbol of Cosmic Movement. The two possible directions of the Swastika clearly represent the masculine and feminine, positive and negative principles of nature. Two Swastikas, one in each direction and perfectly superimposed form without doubt the Cross Potent, and represent in this sense, the erotic conjunction of the sexes.


In this card two sphinx, a black and a white appear in the waters of life. They pull a chariot, and represent the masculine and feminine forces. A warrior who represents the Intimus is standing in his chariot of war, within the Cubical Stone (sex), and between the 4 pillars which are Science, Art, Philosophy and Religion, in which he develops. The 4 pillars also represent the 4 elements, indicating that he dominates them.

The High Priest

Their clothing in itself reveals that they are two complementary opposites. One has a red collar and dark robe, the other a dark collar and a red robe. One has fair, the other dark hair. Together they symbolise the positive and the negative pole, but at the same time also the two sexes, the positive-masculine and the negative-feminine. They listen to the teaching of the high priest. The dark-haired male figure looks up at him and listens reverently. The fair female figure buries her face in her hands and appears to be afraid. The dark-haired man lays his hand encouragingly on her back. They symbolise the inner spiritual state of a man who is at the level of the tarot card 'high priest'. His positive-masculine nature already has die courage to follow his inner conviction, but the earthly-physical part of him is afraid and makes him feel that he might lose something of value. The trudi, however, works strongly within him and through each new experience he...


The esoteric Hindu texts constantly mention the famous Trimurti, Atman Buddhi-Manas. This is the Intimus with its two Souls, the feminine Spiritual Soul and the masculine Human Soul. The essence of Atman, of the primordial, eternal and universal Divine Fire is found contained within the Buddhi which in complete union with Manas establishes the Masculine-Feminine.

The Queen

The queen's right foot is completely hidden. She rests her left foot on a crescent moon pointing downwards. A crescent moon in the reverse position, pointing upwards, denotes receptivity to the high spiritual powers. The downward position denotes receptivity to masculine potency. The queen of heaven does not allow herself to be fertilised by the material earthly procreative power, she is chaste and remains so, but she does allow the separated sexes to reunite in their material form in her realm, in Nature. She allows the feminine, the receiving, to be fertilised and gratified by the masculine, positive-giving. Thus she succeeds in changing the divine into the human, in uniting the spirit with matter, in uniting the spiritual and material worlds in a new living creature. The queen of heaven, Nature, makes possible the embodiment of the spirit in the world of matter.

Te Opening Trumps

The Pope Joan legend and Manfreda Visconti are not simply historical curiosities. They illustrate a major social development in the Middle Ages, the reintroduction of the female and feminine principles into religion and cosmology. The images and the concepts8' associated with the masculine role had dominated both the Church and Jewish religion for centuries. As a result ordinary people experienced the religions of the priests and rabbis as remote, harsh, and unapproachable, with their emphasis on sin, judgement, and punishment. They wanted qualities of mercy and love. And they identified these with women. Like a mother shelters her child from the somewhat distant strictness of the father, a female diety supposedly would intrude for the pathetic sinners against the unremitting judgement of the Father.

The Chariot

A certain Hindu myth tells of Shiva destroying a triple city of the demons. To do so he requires that all creation be subordinated to his will. The gods make a chariot for Shiva, using not only themselves but the heavens and the Earth as materials. The sun and moon become the wheels and the winds the horses. (The symbol on the front of the Tarot Chariot, like a nut and bolt, or a wheel and axle, is called the lingam and yoni, standing for Shiva, the masculine

The Magician

His arms symbolise the two great polar principles of creation, the active-masculine, positive-giving pole, and the passive-feminine, negative-receiving pole. His arms are clothed in several coloured layers. This means that the magician uses his arms and hands in many different ways with reason, as symbolised by yellow, and with good intentions and goodwill towards his fellow-men, as indicated by green, while under these two layers he wears a blue, tight-fitting, knitted garment, which, like the blue stripe on his torso, shows his own true being. The red cuffs denote that he continues to radiate spiritual, giving power, even if he lets himself be guided in his activity and work by his selfless love of mankind and by his humanity. The outside of the cup is blue, thus feminine-negative, receptive, but it contains the spirit, the masculine-positive, fiery principle represented by the red liquid inside the cup. The latter stands on a hexagonal base. It is formed by the two interwoven...


Everything is dual in this world, where the equilibrium is unstable, unable to find any rest, except in the return to the Trinity, from which it proceeds. Thus these 4 fundamental divisions will divide into 2 duads the one spiritual, the other material, each composed of a masculine and feminine principle, namely- Spiritual duad, the Sceptre (spades, a full triangle, masculine) the Cup (heart, an open triangle, feminine) religious attributes swayed by the masculine element of the second order.

The Triads

This method of looking at the Tree is especially important when considering how much it corresponds to the Tarot. Qabalistic theory describes the universe as being separated into four distinct Worlds. (In fact the four-fold model occurs over and over again in esoteric thought.) With the Creation of the Sephiroth by the Path of the Flaming Sword, the four worlds came into being, each evolving from the one before it, becoming more substantial as they reach manifestation into physical form. Each Qabalistic World is symbolized by one of the Hebrew letters of the Divine Name of God, Yod Heh Vav Heh (which is known as the Tetragrammaton or Four-lettered Name). These four letters are said to represent the true name of God which is unknown and unpronounceable. Each of the four letters of the Name have one of the four elements assigned to it. Yod, the first letter of the Tetragrammaton is attributed to the element of Fire. Heh, the second letter is associated with the element...

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