The Celtic Cross

The most popular Tarot spread, called the Celtic Cross, consists of 10 cards, and focuses upon the short- and long-term pasts and futures of the reading's subject. Most standard guides to the Tarot contain directions for how to use this spread. Although it is recommended that the full deck be used with the 10-card spread, it is also possible to use only the Major Arcana for this purpose.

Major Arcana Spreads


• Joel's character is a young Verbena named Angelo. In a prior game, Angelo encountered other Awakened beings (vampires, faeries and werewolves) for the first time. At the time, he found that he needed to cooperate with them to fulfill his mission, but has since wondered whether he acted correctly and what he should do in the future. His question is "How do 1 proceed in dealings with other Awakened beings, especially since we may be at odds with one another at times?" The Storyteller, in the guise of Angelo's mentor, Crispin, head of his Chantry, performs a reading for him.

The initial card, which is not counted with the rest, is laid at the center of the spread. This so-called querent card represents the seeker who asks the question. Because he is a young, male Tradition mage, Angelo chooses the Page of Questing to represent him.

The first card is placed atop the querent card; this covers the seeker and represents the forces now at work within the querent's life. The card is The Hanged Man. Crispin tells Angelo, "You are faced with a situation that could potentially upset all your prior conceptions. You hang suspended in a moment of choice, to accept or reject the possibilities presented to you."

The second card is laid across the querent and covers the cards, forming a cross. This card, The Mage, represents conflict. Crispin states, "The Magician is will. That will, which makes you a mage, and which insists upon fashioning reality to fit your vision, may prove an obstacle both for yourself and for the creatures whose existence you've discovered."

The next card goes below the crossed ones. It is Gaia, reversed. "This forms the basis or the short-term past," he says. "It indicates that you have had a basic misunderstanding of the world around you."

The fourth card, the Six of Primordialism, is placed above the crossed ones. "This crowns you," Crispin announces. "It represents your immediate future and means an end to an old way of thinking. The Primordial nature of the suit indicates that you must seek your answer in the depths of your passions, your instincts and your unconscious mind."

The Fool is placed to the right of the crossed cards. "This one is the recent past. It refers to things which have just happened. It's a card of possibility that has yet to be translated into action. You have recently risked yourself. Its position in relation to the querent card indicates that you, Cosmic Fool that you are, have just taken that step that is hinted at in the figure's position."

The sixth card, the Queen of Dynamism, is positioned to the left of the crossed ones. "This is the long-term future. With the exception of the final card in the spread, this is probably the most important indicator in the reading. You'll keep an open mind in continued dealings with Awakened creatures. The Dynamic association of the suit means your future will be subject to change without notice. It may even be that a specific person, a mentor or seer, perhaps a woman, maybe even a Marauder, will open your eyes.

"The next card is your inner concerns, your fears or cares. It forms the bottom of a row of four cards which will rise beside The Faerie. It's the Three of Questing. This indicates that your deepest concerns are that you will somehow compromise your purpose, that these Awakened beings may draw you away from your path to Ascension.

"Next we have the outside influences, friends and society. The card is placed above the prior one. This is the Knight of Primordialism, reversed. Many people will see you as being deceived. Your fellow mages may think you work against them by trafficking with other Awakened creatures."

The ninth card goes above the Primordial Knight: The Hermit, reversed. "This reveals your hopes and ideals, what you want out of all this. It seems that what you want is not to lead, but to be led. You're hoping to remain in an immature, childlike state, that you won't have to accept responsibility for forging a new path.

"Finally, we come to the sum total of the reading." He lays the final card above the Hermit. "It is Luna, and indicates an encounter with your subconscious. Your path lies in following the call of your inner nature, of listening to the voice of your Avatar. Do what you feel is right."

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