In order, the cards are:

Sunday The Tower, reversed

Monday The Four of Questing

Tuesday The Queen of Questing

Wednesday The Three of Pattern

Thursday The Six of Dynamism, reversed

Friday The Two of Pattern, reversed

Saturday The Nine of Pattern

From card to card the interpretation runs thusly:The Tower indicates a disruptive crisis that potentially affects the whole Chantry. The Four means the crisis may be short-lived, or that there's a reason for celebration despite the crisis. The Queen indicates that action is taken; perhaps in response to the crisis, the fight is taken to the foe. The Three bodes a confrontation, and may even involve the physical structure of the Chantry itself. The search for a solution is made in the material world. The reversed Six speaks of a journey beyond the boundaries of the physical world, perhaps the need to relocate some aspect of the Chantry, and the obstacles or delays that occur while trying to resolve the problems. The reversed Two indicates a real possibility for failure as the situation becomes less clear. Finally, however, the Nine indicates the possibility of restoring order, even gaining something material from the prior difficulty. All in all, it bodes a week of struggle with the possibility of failure, but the likelihood of success at the end.

This could be made into a story by endangering the Chantry in some way and having the characters needing to find a creative way to save it.

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