Meaning: Strength

Passion, Creativity, Risk-taking, Charisma, Radiance, Regeneration, Expression, Gifts, Taming, Overcoming fears, Lustiness, Strong faith, Trust in own abilities, Confidence, Unconditionality, Intuition, Domination, Harmony,

Reversed: Weakness, Abuse, Discord, Corruption, Rage

Association: Quintessence

The Werewolf: Strengthened by her passions, confident in her spiritual power, she wrestles the bestial and tainted sides of her nature, bringing them into a harmonious whole with her higher self. What is wild and unconscious becomes the wellspring which her creative spirit embraces and tames, even as the roses blossom amidst decay. Fearlessness brings liberation and trust in her own abilities.

The Power Of Charisma

The Power Of Charisma

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