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Swiftness Mercury in Sagittarius

The Eight of Wands is Hod in the scale of Atziluth. It is Mercurial Splendor in the Archetypal World of Pure Spirit. The eighth Sephirah, Hod, is the sphere of the intellect or individual mind of the Personality. All intellectual endeavors are attributed to Hod, to which is assigned the Egyptian god Thoth (Hermes), the god of communication, magick, writing and science. This sphere is the perfect compliment to the emotional orb of Netzach. In fact the two must function together in the Personality of the Individual in order to maintain a healthy state of balance. Hod is the idea-maker, while Netzach puts the idea into action.

The First Key the th Path

The Magickal Title of the card is the Magus of Power. The path of the Magician runs between Kether (the Source) and Binah (the organizer of Form.) It is The Crown of Understanding, the beginning of material production, the Primum Mobile acting through the Philosophic Mercury on Saturn. Beth, the Hebrew letter given to the Magician, means house, thus the Magician is the house in which the Divine Spirit dwells. In fact, he is the architect and carpenter of that House. The Magician is an extension of the Fool he is the Fool in the act of experience. He is the director of channeled energy as well as the energy that is being channeled. The Magician is a form of the Egyptian god, Thoth, who is analogous to the Greek god, Hermes god of wisdom, magick, and communication. Since he is a god of language and the written word, he represents a definite step towards manifestation, from the silent, pre-thought stage of the Fool. He is the creative Force who's energy is collected and organized into...

The Eleventh Key the nd Path

The Magickal Title of this card is the Daughter of the Lord of Truth, the Holder of the Balances. The path of Justice runs between Tiphareth and Geburah. It is The Severity of Beauty and Sovereignty, Mars acting through Libra upon Sol. This path assures the balance of the whole Tree by equilibrating between the pivotal core of the Tree and the sphere of its harshest action. The function of this path is to constantly compensate for imbalance. Justice acts like a carpenter's level, showing which side of the project needs adjustment. If a person is imbalanced on the side of Mercy, the Sword of Justice swings to the side of Severity, and vice versa. The unbalanced aspects are severed by the Sword of Geburah in a necessary, martial fashion. This is a double edged sword that can swing both ways, either in the act of destroying or consecrating. Its action is like that of a pendulum, which only comes to rest in the center, after the gravitational pull of both polarities has quieted.

The Eighth Key the th Path

The Magickal Title of the card is Daughter of the Flaming Sword, Leader of the Lion. The course of Strength (or Fortitude) is the reciprocal path which straddles the Tree from Geburah to Chesed. It is Mercy tempering Severity. The Glory of Strength. Jupiter acting through Leo upon Mars. Just below the Abyss, it is a major path which connects the two great opposing forces of the Higher Self. This corresponds on the human body to the channel of energy that connects the right and left arms. (True strength is achieved when both arms work in harmony.)

The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram

Hexagram Elements Banishing

The beginning part of the Advanced Tarot Consecration Ritual is a separate ritual in itself known as the Opening by Watchtower. Its basic format is taken from the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (SIRP), a powerful ritual developed by the Golden Dawn to invoke all of the elemental forces. The Opening by Watchtower is an elaboration by Israel Regardie on the SIRP taken from the Consecration of the Vault of the Adepti it is a form that works well as a preliminary rite to other work. This ritual makes use of both Hebrew and Enochian (ee-no-key-un) words. (Enochian is a complex magickal system that was discovered by the famous Elizabethan Magician, Dr. John Dee.) Some Magicians may prefer to use the traditional SIRP in place of the Opening by Watchtower. For this reason, we have included it after the section describing the Advanced Tarot Consecration Ritual. If the reader happens to be an accomplished Magician who has all the elemental implements described in the Golden Dawn...

