The Linear Spread

Linear spreads are useful when determining long-range courses of action or progressive influences which affect the subject over a period of time. In a linear spread, the cards are arranged in a straight line. Each card drawn is used to clarify or comment upon the preceding card. The reading can continue until both querent and reader feel that a satisfactory answer has been achieved, or until no further elaboration seems to be forthcoming. Usually, cards placed to the left or above a subject card signify future events, while those placed to the right or below refer to events in the past.

A variation on this method, the three-card spread, divides the significance of the reading into body, mind and spirit. This often involves cutting the cards into three stacks and choosing one card from each to lay in a straight line running from left to right. The first card represents something about either the physical aspect of the subject or its past; the second stands for the mind, or the present state of things; the third suggests its spirit, or future ambitions or plans.

Such spreads are good for suggesting new characters. By applying the card's meaning to some aspect of the character's life, Art or personality, a player or Storyteller can pull together the clues that shape her.

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