Unexpected Developments

Likewise, the cards can provide quick inspirations for dealing with unexpected developments in the story. They might suggest places the characters can go, a person the characters meet or information about an item they acquire. This might take the chronicle in a whole new direction or allow for a brief interlude, then provide a way back to the main storyline.


• You thought for sure they'd steal the limo that was idling at the curb. They didn't, and now they're trapped in an alley facing down six HIT Marks. Overhead, a Technocracy team in their chopper waits to see if the HIT Marks will take care of things. The whole scene is turning into a major fiasco. What do you do? You call in the unexpected. A random card pull yields the Five of Pattern.

The obvious scenario suggested by the card is to turn it into a capture scene. For some reason, the Technocrats want the characters alive. While in custody, they may learn something important or meet a helpful non-player character. They can always try to escape.

Another interpretation might be that someone very powerful is watching over their shoulders; she'll make her move to help them when all seems lost. She may, however, require some service in return.

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