The Ninth Key the Oth Path

The Tenth Key The Tarot

The Magickal Title of this card is the Magus of the Voice of Light, the Prophet of the Gods. The path of the Hermit leads from Tiphareth to Chesed. It is The Mercy of Beauty, the Magnificence of Sovereignty, Jupiter acting through Virgo upon Sol. He represents communication between the Higher Self of the Ethical Triad and the Spiritual Self of the Supernal Triad. The Hermit is symbolized by the Kerux in Golden Dawn ritual, who is Anubis (ultimately a lower form of Hermes-Thoth, messenger to the Gods.) The Kerux is the Lightbearer, the shower of the way to the Hidden Knowledge. The Hermit is attributed to Virgo and thus contains the concept of sexual love in its unmanifested or virginal state. This is reinforced by the fact

The Twelfth Key the rd Path

The Magickal Title of this card is the Spirit of the Mighty Waters. The path of the Hanged Man runs between the spheres of Hod and Geburah. It is The Severity of Splendor, and the execution of judgement. Mars acting through Water upon Mercury. This is a path of self-sacrifice, loss, and the concept of the Divine Death associated with all of the dying-god myths. It represents the crucifixion of Christ and the slaying of Osiris. Yet just as in all of these myths, the god dies and is resurrected into something greater. His death is a period of withdrawal that is absolutely necessary for the rebirth of all life.

The Sixth Key the th Path

Tarot Journal

The Magickal Title of this card is Children of the Voice Divine, the Oracles of the Mighty Gods. The path of the Lovers connects Tiphareth, the Solar Center of the Higher Self, to Binah, the Great Sea of the Super Conscious. It is The Understanding of Beauty as well as the Production of Beauty and Sovereignty. Saturn acting through Gemini upon Sol. The affection between the Lovers is not sexual in nature rather it is the Divine Love of the twins of Gemini for each other. This is the uniting of the Sun (male) and Moon (female) energies or polarities within the Initiate. They are the conscious and the subconscious mirror images which join together and are absorbed back into the mirror the great Sea of Binah. This card is a picture of the reconstruction of the Garden of Eden. It is the joining of the two great contending Forces in the spiritual body of the Initiate for the purpose of Divine Union.

The Fourth Key the th Path

The Magickal Title of the this card is Son of the Morning, Chief among the Mighty. The Path of the Emperor connects Tiphareth (the Son) to Chokmah (the Father). It is The Wisdom of Sovereignty and Beauty, and the originator of them the sphere of the Zodiac acting through Aries upon the Sun, and initiating Spring. It is a very masculine path from all outside appearances. But in fact the male Aries energy is guided by Binah (which is red in Atziluth). The Emperor takes the manifesting energy from the Empress and passes it down to the Higher Self of the individual. The Emperor and the

The Third Key the th Path

The Magickal Title of this card is Daughter of the Mighty Ones. The path of the Empress is the mediator between the Father and the Mother (Chokmah and Binah). It is The Wisdom of Understanding, the Union of the powers of Origination and Production the Sphere of the Zodiac acting through Venus upon Saturn. This is also the path of Unity the Union of the powers of Force and Form (resulting in the title, Daughter of the Mighty Ones.) The Empress is the Universal Mother-figure, whose womb we must be borne out of to reach a higher level on the Tree. She is all-fertile, all-Light and, in her Venus aspect, she is all-loving. She contains the root-essence of emotion in its most pure form, not that of the full spectrum of emotions that manifest in Netzach.

Great Strength Moon in Sagittarius

The Nine of Wands is Yesod in the scale of Atziluth. It is the Moon, a Firm Foundation in the Archetypal World of Pure Spirit. Yesod is the realm of the Astral Light, a magnetic current of energy which underlies all forms on the material plane. All physical forms are created on the Astral before they manifest in the material world. Yesod is the sphere in which the Magician operates to effect changes in the physical plane. It is the Sephirah of meditation and Magick. The Moon with its distinct cycles of light and dark is the planet assigned to Yesod. Likewise, the Astral Plane, divided into two parts, Upper and Lower, retains the records of all images, both beautiful and hideous, created from the collective mind of humanity. Yesod also has attributed to it the sexual organs of Microprosopus, thus the sexual serpent energy is said to reside there. This procreative aspect of Yesod is another reason for its title of, Foundation. All of the nines therefore indicate very great

