The Star

Meaning: Inspiration

Confidence, Self-esteem, Talent, Guidance, Expression, Innovation, Creativity, Radiance, Manifestation, Charisma, Magnetism, Instinct, Accomplishment, Internal balance, Spontaneity, Vitality, Nature, Hope, Insight, Meaning

Reversed: Stubbornness, Pessimism, Doubt, Overextension

Association: Meditation

The Umbra: Surrounded by radiant Umbral energy, the eternal maiden pours forth the waters of inspiration into the pool of consciousness, and spills the essence of the five senses onto the Earth's body, revitalizing both matter and spirit. The meditative phoenix, representative of instinct and the indestructible soul, rises from the manifestation of vital, spontaneous nature, questing toward the enlightenment of the celestial illumination above.

The Newbies Guide To Meditation

The Newbies Guide To Meditation

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