Spirits and Effects

Let the cards give you ideas for creating spirits, familiars and denizens of the Umbra. Allow the imagery to determine how various NPCs react to the characters, especially if the players cop an attitude. Umbral Realms might be patterned on scenes from the cards, or might contain such scenes within them. The images, symbols and meanings need not be taken literally. Feel free to play around with them and combine them in odd ways.


• Needing an Umbral spirit, Wendy randomly draws a card for inspiration. She gets the King of Pattern, which features a man named Montego Diaz-Quetzalcoatl. She decides that the Umbrood will be some sort of Meso-American spirit that resembles the quetzalcoatl and lives in a Realm of abundant harvests. Because of the nature and meaning of the card, the spirit would most likely act paternalistic and authoritative toward the characters.

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