The Second Key the th Path

Thehighpriestess Tarot Card

The Magickal Title of this card is the Priestess of the Silver Star. The Path of the High Priestess is the first to reach Kether from the lower realms of the Tree in Tiphareth. It is The Crown of Beauty, the beginning of Sovereignty and Beauty, the Primum Mobile, acting through the Moon on the Sun. This is the longest path on the Tree, stretching from God the Crown (the Source of All) to God the Son (the Slain and Resurrected One). Gimel, the Hebrew letter attributed to this path means camel, the only animal that is capable of carrying us across the Abyss, due to its ability to store water. This path is the ultimate source of water and thus represents the purest root-essence of consciousness.

The Nineteenth Key the th Path

The Magickal Title of this card is the Lord of the Fire of the World. The path of the Sun runs between Hod and Yesod. It is The Splendor of a Firm Basis. Mercury acting through the Sun upon the Moon. It is the first path of the Astral Triangle (the Personality) that the aspiring student confronts when scaling the Tree. The Yetziratic

Scrying And Astral Projection

One very important magickal use of the Tarot is as a tool for scrying and astral projection. Scrying is a form of autohypnosis which induces psychically perceived visual images. Astral projection takes scrying one step further. This is a practice which involves the use of altered states of consciousness to turn inward, and travel through the paths of the mind, eventually coming ever closer to Spirit which lies beyond the more accessible levels of the Intellect. The spiritual forces manifest in the mind of the Magician, and operate through his her mental archetypes. In working with the Higher Forces, the Magician tends to activate the Higher Archetypes, resulting in visions of gods and goddesses. The cards of the Tarot are the perfect vehicles for taking a mental or astral journey of this sort, providing a prepared image into which the reader may scry and travel. (6) With the Lotus Wand in hand say, I, (magickal name), in the Divine name IAO, invoke Thee, thou Great Angel HRU who art...

The Divisions Of The Soul

The NEPHESCH is the dark side of our subconscious also known as the lower self which resides in Yesod. The proper use of Nephesch energy is important in some aspects of Magick but it must always remain under the firm control of the Ruach. This completes our short outline of the Tree of Life so that we may move on to the subject of Tarot. However the serious student would be well advised to dig deeper into the bountiful well of ancient wisdom known as the Qabalah, which Dion Fortune described as the Yoga of the West since it is the foundation of the Magick and Mysticism of our culture. A couple of excellent books on the subject include Ms. Fortune's The Mystical Qabalah and The Kabbalah Unveiled translated by S.L. MacGregor Mathers. Further study on this system will serve to enhance the reader's understanding of the wealth of Spiritual knowledge to be found in the origins of Western Mystical thought, as well as his her understanding of the Tarot.

The Eighteenth Key the th Path

The Magickal Title of this card is the Ruler of Hux and Reflux, the Child of the Sons of the Mighty. The path of the Moon runs between Malkuth and Netzach. It is the Victory of the Material. Venus acting through Pisces upon the Cosmic Elements, deceptive effect of the apparent power of Material Forces. The Hebrew letter attributed to this path is Qoph, which means the back of the head just as Resh (the Sun) is the head. Thus the Moon card symbolizes that which is behind the head the Subconscious. On this path, the Initiate must face all the phantoms that he has repressed and pushed into the back of his head. Known as the Corporeal Intelligence which forms every body, it is also a very sexual path, full of animal lusts and fantasies. This path is a glyph of the Lower Astral, overflowing with illusions and ghosts where Darkness rules by night, just as the Sun has ruled by day. On this path, the Initiate learns not to fear the dark, but to examine it carefully, and wait for its natural...

The Seventh Key the th Path

The Magickal Title of this card is Child of the Powers of the Waters, Lord of the Triumph of Light. The path of the Chariot runs from Geburah to Binah. It is Understanding acting upon Severity. Saturn acting through Cancer upon Mars. This watery path is an intense one owing to the fact that by following the route of the Serpent on the Tree, the Chariot is the first path to cross the Abyss from the lower Sephiroth. In essence, the path represents a conquering on all the planes of existence. The Chariot has the ability to move through the planes with ease. It alludes to the descent of the Spirit into the lower, manifest universe.

