Unpredictable Elements

Mages live in a state of constant unpredictability. Allow the cards to create unpredictable effects for them. They might suggest ways a Paradox backlash manifests, or what a Paradox spirit might look like or want. The cards may be used as templates for constructing episodes of Quiet, or as a means of escaping from Paradox Realms or overcoming Quiet.


• Jane's character Simone has blatantly overused the Sphere of Forces as a weapon, and in front of Sleepers, no less. A Paradox spirit arrives to transport her to a Paradox Realm. Needing inspiration for both the spirit and the Realm, Wendy draws the Five of Dynamism. She describes the spirit as a big, tough biker grrrl with a nasty spiked club. Simone gets dragged to a Realm where she must flee foes who overpower her again and again, no matter how weak they appear to be. They're always brutal and direct, chasing her down endless, dreary alleyways. Simone must figure out that she needs subtlety, even trickery, to defeat them. Straight battle will never free her.

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