The Sixteenth Key the th Path

The Magickal Title of this card is The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty. The path of the Tower is the first reciprocal path encountered by the initiate aspiring upwards on the Tree. It equilibrates between Hod (intellect) and Netzach (emotions), thus it straddles all three Pillars on the Tree. It is The Victory over Splendor. Venus acting through Mars upon Mercury. Avenging force. This is one of the most difficult paths to undertake on the Tree, because it involves sudden and complete destruction of old realities. To one undertaking this path, it can be quite an ordeal. Yet the total destruction of the Tower is followed by a rebuilding and restructuring which reveals a portion of the Higher Self and balances the dualities inherent in all humans the conflict between mind (Hod) and emotions (Netzach). The balancing of intellect and desire is the crucial task that the student must complete on the 27th path.

The Zero Key the th Path

The Magickal Title of the card is the Spirit of Ether. The Path of the Fool is that important first connection between Kether (the Crown the Ultimate Source of everything) and Chokmah (Wisdom). It is the Path known as the fiery intelligence the first current of potential vibration. It is the precursor of the First Thought. This being the case, the card's meaning is one of the hardest to grasp due to its close proximity to the Unmanifest. Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet (as well as the best loved letter of God) is attributed to this card. In the Zohar, one of the ancient Qabalistic texts, Aleph is described as absolute unity, therefore it cannot be given a number, since numbers are set apart from one another. To this Key, a zero is assigned, since zero represents the circle of unity. The Path of the Fool is the possibility, or first glimmer of a thought. From out of the Limitless Light, the life-breath of the Ruach (spirit) begins to form the thought of manifestation. It...

The Tree Of Life And The Tarot

Blank Tree Life Jewish Tree

The Qabalah is a whole system of mystical knowledge which has influenced to some extent the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. At one point in its history, the Qabalah was condemned by Orthodox Judaism as being heretical, but its teachings were never lost. It regained popularity in the 19th century when Europe experienced an occult revival. In England, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn used the Qabalah as the heart and cornerstone of the Order's magickal foundation. The Qabalah as it exists today is a living and active philosophy of the entire Universe, the mind of God, and the spirituality of humankind. It is a precise system that defines Cosmic Laws and shows us how to apply mystic principles to mundane life. This is a universal Qabalah, which can be studied by anyone of any faith to gain access to magickal techniques and spiritual knowledge through meditation. THE PRACTICAL QABALAH deals with the construction of talismans in Ceremonial Magick.

The Tenth Key the st Path

The Magickal Title of this card is the Lord of the Forces of Life. The path of the Wheel of Fortune runs between the spheres of Netzach and Chesed. It is The Mercy and Magnificence of Sovereignty, Jupiter acting through Jupiter direct on Venus. This path is the conduit of energy between the Personality (Lower Self) and the Higher Self on the Pillar of Mildness. It is known as the Intelligence of Conciliation, meaning that the Wheel is the mediator between two opposites. The Wheel is also a symbol of Karma and of Time, continually fluctuating, bringing past deeds (good or ill) back to the present and on to the future. The double-letter Caph, which is assigned to this path, refers to the concepts of Riches and Poverty, thus Jupiter is rightly attributed here. This is the Wheel of Life, Death, and Rebirth. It is a Wheel of extremes, light and darkness and all the interactions between the two which cause the Wheel to turn. It is a perpetual motion machine, rotating and cycling human...

Ritual Work And Divination

Once the student understands the basic Qabalistic principles behind the Tarot and has studied the symbolism of each card, he or she is ready to begin using the cards in the techniques of meditation, divination, and ritual magick. Although many people think of divination as the primary use of Tarot cards, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn considers it the least important of Tarot applications. The Tarot's greatest use is as a magickal implement which can bring spiritual attainment to one who studies it. This is because each Tarot card is an astral mirror of the human mind. Meditating on specific cards helps tune the student in to different aspects of his her own mind establishing a communication link between the conscious and the subconscious. In this manner, imbalances in the personality, which may have gone unnoticed but have caused problems, can be brought to the individual's attention by studying a certain card. These problems can be consciously addressed and spiritual progress...

Dream Work With The Tarot

Letting one know in symbols and archetypes, things which the ego or waking personality is unaware of, or tries to deny. For example, if a person is abusing his her body, a dream about sickness and death might be a warning from the unconscious. Dreams can also be the source of great inspiration and creativity from the Divine Self. When one studies complex and detailed mystical systems like the Qabalah and the Tarot, the mind is opened up to many avenues of spiritual and magickal advancement which are abundant sources of dream symbols and archetypes. The illustrations of the Tarot cards make them perfect tools for magickal work while in the dream-state. In a way, this is not unlike the technique of scrying except for the fact that while scrying, the conscious mind is manipulating the vision in dreamwork the subconscious mind is the controller. Like any form of magick, this technique requires persistence and determination. Dreamwork in particular can be frustrating and can take many...

Tarot Pathworking

Tree Life Kabbalah Tarot

Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips represent a third American initiative in making these once esoterically reserved techniques available to a wider public. Considerably experienced in the deeper aspects of the Western Mystery Tradition, their book The Magick of the Tarot strips the images of much of their more recondite ancillary symbolism and introduces them as dynamics for group and individual dramatic therapy. There is, of course, a very close connection between drama and ritual, between theatrical and magical experience.

The Tree Of Life

The Three Triangles The Tree Life

KETHER is the First Sephirah which the Divine brought forth from the three negative veils that lie beyond human comprehension. Its name means Crown and its Divine Hebrew name is Eheieh, I am. Kether is the Sphere of pure spiritual being of union with God. Some of Kether's other titles are Ancient of Days, The Most High, the Concealed of the Concealed, the Vast Countenance and the Primordial Point. It is the point of absolute Unity without division ultimate peace and oneness. Kether is the dwelling place of the Divine White Brilliance, the God-head which is neither male nor female, the Source of All. It is the Highest Divine Essence of which we can conceive. Kether is the Primal Glory whose Magickal Image is that of an ancient bearded king seen in profile. (A Magickal Image is a symbol we can apply to something that cannot truly be symbolized, yet its image aids us to understand it.) It is the Primum Mobile the First Whirlings or stirrings of manifestation. All comes from Kether and...

Relaxation Ritual

This is an excellent technique to use before performing before any type of mediation or ceremonial work. Another method of relaxation preliminary to magickal work is the Ritual Bath, the purpose of which is to cleanse the negative effects of the mundane world from the temple of the Spirit. After becoming adept at these rituals of relaxation and protection, the student is ready to begin practical magickal work with the Tarot. The first step is to consecrate a newly purchased deck of cards. It is just as important to consecrate a Tarot deck as it is to consecrate a wand or any other implement that one intends to use regularly in magickal work. This draws the proper energies to the cards so that they will give true and undistorted readings and scryings. It also serves to focus the Will of the Magician toward obtaining good magickal results. Here we will give two consecration rituals, one simple and one complex. It is up to the reader to chose whichever version suits him or her better....


Number 9 is positive and negative at the same time this is the mystery of Arcanum 18. In this terrible Arcanum we find all the potions and witchcraft of Thessaly. The Grimoires are full of tenebrous formulae very fitting to Arcanum 18. We must warn students that the most dangerous potion which the tenebrous use to take the student from the Path of the Razor's Edge is that of the intellect. To invite us to ejaculate the seminal fluid or to lead us astray by making us consider schools, theories, sects, etc., etc.


We would especially like to thank G.H. Frater E Cinere Phoenix for his tireless devotion, work, and love for the Order Adam and Isidora Forrest for being our long-time ritual companions Cris Monnastre for her guidance and inspiration Donald Kraig for his valuable input OZ for her Magick and finally Francis Israel Regardie, our friend and teacher, who lives within our hearts forever.

Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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